The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Donald Trump mouth open point NBC shutterstock 385504729

    GOP Office Firebombed; Trump Blames ‘Animals’

    The stakes are getting higher. America’s record of peaceful transfers of power appears under threat after a Republican campaign office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was damaged by an explosive device overnight Saturday. No one was injured in the blast, which Donald Trump blamed on “animals” angry that he’s “winning.” An increasingly isolated Trump continues to claim the election is “rigged,” a notion vigorously opposed by Republican leaders and election officials from both parties. Still, many of the mogul’s backers believe him — meaning a Hillary Clinton victory could be greeted with unrest.

  2. prison shutterstock 381320083

    Dozens Die in Brazilian Prison Battle

    Visiting hours were in full swing. Seven of the 25 dead were reportedly beheaded and six died in a fire when a massive riot broke out at Agricola de Monte Cristo prison. Inmates armed with knives and clubs broke into another wing, taking about 100 visitors hostage. Special forces later stormed the facilities and rescued all the hostages unharmed. But the riot highlights problems facing Brazil: It has the fourth-largest prison population in the world and gang-ridden, poorly supervised facilities which have long been considered a human rights issue.

  3. globalization shutterstock 173610971

    Experts Worry for World Economies as Globalization Recedes

    Every party’s got to end. The WTO says this year global trade will grow at its slowest pace since 2007 as anti-trade movements like populist nationalism reverse a trend that stock markets and corporate profits have come to depend on. Free trade policies with new economies have rocketed economic growth around the world, but experts say milestone events like Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump indicate a turning of the tide, and could see investors betting on nationalized companies and abandoning stocks that depend on world trade.

  4. China’s Housing Problem, a Reformed White Supremacist and an OZY Musical Premiere

    Know This: At least one person has died in a chemical complex explosion in Germany, the cause of which is still unknown. Journalist Amy Goodman is facing rioting charges over her filming of protests against the Dakota Pipeline. China’s current real estate bubble now comes with American-style home loans — and potentially huge consequences. Rwanda’s last king has died in U.S. exile at the age of 80. And a Conservative councillor in the U.K. has started a petition to make opposing Britain’s exit from the EU an act of treason.

    Read This: Derek Black, son of a prominent white supremacist, was considered a rising star in the nationalist movement — until he turned his back on it.

    Listen to This: Joan as Police Woman’s music combines punk, folk rock, intense harmonies and rhythms of the Central African Republic on her new track, “Satellite,” premiering on OZY today.


  1. Billy Bush shutterstock 88959229

    Billy Bush Ousted From ‘Today’ Show After Trump Tape

    They tossed him under the bus. The former Access Hollywood host parted ways with NBC’s Today after his vulgar 2005 bus discussion with Donald Trump was leaked. He was brought in just weeks ago to jazz up the 9 a.m. hour, but female staffers were particularly troubled by him encouraging the mogul’s talk of forcing himself on women. The nephew of former President George H.W. Bush was reportedly negotiating a $10 million settlement, and his attorney said Bush, 45, is now a “free agent” with no non-compete clause.

  2. astronaut shutterstock 241509286

    China Launches Its Longest-Ever Manned Space Mission

    They’ve got out-of-this-world plans. China’s spent billions competing in the space race, and today’s mission, its third of 2016, sends two astronauts into the void for 33 days. Most of that will be spent aboard orbiting lab Tiangong-2, a prototype for a larger, more complex space station that’s planned for the next decade. Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong will be gardening and testing space food to prepare for future long stays in space, while on the ground China makes plans for a 2025 manned moon mission.

  3. Drunk businessman alcohol bottles hangover shutterstock 178763324

    Biohackers Turn Hangovers Into Relics of the Past

    Forget the hair of the dog. Scientists are hawking obscure chemicals, charcoal pills and key vitamins to take while drinking in order to avoid the next morning’s pain. There’s even Alcosynth, which mimics the pleasurable effects of alcohol without wrecking your body in the process. Doctors warn that many of these tools won’t save your liver or your brain from alcohol — and that perhaps short-term pain should be considered a reminder. While an enticing remedy for rough mornings, the long-term effects of such cures remain unknown.

  4. Mount vernon

    Mount Vernon Exhibit Puts New Focus on American Slaves

    This Founding Father’s darkest chapter shouldn’t go overlooked. In a year of heated Black Lives Matter protests and the launch of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, one of America’s most contentious historical sites is working hard to tell a more human story of slavery. George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, is launching an exhibit that focuses on the lives of 19 slaves and their relationships with the first family, hoping to refocus both museumgoers and historians on the experiences of those who often go nameless.

  5. The Walking Dead cast shutterstock 114684556

    ‘Walking Dead’ Gets Early Renewal for Season 8

    It was a no-brainer. AMC made an early move to renew the smash zombie show for an eighth season, while the seventh is about to get underway this week. Talking Dead, TV’s highest-rated talk show, will also return to recap the action. The Walking Dead has been the top-rated show on television among the coveted 18- to 49-year-old demographic for four years running, and it’s now AMC’s longest-shuffling series. Season Eight will kick off with the show’s 100th episode, likely in October 2017.

  6. Cam Newton

    Panthers Face Long Playoff Odds After Losing to Saints

    Superman can’t do everything. Cam Newton, last year’s league MVP, returned from a concussion and brought Carolina back from a huge deficit Sunday before ultimately losing 41-38 to Drew Brees and New Orleans. The 1-5 Panthers’ injury-thinned secondary has been its kryptonite, and they’re likely to miss the playoffs for the first time since 2012. Though Newton — who gave a terse postgame news conference — played well in defeat, he shoulders some of the blame, with time running out to right the ship.