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  1. Crash Kills 38 in Afghanistan, Earthquake Ties Oklahoma’s Strongest and the Saints Go Marching in

    Know This: A tanker crashed into a bus on Afghanistan’s main highway, killing 38. The remains of Jacob Wetterling, whose 1989 kidnapping at age 11 inspired numerous child-protection laws, have been found. An earthquake in fracking-lubricated Oklahoma has tied the record for the state’s strongest temblor. And as Tropical Storm Hermine moves up the East Coast, dangerous storm surges are expected from Virginia to New Jersey.

    Meditate on This: Saint Theresa of Calcutta became official today, one example of Pope Francis’ fast-tracking canonizations, which critics say diminishes the notion of sainthood as His Holiness brags about holding the saint-naming record.

    Forget This: There’s a wide consensus that “We Built This City” is the worst pop hit of all time: “Among the people who now say they hate it are two band members and the guy who wrote the lyrics.”

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