The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. calais jungle shutterstock 498262744

    Calais ‘Jungle’ Emptied Ahead of Demolition

    It’s time to go. Police have begun loading the 7,000 still living in the Calais “Jungle” camp into buses bound for refugee centers elsewhere in France. Many migrants hoping to cross the English Channel will now be forced to claim asylum in France — except for nearly 200 unaccompanied children who have been given refuge in Britain. While U.K. border checks are currently located on French soil, many French politicians are promising to change that post-Brexit, while Britain funds a $2.3 million wall in France to keep migrants out.

  2. us capitol looking up shutterstock 53141155

    Clinton, Obama Turn Focus to Down-Ballot Democrats

    They’re with her. Hillary Clinton touted a U.S. Senate candidate in North Carolina yesterday in an attempt to turn Congress blue while running up her electoral college score. President Barack Obama, meanwhile, is mounting an unprecedented effort on behalf of 150 state legislative candidates. Clinton’s team is careful not to appear complacent as Donald Trump runs close in key states like Pennsylvania, but they know she’d need reinforcements to pass her agenda. And Democratic success could be short-lived: The Senate map is incredibly favorable for Republicans in 2018.

  3. iraq shutterstock 420111937

    Mosul Battle Rages as Turkey Butts In

    They just keep coming. Kurdish Peshmerga forces are still advancing on Mosul, coming within five miles of the city limits, though U.S. military authorities say the operation will likely take months to complete. But now Turkish officials say their military is also participating in the operation — a claim the Iraqi army says simply isn’t true. Iraqi officials are under public pressure to reject help from Turkey, and some fear that admitting Turkish troops onto Iraqi soil, even to fight ISIS, could touch off a regional war.

  4. att store shutterstock 443208268

    AT&T Merger Bid Sees Strong Backlash

    This might be a step too far. AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner already has opponents lining up, concerned not only about industry consolidation being bad for consumers but also about the implications of a media production giant combining with a company that’s supposed to deliver its content — and that of other companies — into people’s homes. Donald Trump has said he’d block the deal, and a Hillary Clinton administration would also be expected to be tough on the potential conglomerate, but AT&T’s CEO says he’s confident it’ll be approved.

  5. A Deadly Attack in Pakistan, a Welsh Mining Disaster and OZY Presidential Predictions

    Know This: Dozens were killed in southwest Pakistan when militants attacked a police training college. Social activist Tom Hayden has died at the age of 76. India’s new 24-hour news culture is struggling to cover political tensions without bias. And 13 people were killed in a California bus crash yesterday.

    Read This: How the Aberfan industrial disaster 50 years ago killed 116 children, devastated a Welsh town — and changed the mining industry.

    Check This Out: OZY wants your prognosis on the presidential race. Make your prediction now and check back Nov. 9 to see who agreed with you — and how close you were to reality.


  1. Israel beach sunbathing shutterstock 138636821

    High Tech Is Shaping Israel’s Breasts — and Fighting Cancer

    Don’t stare. Medical technology receives more funding per capita in the Promised Land than anywhere in the world, and it’s paying a lot of attention to the twins. With higher rates of breast cancer than most countries, Israeli startups are developing technology to microwave or freeze breast tumors. Israel also has an extreme concentration of plastic surgeons working on innovative implants, with the hot climate fueling demand. But many cutting-edge technologies — like internal mesh bras and ultra-light implants — still await FDA approval stateside.

  2. Computer hacker hoodie shutterstock 253549105

    ‘Batman of the Internet’ Hacks Back at Russia

    He could be the hero Gotham needs right now. The hacker known as The Jester, compared by former FBI agents to the Dark Knight for his vigilante pranks against terrorists and WikiLeaks, broke into Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website with a message: “Knock it off.” He was referring to Friday’s denial of service attack that took down Twitter and other websites, though it’s not clear Russia was behind it. Russia says the hack, now fixed, only affected an “old site” — and that repercussions could be “far from pleasant.”

  3. Grains

    Feeding Earth’s 2050 Population Might Be Easier Than We Think

    How do you feed nine billion people? With Earth’s population estimated to hit that milestone within 35 years, many experts are mulling the question — and most agree it’s not unsolvable. We currently have the technological and agricultural tools necessary to feed another two billion people, but lack the money, momentum and public support to get them going. Bio-engineered seeds, drought-resistant grain, apps that reduce food waste, and state-of-the-art weather information could all help farmers and consumers adapt to 2050’s food demands.

  4. Rbg

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Make Her Opera Debut

    The Notorious RBG is in the house: the opera house. The Supreme Court justice, 83, is set to take the stage next month at the Washington National Opera as the Duchess of Krakenthorp, a comedic non-singing role, in an upcoming production of The Daughter of the Regiment. Ginsburg, who says her one regret is not being an opera singer, has played extras in other productions. But her named role has spiked ticket sales, even though Ginsburg will only be on stage for the first of the eight performances.

  5. Tom Brady

    Patriots Keep Rolling, Vikings Suffer First Loss

    They’re not deflated. New England moved to 6-1 with a 27-16 victory in Pittsburgh that some commentators blamed on Coach Mike Tomlin’s blunders as much as on QB Ben Roethlisberger’s knee injury. With post-suspension Tom Brady cruising, the Patriots again look like Super Bowl material. In the NFC, the picture is more muddled. Unbeaten Minnesota was undone by a poor offensive line as it was smothered in Philadelphia 21-10. Now 4-2, the Eagles travel to 5-1 Dallas for a critical division clash Sunday.