The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Philippines map magnified shutterstock 165180227

    Duterte Compares Himself to Hitler in Anti-Drug Campaign

    Godwin’s Law kicked in quickly here. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, whose tough talk has already soured relations with the U.S., said that just as “Hitler massacred three million Jews,” he’d be “happy to slaughter” three million drug addicts. The Nazi regime actually massacred six million Jews during the Holocaust, as well as other marginalized groups. At least 3,000 vigilante or police killings are thought to have taken place in the Philippines since Duterte took office in June, and now Jewish groups are calling him out on his “baffling” comments.

  2. Mike pence

    OZY on the Trail: Trump Camp Sees Opening in Pennsylvania

    It’s not a throwaway state. The other half of the “Make America Great Again” crew, Mike Pence, wooed a couple hundred conservatives in York, Pennsylvania, gathered between recycling bins and crushed cardboard cubes at the Penn Waste warehouse. “I understand I’m a B-list Republican celebrity,” Pence joked, reports OZY’s Nick Fouriezos from the trail. The main man’s on his way: Donald Trump arrives there Saturday, as polls show rival Hillary Clinton with only a slight lead in a battleground state that Democrats once considered a gimme.

  3. hackers shutterstock 356278754

    Hackers Start Infecting the Internet of Things

    You networked all your stuff — and now it can be turned against you. As TVs, thermostats and even light bulbs are connected via the internet, security experts say they’re especially vulnerable to hackers, who can infiltrate networks using devices that are rarely updated, protected or even thought about by their owners. After a massive assault last week where as many as one million DVRs, cameras and other devices were hijacked to interrupt internet connections, security experts warn regular updates and constant vigilance are the only ways to stay safe.

  4. Rosetta’s Crashing Down, Wonder Woman’s Coming Out and the PDB Quiz

    Know This: World leaders have gathered for Shimon Peres’ funeral in Jerusalem. Congressional Republicans are blaming President Obama for a controversial bill allowing 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia — even after they overrode his veto of it. And the current author of DC’s Wonder Woman confirms that the superhero is bisexual, continuing a trend to increase LGBT presence in comics.

    Watch This:  A guy heckled players at the Ryder Cup and got called out to make a putt himself — which he, miraculously, did.

    Try This: Feeling presidential after a week of briefings? Prove it with the PDB quiz.


  1. rosetta shutterstock 173832866

    Under Orders, Rosetta Probe Plunges Into Comet

    Mission accomplished. After more than 12 years in space, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe finally went dark, hung up on its connection with Earth and touched down on comet 67P, which it spent a decade chasing and two years photographing and studying. The impact likely damaged the lander, but in any case Rosetta was under orders to shut down all its systems permanently. The final images and information sent back to Earth were taken just 50 feet from the comet’s surface, which one scientist on the project described as “very fluffy.”

  2. Dna test

    DNA Ancestry Tests Raise Questions for Black Americans

    Heritage is more than skin deep. Black Americans are increasingly using genealogy services to explore their ethnic identities, while creating a boom of live-streamed YouTube reaction videos to their DNA test results from services like and 23andMe. Amidst celebration and self-discovery, some complex issues are cropping up, including the use of DNA tests as “proof” of someone’s race and revelations of generations-old sexual assault. But for Black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved, this may be the only way to create a family tree.

  3. Washing machine

    Samsung Is Really Going Through the Wringer

    Stick to the delicate cycle? Samsung’s come under fire yet again for its latest exploding devices, top-load washing machines, just weeks after the Galaxy Note 7 phone was recalled for a series of explosive battery incidents. The tech giant’s being sued by customers who say their washers vibrated so violently they shook themselves apart and tore through walls. They’re not just worried about property damage, though. The lawsuit makes the more sinister allegation that Samsung destroyed evidence about its defective gadgets in an effort to avoid staining its reputation.

  4. cosby shutterstock 216030190

    How the Cosby Scandal Is Changing the Nation’s Rape Laws

    He’s leaving a legacy. States have been expanding the statute of limitations on rape charges ever since comedian Bill Cosby’s victims began to flood the courts with their stories — often too old to prosecute. Nevada pushed their time limit from four years to 20, and Colorado’s doubled from 10 to 20. California’s new law, signed this week after passing unanimously, gets rid of the statute of limitations altogether. But public defenders and civil libertarians worry that wrongful convictions could soar thanks to hazy, decades-old memories.

  5. Kampala, Uganda, Shutterstock 485427640

    Uganda Holds HIV-Positive Pageant

    Can they remove the stigma? In a country where 1 in 14 adults is living with HIV or AIDS, advocates are fighting prejudice and misconceptions with a beauty pageant — complete with evening gowns and tiaras. The Kampala event hoped to highlight that HIV-positive Ugandans can be healthy and beautiful, and should not face discrimination from employers. The new “ambassadors” for acceptance, Mr. Y+ and Miss Y+, bested about 150 contestants and received scholarships — which winner Henry Kirabira, 24, says he will put to use to become an HIV/AIDS counselor.

  6. Cleveland Browns stadium shutterstock 2388240

    Cleveland WR Gordon Heads to Rehab, Delays Return

    The Browns can’t catch a break. The star wide receiver who sat out all of last season for a substance abuse suspension announced yesterday that he’d enter in-patient rehab — less than a week before he was set to rejoin his 0-3 team. Josh Gordon led the NFL in receiving yards in 2013 but has spent most of his time since then facing discipline for alcohol and marijuana violations. Gordon thanked the NFL and the Browns, tweeting: “Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you.”