The Queen’s Daily Brief


  1. Des moines

    Suspect Arrested After Killing of Des Moines Police Officers

    He’s in custody. Authorities have arrested a suspect in the shooting and killing of two police officers this morning in the Des Moines, Iowa area. 46-year-old Scott Greene has been detained following the shootings, which occurred about 20 minutes apart as officers sat in their patrol cars. Though the motivation for the shooting’s unclear so far, videos on social media have emerged with possible clues. They appear to show Greene arguing with police after attending a high school football game with a Confederate flag. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad calling the killings “an attack on the public safety of all Iowans.”


  2. Donald Trump thumbs up shutterstock 390130231

    Trump Sees an Opening as FBI, Enthusiasm Dog Clinton

    It’s going to the wire. Showing a flash of discipline, Donald Trump is seizing upon polls showing a razor-close race, as early turnout among Black voters suggests less fervor for Hillary Clinton than President Obama. A new FBI release of files on Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of financier Marc Rich gave the former secretary of state another bad headline yesterday, but odds remain in her favor. Leading congressional Republicans are already girding for gridlock, with some saying they’d block any Supreme Court nominee or quickly move to impeach.

  3. malaysia airlines shutterstock 206952562

    Debris Analysis Indicates Uncontrolled Descent for MH370

    Could this be a vital clue? A report from Australian investigators directing the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which mysteriously disappeared two years ago en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, says the wing flap position on debris believed to be from the plane indicated it wasn’t attempting a landing, but may have been plummeting headlong into the ocean. A three-day meeting starts today to determine if this is “credible new evidence” that would warrant shifting the search north once the current effort is completed early next year.

  4. coal mine shutterstock 127829399

    Dozens of Trapped Chinese Miners Confirmed Dead

    There were no survivors. All 33 coal miners trapped by Monday’s gas explosion in the Jinshangou mine have been found dead, despite hundreds of rescuers working around the clock. Only two workers escaped the initial explosion, and China’s now launching an investigation into the mine’s safety procedures and the still-unknown cause of the blast. State media reported that the mine was in violation of multiple safety regulations, a common occurrence in China, where fatal accidents happen frequently. Meanwhile, the country’s preparing to shutter 1,000 outdated mines to reduce overproduction.

  5. stocks down shutterstock 102217162

    US Election Polls Send Jittery Markets Careening

    They don’t want another Brexit. The Vix index, a measure of U.S. stock market volatility — also known as the “fear gauge” — rocketed to highs last seen in June as jittery traders reacted to scattered polls that showed Donald Trump in the lead in next week’s election. American stocks and the peso both sank, and the Nikkei closed at a two-week low. Meanwhile, gold is on the rise as investors scurry to safe haven investments, uncertain what a Trump presidency would mean for trade.

  6. Fed Holds Interest Rates, South Korea’s Shake-up, a Mass Murderer’s Widow and OZY Presidential Predictions

    Know This: Federal Reserve decides not to hike interest rates. South African President Jacob Zuma has backed down on trying to legally block the release of a corruption report. Amid scandal, South Korea’s president has appointed a new prime minister. And two police officers in Des Moines, Iowa, were shot overnight in an apparent ambush attack.

    Read This: The widow of Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people in a shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, has finally broken her silence.

    Check This Out: OZY wants your prognosis on the presidential race. Make your prediction now and check back Nov. 9 to see who agreed with you — and how close you were to reality.


  1. baseball shutterstock 147286307

    Cubs Break Curse in Extra-Inning World Series Thriller

    Billy goat, begone! In a game that packed in 108 years of tension, there were momentum swings, inexplicable managerial decisions and even a rain delay. The curse threatened in the eighth as overused reliever Aroldis Chapman blew a big lead and Cleveland’s Rajai Davis evened the score with a two-run homer. But in the 10th, Ben Zobrist knocked in the go-ahead run and Mike Montgomery squeaked out an 8-7 save to send Chicagoans dancing in the streets, preparing for an epic parade a century in the making.

  2. Copyleft stamp shutterstock 396364522

    ‘Copyleft’ Movement Emerges to Ditch Copyright

    Let it go. A growing number of artists and authors are choosing an outgrowth of open-source software allowing anyone to use or modify their work. It’s a rejection of copyright laws that can restrict distribution and empower corporations. But it does come with some strings attached: A “share alike” clause means any changes to the work have to be copylefted too. While it expands notions of creativity and collaboration in the modern age, on a practical level copyleft can make it harder for starving artists to put food on the table.

  3. Facebook

    Facebook Study: Social Media Users Could Live Longer

    Get plugged in. We’ve long known people with active social lives are likely to be healthier: Socializing stimulates the brain and gets people off the couch. But a new University of California study — in partnership with Facebook — shows you can get similar benefits behind a keyboard. Regular Facebook users are about 12 percent less likely to die in any given year than non-users and the bigger the friends list, the bigger the benefit. But those who lived longest were also most likely to post evidence of offline socializing.

  4. Assault rifles

    US Stops Assault Rifle Sales to Philippines

    They’ve put on the brakes. Washington planned to sell up to 27,000 assault rifles to the Philippines, but the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has now U-turned over human rights concerns, worried the guns would arm the Philippine government’s violent war on drugs. More than 3,800 people have reportedly been killed in extrajudicial operations since President Rodrigo Duterte took office this summer. Last month Duterte told President Obama to “go to hell” over a refusal to sell guns to Manila, and vowed to buy them from Russia or China instead.

  5. Hulu laptop shutterstock 353263160

    Hulu’s $40 Play for Cord-Cutters Includes ESPN, Fox

    Streaming cable alternatives are starting to look a lot like cable. Hulu announced yesterday that ESPN and other live sports offerings will be included in its forthcoming streaming subscription, in addition to FX, NatGeo, Disney and Fox News. Some predict this new service will wind up bundling in less desirable channels, much as cable TV currently does. But others point out that considering the number of streaming services producing original content — and channels premiering their own streaming services — consumers will likely end up buying multiple subscriptions anyway.

  6. base shutterstock 125996114

    Cubs Crush Indians to Force Curse-Busting Game 7

    They’re going the distance. Chicago shortstop Addison Russell knocked in two runs with a double, then four more with a grand slam in a game that was all but over by the third inning, ending in a 9-3 Cubs win. Chicago has momentum, but there was hand-wringing aplenty about closer Aroldis Chapman’s workload after he threw another 20 pitches. The Cubs’ 108-year title drought could come to an end today, or the Indians could break their own half-century curse and turn Cleveland into titletown.