The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. bernie shutterstock 342185021

    Hillary Clinton Scrambles for Critical Youth Support

    Will she get Berned? A persistent problem for the Democrat is a lack of enthusiasm from young voters who flocked to Barack Obama but are leaking away to third-party candidates this fall. Yesterday the former secretary of state brought along one-time foe Bernie Sanders — at 75, an improbable phenom with millennials — to talk about debt-free college proposals in New Hampshire. As absentee and early voting begins, North Carolina and Florida surges bode well for Democrats, while Republican support remains strong in Iowa and parts of Maine.

  2. train shutterstock 127491602

    One Dead, Scores Injured in Hoboken Train Crash

    It’s dangerous to be behind the times. A commuter train carrying 250 passengers slammed into a railway terminal yesterday morning, injuring more than 100 people but killing only one, a woman thought to have been hit by falling debris inside the station. The incident was just the latest in a series of high-profile train crashes in the U.S. over the last several years, highlighting the lack of modernization and safety features that have plagued passenger rail companies even as mass transit gains steam in American cities.

  3. Indian army border guard Kashmir shutterstock 314067611

    India Admits ‘Surgical Strikes’ on Kashmir Militants in Pakistan

    This could get ugly fast. In order to prevent what it claims are Pakistan-backed attacks by militants, India says it’s carried out targeted strikes on “terrorists” overnight in Kashmir, inflicting “significant casualties.” This comes less than two weeks after a deadly attack on a Kashmir army base killed 18 Indian soldiers. Pakistan denies the strikes, saying there have been only border skirmishes and that India’s trying to distract from ongoing tensions in Kashmir — and the rising independence movement that threatens to destabilize the region even further.

  4. saudi shutterstock 364098533

    Crude Prices Bounce as OPEC Agrees on Output Cut

    They’re turning off the tap. At a meeting in Algiers that stretched on for hours, OPEC nations finally agreed to work together to limit worldwide production of oil for the first time in eight years as a method of ameliorating the price slump that’s now stretched on for two years. Output will decrease from 33.24 million barrels a day to between 32.5 and 33 million. The news saw crude prices jump more than 6 percent despite lingering uncertainties about how that decrease will be apportioned among OPEC countries.

  5. A Doomed Zoo Penguin, Gary Johnson’s Latest Gaffe and a Fashion Week Epiphany

    Know This: Investigators are still seeking a motive in yesterday’s South Carolina elementary school shooting. Research shows 10 percent of children have immune system defenses against AIDS. And do-gooders kidnapped a South African zoo penguin and released him into the wild … where he will almost certainly die.

    Watch This: Bad: Gary Johnson, when asked, struggles to name a foreign leader he admires. Worse: He calls it ‘an Aleppo moment.’

    Read This: What happens when you take your 13-year-old son to Paris Fashion Week? He finds himself.


  1. Internet

    Internet Icon Pepe the Frog Listed as Symbol of Hate

    This meme is too dank. In recent months, alt-right and racist forums have been hopping with the image of Pepe, a cartoon frog and Internet culture staple — despite him being, as original creator Matt Furie puts it, “just a chill frog.” Now the Anti-Defamation League’s added the popular meme, which has been tweeted by Donald Trump, to its database of symbols associated with white nationalism, alongside the number 88 and the Celtic Cross. Despite rumors, that won’t make using Pepe’s image a hate crime.

  2. Driver

    Americans Might Not Want Self-Driving Cars After All

    Keep your hands at 10 and 2 for now. Despite the hype around self-driving cars, new research shows most Americans are still wary: 64 percent say they’d prefer to be constantly in full control of their vehicle. Most people haven’t been in a self-driving car yet, though that’s sure to change, with a massive jump expected in autonomous transport as companies like Ford and Tesla prepare to take their models mainstream. But designers may need to be gentle when steering drivers out of their comfort zones.

  3. Bison on road shutterstock 439977091

    How Urban Planners Are Bringing Nature Back

    Give everyone a home where the buffalo roam. As America grapples with how to repurpose disused industrial sites, some designers are exploring the notion of nature preserves — think bison grazing outside your window — alongside human habitats. Exurbs are often forgotten but are important spaces to reimagine as people migrate back into inner cities. Already New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee and other metropolises are experimenting with hybrid urban preserves, repairing damaged ecosystems while making sure city-dwellers don’t have to drive for hours for a glimpse of nature.

  4. Alec Baldwin shutterstock 103298810

    ‘SNL’ Elects Alec Baldwin to Play Donald Trump

    You’re hired. The 16-time host will don the Donald wig for the 42nd season premiere this weekend to debate Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, Saturday Night Live revealed in a promo video. While McKinnon has been a consistent Clinton, the now-departed Taran Killam and the semi-retired Darrell Hammond had alternately played Trump last season. But after Larry David proved to be a smash as Bernie Sanders, SNL is going for an outside star again – hoping to resume the show’s quadrennial post as chief election satirist.

  5. David Ortiz Boston Red Sox shutterstock 35657254

    Red Sox Clinch AL East as MLB Playoffs Loom

    One more for Big Papi. The last two times Boston won the division, it won the World Series — and this offensive powerhouse could repeat history in David Ortiz’s farewell season. Though the Red Sox fell 5-3 to the Yankees last night, Toronto’s loss launched a booze-soaked clubhouse celebration. Baseball’s divisional winners are now set, as the Sox join the triumphant Indians, Rangers, Nationals, Cubs and Dodgers. All four wild card spots remain up for grabs heading into the final weekend of the regular season.