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  1. Airstrike on Yemeni Prison Kills Dozens, Abedin Says She’s Clueless How Weiner Got Emails and Jurassic Fridge  

    Know This: An anti-Houthi coalition airstrike on a prison has reportedly killed 60 people in Yemen. Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is to sign a trade pact with the E.U. In spite of polls favoring them, the anti-establishment Pirate Party did not win Iceland’s election. And U.S. diplomats’ families should leave Istanbul because of terror threats, the State Department says.

    Password-Protect This: Clinton aide Huma Abedin reportedly says she has no idea how her emails could have ended up on estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s computer, which FBI agents are scouring for evidence related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server. 

    Put This On Ice: “It’s an ark … to preserve ’a legacy of life on Earth’ at the precise moment that life, in all its glamorous and tedious and ungainly forms, is disappearing from our orb at an alarming rate.” That describes a freezer in San Diego containing cellular samples of 10,000 species of terrestrial fauna in case they go extinct.

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