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  1. Firing Back, Wells Fargo CEO Out, Terror Suspect Dies and a Greener GOP

    Know This: Pentagon says U.S. has hit radar sites in Yemen. Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is stepping down. Syrian terror suspect Jaber al-Bakr found dead in his cell in Germany. Samsung’s recall kit for Galaxy Note 7 users includes gloves and a flameproof box. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants to ban public smoking nationwide. And Chinese authorities are still hunting down 50 baby cobras after 200 of the snakes escaped.

    Read This: Millions of people, from Nigeria to Brazil, scavenge in dumps for a living — and NGOs are trying to find a solution to the poverty that puts them there and the health consequences it leaves them with.

    Remember This: Taxing emissions “can be one of the key planks of the platform to turn the Grumpy Old Party into the Great Opportunity Party,” says Bob Inglis, former Republican congressman and current eco-warrior for the GOP.

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