The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. clintons shutterstock 107413538

    Clintons Hit Miami, Trump Fires Back at Paul Ryan

    It’s a ’90s flashback. Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton are stumping in the Miami area, but this time she’s the star, and the former VP is reminding voters that every vote counts — as he well knows. The reunion may feel like a victory lap for Democrats, who are watching the GOP fracture over House Speaker Paul Ryan’s refusal to defend Donald Trump. Trump responded in kind, referring to Ryan as a “weak and ineffective” leader. OZY’s Nick Fouriezos says Trump’s on his own warpath through the swing state, where polls remain tight, with three rallies scheduled this week.

  2. shutterstock 181590401

    Putin, Erdogan Sign Pipeline Deal Despite Syria Feud

    They’re on the same side for once. Russia and Turkey are backing opposing sides in Syria’s civil war, but relations between the two countries have warmed considerably since Turkish forces downed a Russian fighter jet last November. Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to co-produce TurkStream, an underwater gas pipeline that will let Russia cut off energy supplies to Ukraine without dampening sales to Western Europe. And Syria? The two leaders agreed they want to see aid to Aleppo — and further talks.

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    Colombia to Begin Peace Talks With Second Rebel Group

    President Juan Manuel Santos is taking that peace prize seriously. Colombia’s second-largest rebel group, ELN, has agreed to come to the table for formal peace talks in Ecuador this month, a victory for Santos after his peace accord with FARC was narrowly voted down by the public. Santos won the Nobel Peace Prize last week and he’s donating the $930,000 award to help his country’s conflict victims. Now it’s a race to salvage peace with FARC and make a new deal with ELN before his term ends in 2018.

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    Singapore Shuts Second Bank Over 1MDB Scandal

    It’s gonna get worse before it gets better. Malaysia’s state investment fund, 1MDB, is under investigation in Singapore — where it turns out it wasn’t the only one getting its hands dirty. Singapore’s DBS Bank and the local branch of Switzerland’s UBS will be fined a combined $1.7 million for failing to follow anti-money laundering regulations. Meanwhile, Falcon Private Bank’s branch manager was reportedly arrested earlier this month and the bank will have to shutter local operations entirely, as Singapore cracks down after years of courting high finance.

  5. Flooding in N.C., Samsung’s Downfall, WikiLeaked UFOs and Buffett’s Rebuttal

    Know This: Record flooding hits North Carolina. Samsung might lose $17 billion after permanently stopping Galaxy Note 7 production and telling users to power down for safety. Actress Shailene Woodley was arrested for trespassing while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. And researchers say they’ve spotted a “functionally extinct” dolphin in China’s Yangtze River.

    The Truth Is Where Now? “When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base,” wrote Tom DeLonge, former Blink-182 singer, to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman in mysterious emails released by WikiLeaks. DeLonge’s latest project focuses on exposing paranormal phenomena.

    Remember This Number: $1,845,557. That’s how much Warren Buffett paid in federal taxes last year — about 16 percent of his income — according to a statement he released after Donald Trump claimed he’d exploited tax loopholes for his own gain. Buffett says he’s comfortable releasing his tax information, and questioned Trump’s decision not to do likewise.


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    How Reagan Went From Joke to Conservative Revolutionary

    Before the reality TV star, there was the actor. Ronald Reagan was considered a punchline in 1976, even as Republicans struggled to move forward after Watergate. When he touched down for North Carolina’s primary, he was low on money and goodwill. But as chronicled by OZY’s The Contenders: 16 for ’16 (8 p.m., PBS), Reagan’s North Carolina operation shifted him to the right, encouraging him to rail against the Soviet Union’s “communist menace” — which propelled him to a state primary victory, and nearly all the way to the nomination.

  2. Parliament

    UK Government Bans Apple Watches Over Hacking Fears

    The walls have ears. To the chagrin of some tech-savvy politicians, the British government’s banned Apple Watches from cabinet meetings. Their reasoning? Hackers — especially Russian ones — could easily be listening in. Security experts have raised concerns about the vulnerability of devices’ cameras and microphones, and since iOS 10’s release they estimate it’s 2,500 times easier to hack an Apple device. But despite America’s condemnation of Russian hacking, Britain’s Apple Watch ban is unprecedented for a government — and could set the tone for future diplomacy.

  3. Mars

    Mars Astronauts Will Be at High Risk for Dementia

    This could be one depressing colony. It turns out Mars-bound explorers will be at significantly higher risk of anxiety and depression, as well as long-term brain damage. Researchers have been testing rodents with simulated cosmic rays like the ones astronauts would be blasted with on their interplanetary journey. The findings aren’t good for space agencies and private companies seeking to stake a claim on the final frontier: Astronauts suffering paranoia and dementia would be less likely to make smart decisions on a multiyear Martian mission.

  4. scary clown shutterstock 83246818

    Scary Clowns Go Global, Regular Clowns Not Amused

    There’s no room for creeps in the tiny car. For months, frightening clowns have been sighted all over the U.S., with police from South Carolina to Minnesota cracking down on pranksters in bozo outfits and some speculating that it’s all a PR hoax created to hype a remake of Stephen King’s It. But now the trend has spread across the U.K. and Australia, and the World Clown Association has condemned the fad for freaking out the public — and ruining the reputations and livelihoods of real working clowns.

  5. david shutterstock 35657257

    Indians Overcome Red Sox in ALDS Sweep

    Beantown has bid farewell to Big Papi. The Fenway crowd saw their season come to an end last night, along with first baseman David Ortiz’s 20-year career on the diamond, as Boston fell to Cleveland 4-3 on Coco Crisp’s two-run homer over the Green Monster. Ortiz left for a pinch runner in the eighth, but the 10-time All Star made one final curtain call while the Indians popped champagne. The Tribe outscored the Sox 15-7 during the sweep and must now face Toronto in the ALCS on Friday.