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  1. Deadly Kite Strings, Super Recognizers and Brazilian Gangs

    Know This: China’s not very happy about its medal count at the Rio Olympics, which is now lower than Britain’s. Three people are dead in India after their throats were slit by glass-coated kite strings. And London’s police force has created an unprecedented team of “super-recognizers.” Authorities have arrested the 71-year-old head of the Irish and European Olympic committees in connection with an illegal ticket sale scam.

    Read This: Not sure who Donald Trump’s new campaign chief is? This profile from last year will get you up to speed.

    Remember This: 4.8 — that’s the daily average number of people wounded by gunfire in Rio during the Olympic Games, almost twice July’s average, a spike sparking concern that gangs are taking advantage of the fact that police are focusing on the Olympics.

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