The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Paul Ryan Says He’s Done Campaigning For Trump, Trump Tweets Back

    He’s speaking up. The House speaker said today that he would no longer defend or campaign for Donald Trump. Ryan has distanced himself from Trump on a number of occasions, most recently after revelations of the Republican nominee’s 2005 obscene comments about women. The Donald responded this afternoon, tweeting that “Ryan should … not waste his time on fighting [the] Republican nominee.” Ryan hasn’t yet joined GOP leaders like John McCain in formally withdrawing his endorsement. But with Republicans scrambling to preserve their congressional majorities, many find themselves at odds with their increasingly off-the-wall candidate.

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    Suspect Apprehended After Two-Day German Manhunt

    It was a pre-emptive strike. German police have detained Jaber Albakr, a 22-year-old Syrian refugee, in Leipzig, about 50 miles from his Chemnitz apartment where they found significant quantities of explosive materials on Saturday. Local media reported that Albakr has links to ISIS and prosecutors say they suspect he was planning an “Islamist-motivated attack.” This could stoke fears about refugees in Germany and could swing the country’s electorate against Angela Merkel, whose pro-refugee stance has been under attack by far-right party Alternative for Germany.

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    North Carolina Floods Strand 1,500 as Haiti Digs Mass Graves

    It’s a post-tropical cyclone now. But former-Hurricane Matthew is still causing record-breaking flooding in North Carolina after claiming 21 lives across the southern U.S. Rescuers are working to free 1,500 stranded by the floods in the Tar Heel state. Meanwhile, the death toll in Haiti has topped 1,000 with the devastation concentrated in the poorer southern region. Authorities are trying to get food and water to the thousands of displaced Haitians as they begin burying the dead in mass graves amid fears grow of cholera outbreaks and famine.

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    Samsung to Customers: Turn Off Your Galaxy Note 7

    This has a new ring. The South Korean tech giant today alerted customers to turn off their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones without delay. The news follows a recall of the new phone amid multiple reports of batteries catching fire or exploding. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have suspended exchanges of Galaxy Note 7s for new ones, and T-Mobile has stopped selling the model altogether. Samsung, meanwhile, has now halted production and says it will ask retailers to stop sales of the troubled device.

  5. Florida Voter Registration Extended, FIFA’s Legal Troubles, a Terrorism Expert and #NotOkay

    Know This: Federal court extends voter registration deadline in Florida, despite Gov. Rick Scott’s opposition. Billy Bush has been suspended from his NBC co-anchor gig after his appearance on the infamous Trump tape. Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom have won the Nobel Prize in Economics for their work on contract theory. And FIFA is facing a legal challenge over the use of migrant labor in preparation for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup.

    Read This: “To actively come in and try to undermine our electoral system and process — I wouldn’t consider that a terrorist act; I’d consider that more on the verge of an act of war.” Rick “Ozzie” Nelson, an expert in counterterrorism, talks to OZY about the possibility of pre-election attacks.

    Follow This: After Trump’s video discussing sexually assaulting women went public Friday, Canadian writer Kelly Oxford asked women on Twitter for their own stories of assault — and got millions, collected under the hashtag #NotOkay.


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    Andrzej Wajda, Influential Polish Filmmaker, Dead at 90

    He shined a light in the darkness. The Palme d’Or winner was revered as Poland’s greatest director, documenting his country’s most important moments through art that often challenged authoritarianism. But he did far more than sit behind a camera: Wajda fought the Nazis and Soviets during his teenage years and later served in the senate once Poland became democratic. Four of his nearly 50 films were nominated for Academy Awards, and his final film, Afterimage, is in the running for this year’s best foreign language Oscar.

  2. Plane taking off

    Teenagers Could Fly for Free in New EU Travel Plan

    Not everyone wants to leave Europe. In fact, the EU wants to encourage travel — so they’re handing out free tickets. Many young people already take advantage of Europe’s international rail passes, and recently the EU floated proposals to give every citizen of the bloc a free InterRail pass on their 18th birthday. But some European countries, like Malta and Cyprus, have no railways — and now Europe’s transport commissioner says they’re considering adding buses, ships, and even planes to the plan, despite pushback from the airline industry.

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    What Cities Can Learn From Forests in Order to Survive

    It’s the circle of life. Nature’s self-perpetuating systems — think pollinators that feed themselves while fertilizing flowers — offer lessons for humans devising the technology to support growing populations. Principles of biomimicry have led a German architect to design a transportation system based on the locomotive powers of living cells, while a Seattle nonprofit is developing a forest-like surface on buildings to prevent polluted runoff. But more research into the mechanics of nature will be necessary before these cities of the future can become reality.

  4. Hurdle runner

    Athletes’ Stats Offer Unique Insight Into Mental Health

    How many times did your coach tell you, “It’s all in your head”? New research shows that athletes’ mental health is reflected in their sporting performance — and that could be good news for the rest of us. Unlike most people, high-level athletes keep track of what their bodies do using precise scientific data. That means they can provide exact numbers that could narrow down variables about the connection between mental states and physical symptoms — which might help scientists and doctors craft more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

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    Walk-Off Gives Toronto a Texas-Sized Sweep

    There’s plenty to be thankful for. Josh Donaldson dashed home on a botched double play to end a seesaw game in the 10th inning on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. The 7-6 win over the Rangers sends the Blue Jays to their second consecutive American League Championship Series, while the AL’s best regular season team was undone by wobbly starting pitching throughout the ALDS. Weathering a banged-up bullpen, Toronto now awaits the winner of the Cleveland-Boston series, with the Indians up 2-0 heading into today’s rescheduled Game 3.