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  1. Delta Delays, Cyberwarfare, the Paralympics and Tropical Storm Javier 

    Know This: Hundreds of Delta passengers were left grounded this morning, thanks to a global computer outage, but flights are now slowly setting off. The U.S. government accidentally sold a bag of priceless lunar material. Mexico lost 38 people to mudslides this weekend, and another tropical storm is already forming. With Game of Thrones on the way out, a new George R. R. Martin series may get a TV treatment.

    Watch This: Cyberwarfare is nothing new, but documentary Zero Days delves into the Stuxnet virus and the terrifying complexities of fighting cyberterrorism. 

    Read This: “This is the final nail of proof — if one even were necessary — that the so-called Olympic Spirit and all that blather about humanity and goodwill and fair play is such garbage it should be floating in a Rio river for a kayaker to dodge,” says Dan Wetzel on the ban of Russia’s athletes from the Paralympics.

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