The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. bill clinton 2016 shutterstock 400187431

    Bill Clinton Makes Pitch For Hillary On Historic Night

    He’s gunning for First Man. In a high-stakes appearance, the former president was in the extraordinary position of asking for a return to the White House, just hours after “the best darn change-maker I ever met” became the first female presidential nominee of a major U.S. party. He chronicled their law school courtship through her career in public policy — from helping disabled kids to addressing the aftermath of 9/11 — and ended with a message for undocumented immigrants, Muslims, black youth and others vilified by Donald Trump: “We want you.”

  2. french police shutterstock 445812013

    French Authorities Identify One Perpetrator of Church Attack

    He was under surveillance. Adel Kermiche, 19, had tried to reach Syria twice already and was under house arrest with a monitoring bracelet when he and an accomplice took six hostages in a small-town church in northern France Tuesday. They slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel, 84, before rushing police with a handgun while reportedly yelling “Allahu Akbar,” whereupon police opened fire and killed them both. Another hostage remains in critical condition. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, and religious leaders are calling for more security focus on mosques and churches.

  3. malcolm turnbull shutterstock 349506662

    Australia Orders Inquiry Over Treatment of Underage Detainees

    Was there “a culture of cover-up”? National broadcaster ABC aired a report on Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin that showed CCTV footage of juvenile prisoners being stripped naked, hooded, shackled and teargassed. The report shines a light on the treatment of Australia’s aboriginal population and their high imprisonment rate: 96 percent of incarcerated juveniles in the Northern Territory are indigenous. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for a swift response, but others worry it’ll be hard to change Australia’s affinity for hardline detention policies. 

  4. grolsch beer shutterstock 360580295

    Brexit Means Revisions to Beer Business Merger

    Resentment had been bubbling. Last November, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewing company, agreed to buy London-based competitor SABMiller for £44 per share. But with the pound sterling’s post-Brexit plunge, that offer doesn’t look so good anymore. So AB InBev, which does business in euros, has now agreed to boost the deal to £45 per share, which they say is the final offer. U.S. regulators have already sanctioned the merger, so now it’s up to SABMiller, which will formally review the new terms before giving an answer.

  5. Kerry Hopes for Cooperation with Russia on Syria by Next Month, At Least a Dozen Die in Somalia Bombings

    Kerry says Russia and the U.S. may have a plan for Syria by August. (Reuters)

    More than a dozen die in Mogadishu bombing claimed by al-Shabab. (Al Jazeera)

    Fort Myers shooting not thought to be terror-related. (Daily Beast)

    Florida judge: Bitcoin isn’t money. (TechCrunch)

    Michael Jordan speaks out about police violence. (NYDN)


  1. solar impulse shutterstock 183567086

    Pilots Complete First Solar-Powered Circumnavigation

    This is their moment in the sun. Solar Impulse 2 has touched down in Abu Dhabi 16 months after it left, though the solar-powered craft spent only 505 hours actually in the air. The flight, which used no traditional fuel, included long breaks during the 16-leg journey to let the pilots rest and to avoid bad weather. “We have traveled 40,000 kilometers without fuel. Now it’s your turn to take it further,” said pilot Bertrand Piccard on the runway, encouraging others to become more energy efficient.

  2. cockroach shutterstock 372457147

    Science Touts Cockroach Milk as ‘Superfood’

    It does a body good, once you get over the gag reflex. Researchers say a protein crystal resembling milk from Diploptera punctata — the only cockroach to birth live young — is more than four times as nutritious as cow milk. How, you may ask, do you find a small enough bucket to milk a cockroach? The answer, of course, is you don’t. Instead, the scientists who sequenced the crystal are planning to stimulate yeasts to recreate it in a lab, letting them mass produce the “milk” — and maybe feed the world’s hungry.

  3. Gamers

    Where Young Men Without Degrees Spend Their Time

    What’s a guy to do? Discontented older white men without college degrees have the bleakest outlook on our country’s future — and they’re Donald Trump’s core voters. But what about men under 35, the future of this demographic? Nowadays, their employment rates are disproportionately low and they’re likely to be living with parents and playing a lot of video games. While research says they’re happy, they’re also largely skipping out on developing careers and relationships, which could make them even less content when the next Trump comes along.

  4. Board games

    Board Game Boom Sees Designers Go Wacky

    It ain’t grandma’s bingo. With the expansion of gaming, designers are in it to win it. Over the past year, tabletop game sales have jumped 20 percent, which means Dungeons and Dragons, Cranium and Pictionary — a few classics — just aren’t cutting it anymore. New game designs involve increasingly creative twists to keep the industry on the upswing, and with crowdfunding enabling amateur designers to break into the market, competition is growing. Which is why a game with a name like Unexploded Cow could be the next big hit.

  5. Tv baseball

    Twitter Adds Baseball and Hockey Broadcasts to Lineup

    It’s a whole new ballgame. The social media giant announced a deal to stream NFL games a few months ago, and now users will be able to watch MLB and NHL games on Twitter as well. The site’s had its ups and downs this year, with several major shareholders selling big chunks of stock. Free baseball and hockey games are just the latest curveball in a series of expansions designed to draw in new users, which could boost follower numbers for both baseball and Twitter.