The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Gary johnson

    Jill Stein and Gary Johnson Fail To Make the Cut for Debate Lineup

    They’re on the outside looking in. Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein will not be able to participate in the presidential debates, it’s been ruled. The Commission on Presidential Debates has been considering the possibility of including the two third-party nominees in the debates. But they announced this afternoon that Stein, Johnson, and their VP picks were out of the debating lineup. Candidates need a clear 15 percent polling threshold to take part in the TV debates. But Johnson and Stein – while making ground in a heated election – are only polling at 8.4 and 3.2 percent, respectively.

  2. Birth certificate shutterstock 181817507

    Trump Reverses On Birtherism, Says Obama Was Born In the U.S.

    Is this his final word? After refusing to answer definitively about President Obama’s origins, Donald Trump’s now said he believes the president “was born in the United States, period.” Trump had raised questions about Obama’s birth certificate for years, feeding into “birther” conspiracy theories. His campaign’s falsely tried to pin birtherism on Hillary Clinton – while simultaneously attempting to court offended Black voters on economics. Meanwhile, Clinton is trying to prevent defections to third party candidates, so Al Gore — whose 2000 bid failed partly because of Ralph Nader voters — may be hitting the trail.

  3. eu flags shutterstock 162128453

    ‘Brutal’ Honesty Urged as EU Leaders Meet in Bratislava

    And then there were 27. Though today’s summit to chart the future of the bloc isn’t about Brexit negotiations, the U.K. isn’t taking part. European Council President Donald Tusk urged his fellow leaders to not “waste” the Brexit crisis and to instead use it as a reminder to take a long, hard look at problems facing Europe, including migration and terrorism. Even as they try to set a road map, many agree that big changes will have to wait until after French and German elections next year.

  4. shutterstock 56280433

    Ohio Police Kill Black 13-Year-Old, Investigation Underway

    ”There is something wrong in this country.” That was Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther’s reaction as he choked up recounting the story of Tyre King. On Wednesday, police pursuing suspects in a reported armed robbery shot King multiple times after he allegedly pulled out a BB gun. Police Chief Kim Jacobs said the gun looked real, while Ginther blamed America’s “obsession with guns and violence.” King’s family is calling for an independent investigation into the child’s death — and many are drawing parallels with the 2014 Tamir Rice shooting.

  5. deutsche bank shutterstock 315609017

    Deutsche Bank Asked to Pay $14 Billion in US Probe

    They’re taking a dive. Stock in Germany’s largest bank fell at least 7 percent Friday morning after the U.S. Justice Department said it must pay $14 billion, much more than expected, over its mortgage-selling practices. The bank has been reassuring investors that they likely won’t have to pay the full sum — negotiations are still in preliminary stages — and Deutsche Bank lawyers anticipate that as little as $2 billion could cover it. Meanwhile, government sources say they’re hoping to have a deal by Election Day.

  6. MH370 Evidence, John Boehner’s New Job and the PDB Quiz

    Know This: Six pieces of debris thought to be from MH370 still haven’t been collected by Malaysia. Former House Speaker John Boehner has a new job with a tobacco giant. And Brazilian TV star Domingos Montagner has drowned on the set of the country’s most popular soap.

    Watch This: The Fifty Shades Darker trailer was watched 114 million times within 24 hours of its release — a record that even beat the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    Try This: Feeling presidential after a week of briefings? Prove it with the PDB quiz.


  1. Ben and jerrys

    Ben & Jerry: Ice Cream Is Threatened by Climate Change

    And you thought brain freeze was a problem. The Vermont-based ice cream manufacturers are out to raise awareness about the perils of climate change by creating an “Endangered Pints” list of flavors that’ll be affected. Ben & Jerry’s says many of their tastiest ingredients have been harder to come by due to environmental changes that mean farmers can no longer depend on weather patterns. The company’s encouraging people to support the Paris climate agreement — or coffee, chocolate and peanuts may be off the table.

  2. Internet kiosk

    Web Browsing in NYC’s Public Internet Kiosks Taken Offline

    Free internet isn’t that free. Groundbreaking LinkNYC public Wi-Fi kiosks, a joint municipal-commercial venture that launched last year, were intended as quick stopping points to check a map, find a local business or send a text. But after months of complaints about users watching porn on busy sidewalks and homeless people streaming whole movies, LinkNYC is disabling the kiosks’ internet browsers. Other features, including speedy free Wi-Fi, maps, and USB charging ports will remain. Meanwhile, other cities considering similar kiosks may learn by watching New York’s mistakes.

  3. Backyard chickens shutterstock 349037831

    CDC: Stop Snuggling Your Chickens

    What the cluck? The trend of keeping backyard chickens in urban areas has fueled the spread of salmonella, exacerbated by owners who bring the birds inside to pet, cuddle and even kiss. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that from 1990 to 2014 poultry-related outbreaks have grown in size and frequency, accelerating drastically since 2006. While some cities have banned chicken-keeping, the CDC just advises that owners should wash hands frequently, clean coops wearing outdoor-only boots and avoid bringing chickens inside — even the cutest chicks.

  4. Edward Snowden protest U.S. Capitol shutterstock 160092779

    Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ Opens Today to Political Clamor

    Maybe he’s the hero — or villain — Gotham needs right now. The biopic’s gotten mixed reviews, though Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance as Edward Snowden is earning awards buzz. It’s a sympathetic look at the former National Security Agency contractor who sparked worldwide debate by revealing government mass surveillance programs in 2013 and now lives in exile in Moscow. A new — and exceedingly unlikely — push for Snowden’s pardon has accompanied the film’s release, while Congress responded with a review of the leaker’s “profound” damage to national security.

  5. Megan Rapinoe world cup champions parade shutterstock 296855507

    US Soccer Slams Megan Rapinoe for Kneeling During Anthem

    Call it a red glare. The star midfielder has taken the NFL “Star Spangled Banner” protests to the pitch, but Thursday was her first time kneeling while wearing her country’s uniform, ahead of a 9-0 victory in a friendly against Thailand. The governing body responded that they “have an expectation that our players and coaches will stand,” without laying out any consequences. Rapinoe, who is white and a lesbian, said she sympathizes with Colin Kaepernick and others who have protested police violence and she plans “to keep kneeling.”