The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto shutterstock 346298927

    Donald Trump Arrives in Mexico for Meeting With Mexican President

    He’s flown south. The billionaire has met with President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico today — a hastily scheduled visit hours before his much-anticipated immigration speech later in Arizona. Peña Nieto invited Trump and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, but the visit was risky for the real estate mogul, who has antagonized Mexicans throughout much of his campaign. Today he referred to Nieto as a “friend” and said the men had focused on shared economic interests and security, including the wall, but failed to address who would pay for it.

  2. turkey flag shutterstock 328499057

    Turkish Clashes With Kurds Vex U.S. Officials

    Can they keep their eye on the ball? As Turkey bombards northern Syria, some ISIS-fighting Syrian rebels are re-entering the fray with Turkish military backing. But both the rebels and Turkey’s allies are concerned that Ankara’s indirectly helping the self-declared “caliphate” by battling Kurdish forces, perceiving them as allies of Kurdish separatists fighting in Turkey even if they’re reliable anti-ISIS fighters. That sets U.S.-backed forces against each other, and Defense Secretary Ash Carter has called on Turkey to cut it out, something it’s so far refused to do.

  3. huma abedin shutterstock 417334108

    Top Clinton Aide Abedin Dumps Cheating Ex-Congressman Husband

    Nobody can afford distractions at this stage of the game. Huma Abedin is the Democratic nominee’s closest adviser and Hillary Clinton’s likened her to a “second daughter.” Now the Clinton campaign is rallying around her after Abedin announced a split from Anthony Weiner, her husband of six years, after another sexting scandal similar to the one that forced his resignation from Congress in 2011. But some are concerned Donald Trump’s jabs at Abedin — he’s already suggested that she may have given Weiner classified information — could hurt Clinton’s campaign.

  4. gavel 3293465641 b4732568c1 o

    California Lawmakers Pass New Sexual Assault Rules

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, 20, was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious person, then given a six-month county jail sentence that sparked outrage across the country. Now the Golden State is trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again: Laws don’t currently mandate jail time for sexual assault that doesn’t use force, but the new regulations, which now go to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, would mean state prison for anyone convicted of raping or assaulting someone too drunk to consent — unless Brown uses his veto.

  5. Aleppo

    Senior ISIS Spokesman Reportedly Killed in Aleppo

    Will this throw them off message? Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, 39, was a founder of ISIS and is credited with the terrorist group’s slick media strategy and signature violent videos. ISIS itself confirmed the death in a statement. Al-Adnani’s death will likely be a body blow to the organization — he was thought to be the second-in-command to leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and oversaw overseas recruitment. But analysts note that he’s just one person, and that the militant group’s history indicates he’ll be replaced quickly.

  6. apple logo shutterstock 179617151

    Apple Will Have to Pay Billions in EU Tax Penalty

    They had good luck with the Irish … for a while. But Apple’s sweetheart deal with the Emerald Isle also violated core EU tax principles: Ireland allegedly gave the tech juggernaut tax perks not available to other companies, according to a two-year investigation. Now Brussels has ordered Apple to pay about $14.5 billion for 10 years of back taxes, one of the largest judgments of its kind — though Ireland and Apple say they’ll appeal as other big companies like Starbucks and Amazon undergo similar EU tax scrutiny.

  7. Bomber Hits Bishkek Embassy, Finland’s Russian Exit and Lightning Strikes 323 Down

    Know This: The bomber is dead and three others were injured in a suicide bombing at China’s embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Accused internet pirate Kim Dotcom has won the right to livestream his appeal of the extradition order that would return him to the U.S. from New Zealand. And a 17-year-old allegedly hacked the Sri Lankan president’s website in a bid to get exams delayed. 

    Read This: “Lenin was so confident of Marxist doctrine and worldwide revolution that he was convinced Finland would come crawling back.” Before Brexit, there was Finlexit: Finland’s accidental independence from Russia.

    Remember This: 323. That’s the number of reindeer that were apparently killed by lightning during a single Norwegian storm on Friday.


  1. ronald reagan shutterstock 177028802

    How Reagan Went From Joke to Icon

    The year was 1976. Ronald Reagan, challenging sitting President Gerald Ford, went from losing five primaries in a row and burying his campaign in debt to winning … and then winning some more. He didn’t win it all that year, but a surprise move from Ford at the convention — calling Reagan up to the stage with no notice to give an improvised speech — ended up catapulting the former actor and future Republican superstar even more firmly into the limelight, and setting him up for his heralded two-term presidency.

  2. Orange juice

    Americans Lose Their Taste for Orange Juice

    Orange you glad you’re not a citrus producer? American orange juice sales have dropped 13 percent since 2012. It’s a pattern for popular beverages: soft drinks and skim milk have also taken their turns falling out of favor. But orange juice’s decline, which many blame on consumers’ realizing juice isn’t very healthy after all, is making particular waves, with Florida looking set for its smallest orange harvest in 52 years. Meanwhile, other drinks — the kind you sip — like craft beers and Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes, are experiencing frothy growth.

  3. shutterstock 285569396

    Mysterious Radio Signal Could Be Aliens — or Just Noise

    The empire needs to call back. Russian astronomers at an observatory in Zelenchukskaya picked up a mystery signal with their RATAN-600 radio telescope last year, and only recently let the SETI — Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence — community know about it. The signal was coming from the constellation Hercules, about 94 light years from us, near a sun-like star. While scientists are recommending monitoring in case it was from an alien civilization, they also caution it might just be a quasar or other space static.

  4. Serena

    New Faces and Injuries Spice Up First Day of the U.S. Open

    This isn’t Wimbledon. America’s biggest tennis event is loud, boisterous — and could throw some surprises before it ends Sept. 11. Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic are the top-ranked players in the U.S. Open, but both are struggling with injuries that could throw them off their games. Andy Murray, fresh off his Olympic triumph, could win it all — but first has to play longtime rival Lukas Rosol today. One dark horse to watch? Germany’s Angelique Kerber, who beat cramp-hobbled Slovenian Polona Hercog in her first match.