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  1. Naked Trump, Frank Ocean’s Secret Project and the PDB Quiz

    Know This:  Life-sized statues of a naked Donald Trump popped up in cities around the U.S. — but the one in New York City’s Union Square was removed by the parks department as an “unpermitted erection.” The U.S. says the $400 million it paid to Iran was “leverage” for hostages, but not ransom. And the Clinton family’s promised that if Hillary’s elected, they’ll hand the Clinton Foundation over to “independent” parties.

    Listen to This:  Frank Ocean has been teasing fans, promising the release of his long awaited album “Boys Don’t Cry.” Last night he started livestreaming — but it was a different album, called “Endless,” which went up on Apple Music once the livestream ended. “Boys Don’t Cry,” which has been given a new title, will be out this weekend.

    Try This: Feeling presidential after a week of briefings? Prove it with the PDB quiz.

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