The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Munich

    9 Dead Across Munich in Attack, Lone Shooter Dead

    They’re calling it an act of terror. Police have confirmed nine dead after shootings in central Munich, plus a lone gunman who killed himself. Cell phone footage showed people running from a large shopping mall where the first shooting occurred, as well as a gunman on the street outside a McDonalds. This comes just days after an ax-wielding teenager attacked passengers on a train in Bavaria and set the country on alert. The attacker was identified as an 18-year-old German-Iranian, but his motives remain unclear.

  2. hillary clinton happy shutterstock 386144401

    Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine Chosen as Hillary’s Running Mate

    Better safe than sorry. Though Clinton reportedly vetted liberal favorites Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Cory Booker for the job as well, she’s settled on the Virginia stalwart, a Spanish speaker and former missionary, whom she called “a relentless optimist who believes no problem is unsolvable if you put the work into it.” After a bombastic Republican convention, many say Kaine is the safe choice if Clinton wants to ensure victory in November, but others worry his lax stance on banking regulation won’t appeal to the Bernie Sanders fans Clinton still needs.

  3. malaysia airlines shutterstock 206952562

    Search for Missing MH370 to Be Suspended

    But it’s not over yet. Malaysian, Chinese and Australian authorities have been collaborating on the hunt for the Malaysia Airlines flight that mysteriously disappeared March 8, 2014, but they’re nearing the end of the previously demarcated 46,330-square-mile search area. Now they’ve announced they’ll be suspending — but not shutting down — the mission, which, at $134 million, is the most expensive search ever for a missing plane. Officials haven’t given up entirely: Malaysia’s transport minister said the team would analyze any “credible new evidence” about the plane’s whereabouts.

  4. eiffel tower shutterstock 453321136

    Five Arrested in Connection With French Truck Attack

    He didn’t do it alone. Five people have been charged with helping Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel carry out his Bastille Day truck rampage that killed 84 people in Nice. Police say some of the suspects helped Lahouaiej-Bouhlel get the truck and the automatic pistol he fired at police. Tougher security measures have been instituted across France as the government faces questions about security during the attack. Yesterday, the French parliament voted to extend the state of emergency put in place after November’s Paris terrorist attacks for another six months.

  5. rupert murdoch shutterstock 230631652

    Rupert Murdoch Steps In to Replace Ailes at Fox News

    They’re bringing in the big gun. Roger Ailes’ predicted departure over a sexual harassment lawsuit from former employee Gretchen Carlson is finally official: He’s leaving immediately, along with a $40 million severance package. Ailes, 76, who served as head of the network for 20 years, will stay on as a consultant. Now 21st Century Fox boss Rupert Murdoch, 85, will step into the job until he finds a permanent replacement. Lawyers for Carlson called it a victory for women and a sign that workplaces are changing.

  6. Indian Military Plane Missing Over Bay of Bengal, Police Say Florida Shooting Was Accidental

    Indian military plane goes missing with more than 20 aboard. (BBC)

    Police union says officer was aiming to shoot autistic man, not caretaker. (USA Today)

    Brexit causes “dramatic deterioration” in U.K. economy. (BBC)

    Active marijuana ingredient found in small Colorado town’s well. (Reuters)

    Greek court sentences Turkish soldiers who fled purge. (Al Jazeera)

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  1. fingerprints shutterstock 247906603

    A 3-D Printed Finger Could Solve a Murder Mystery

    That’s taking “fingerprint” awfully literally. A dead man’s smartphone is at the center of a Michigan murder case — but the phone is locked. So researchers at Michigan State University are working on 3-D printed replicas of the dead man’s fingers, complete with exact prints, hoping they’ll unlock the phone and help solve the crime. The technique could help police avoid battles with phone makers, like the one over the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, but it raises new legal questions of its own.

  2. Iphone

    Snowden Creates Anti-Surveillance Device for iPhones

    What’s a bored whistleblower to do? From his exile in Russia, Edward Snowden has turned his talents to inventing an anti-surveillance device. When he first met journalists in Hong Kong to discuss his world-shaking 2013 NSA leaks, Snowden asked them to put their phones in the fridge. His reason? Radio signals can activate the devices’ cameras and microphones, making clandestine surveillance and location tracking possible even when a phone’s in airplane mode. Snowden’s hoping his case-like gadget will keep journalists in conflict zones safe from government tracking.

  3. nasa hq shutterstock 110080130

    Curiosity Rover Can Now Fire Laser Whenever It Wants

    This could blow up in our faces. Scientists have given the Mars rover a software update — and with it the power to choose an interesting-looking rock and fire a laser at it without any human involvement at all. This means the machine can keep collecting scientific information — looking at the plasma of a zapped rock can tell researchers about its composition — even when it loses contact periodically. NASA does not appear to be worried that the robot’s autonomy could lead it to destroy Earth.

  4. shutterstock 431163970

    Michelle Obama Karaoke Is Viral Hit for Her, Corden

    She got her freak on. Late Late Show host James Corden circled the White House driveway with the first lady for an installment of Carpool Karaoke featuring a Beyoncé sing-along and a rap with Missy Elliott. It was the latest evidence of the Obamas’ skill at using pop culture to connect with voters. Quickly racking up more than 8 million YouTube views, the clip was another hit for Corden — and more fuel for rumors that CBS will swap him into Stephen Colbert’s better time slot.

  5. bathroom shutterstock 392752957

    NBA Yanks All-Star Game From Charlotte Over Bathroom Bill

    He wasn’t bluffing. NBA commissioner Adam Silver officially moved the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, months after warning North Carolina about discriminatory anti-LGBT bill HB2, saying the law doesn’t align with the league’s inclusionary values. Gov. Pat McCrory said outside groups have “misrepresented our laws,” while his campaign blamed the move on politics and the Clintons. McCrory restored some anti-discrimination protections but state law still requires people to use the bathroom of their birth gender. New Orleans is the front-runner to host instead.