The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Clinton

    OZY On the Trail: Hillary Clinton Cruising in Pennsylvania While Leading In Polls

    She’s hitting softballs. At a ballpark recreation center in Haverford, Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton took questions from a supportive crowd, seemingly relishing the chance to talk uninterrupted ahead of tonight’s vice presidential debate. “We have to have a counter-movement” against the gun lobby, Clinton said, while pushing for health care and criminal justice reform. Riding high after recent polls showed her breaking away in key states, Clinton served the perfect diss when a middle school girl said she had taken her side against Trump in debate team – and won. “Thanks for winning the debate,” she said. “That makes two of us.”

  2. Democrat Republican flag mascot fight shutterstock 399982582

    Tim Kaine, Mike Pence Tangle in VP Debate

    The attack dog had his day. Though not on the level of the Trump-Clinton fireworks, the veep nominees had a spirited tussle Tuesday night. On taxes and abortion, they battled along the liberal-conservative lines not often seen in this personality-driven election cycle. ”While most polling groups will probably give it to Mike Pence, who kept his cool under a steady barrage of interruptions, I actually thought that Tim Kaine slightly edged him,” says OZY CEO Carlos Watson. “He kept key Trump critiques front and center.”

  3. hurricane from space

    Hurricane Matthew Bears Down on Haiti, US

    They’re not ready. With many inhabitants living in low-lying shacks and still recovering from 2010’s devastating earthquake, Haiti’s no place for a new disaster. Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 with 145-mph winds, has made landfall and already killed three as it brings “life-threatening” rain, wind and flooding. Some coastal residents have fled, but others have reinforced their houses, hoping to ride out the storm and protect their property from any looting that follows. Meanwhile, Florida and North Carolina have already declared states of emergency, expecting Matthew to hit Thursday night.

  4. Aleppo

    With Syria Truce Abandoned, Talks Move to UN

    It’s a losing battle. After months of frustration, the U.S. yesterday suspended cease-fire talks with Moscow. Russia and the Syrian government bombed Aleppo heavily this weekend, shattering truce hopes with reported attacks on hospitals and aid shipments. “This is not a decision that was taken lightly,” said a U.S. State Department spokesman. But the torch was passed to the U.N. Security Council, where France and Spain proposed a resolution for a new truce and no-fly zone over Aleppo — which veto-wielding Russia has indicated it would reject.

  5. wells fargo bank window with wagon shutterstock 481248220

    Hillary Clinton Rips Wells Fargo, Promises Consumer Protection

    She’s not laughing. Long criticized for cozy Wall Street relationships, the former New York senator yesterday blasted Wells Fargo for “bullying” employees into defrauding customers. Staffers reportedly opened 2 million unauthorized accounts to meet sales quotas, and Clinton, at an Ohio campaign stop, decried “fine-print gotchas” that prohibit customer lawsuits. She pledged to reform a system that’s designed to favor moneyed interests and that has helped Donald Trump avoid paying taxes — while he’s argued that his “brilliant” handling of tax codes makes him ideal to institute such reforms.

  6. Exotic Matter, Ugly Self-Image Results and Stalking a Dictator

    Know This: Britons David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz have just won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on exotic states of matter. Donald Trump sparked debate on veterans’ mental health issues when he suggested “strong” GIs didn’t suffer from PTSD. And the Supreme Court is starting a new session today, still one member short.

    Don’t Encourage This: In a survey of 559 girls aged 7-10 by the British charity Girlguiding, 36 percent thought that their most important attribute was their appearance, while 38 percent felt they were not pretty enough.

    Read This: One journalist on the trail of Africa’s youngest ex-strongman: “To stop myself from sinking into a spiral of paranoia that I was going to die of Ebola, alone, in a deserted foreign hotel, I’d come up with another plan: I’d busy myself looking for the country’s former dictator.”


  1. Python

    Protecting the Everglades With the Python Patrol

    You’re gonna need a bigger airboat. Florida has a reptile problem that’s the stuff of nightmares: Native animals are being devoured by invasive species, including Burmese pythons dumped in the Everglades by pet owners. One of the constrictors, which can grow past 18 feet, even burst trying to swallow an alligator. Now Florida is taking the unprecedented step of creating a civilian Python Patrol to catch the snakes. The program’s chief says it’s “surprisingly easy” and even children can do it, which bodes well for native wildlife and exotic boot shoppers.

  2. Ageing

    Childhood Trauma Has Long-Term Physical Consequences

    It still hurts. Many carry childhood trauma with them all their lives, but new research shows it’s not just psychological. People who experienced stressful, scary upbringings are more likely to age prematurely, as chromosome protein caps known as telomeres burn out faster than usual. In a new study, adult-onset traumas didn’t have a measurable effect on telomeres, and neither did financial stress in childhood. But social stress and trauma for kids meant their telomeres were 11 percent more likely to fizzle out quicker, leading to physical and mental aging.

  3. Gary hart 005

    The Sex Scoop That Ruined a Presidential Hopeful

    Before Monica, there was Donna. Ahead of his time on terrorism and technology, Gary Hart drew comparisons to John F. Kennedy — whip-smart, good-looking and charismatic — when he sought the 1988 Democratic nomination. But as OZY’s The Contenders: 16 for ’16 (8 p.m., PBS) shows, he lived in a different media age than JFK. The Miami Herald followed pharmaceutical rep Donna Rice to a Georgetown rendezvous with the candidate, and less than a week after the story broke, Hart withdrew, cutting short a very promising career.

  4. Evan Rachel Wood Westworld HBO shutterstock 491006317

    Sci-Fi ‘Westworld’ Shapes Up as HBO’s Newest Hit

    Will it ascend the throne? The futuristic drama’s Sunday debut reeled in 3.3 million viewers, the premium network’s biggest opening night since True Detective nearly three years ago. A star-packed cast helps: Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris appear in the adaptation of a 1973 Michael Crichton film about a theme park staffed by human-like robots. Buoyed by strong early reviews, the series could pick up steam like other HBO hits — though it’s a long way from Game of Thrones-level ratings.

  5. Minnesota Vikings flag shutterstock 309245801

    Injury-Scarred Vikings Defend Their Way to an Unlikely 4-0

    It’s all about the D. Minnesota may have lost their starting quarterback, running back and key offensive linemen to injuries — but somehow they keep rolling, with a 24-10 smothering of the New York Giants in Monday Night Football. The Vikings defense forced two turnovers and flummoxed Eli Manning, propelling them to join the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos and another surprise, the Philadelphia Eagles, as the NFL’s last remaining unbeaten teams. Minnesota’s fearsome defense combined with just enough offense could make them championship material.