The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. rio shutterstock 362064266

    Brazil Arrests 10 Suspected Terrorists

    Give the authorities a medal. Brazilian police say they have detained 10 people believed to have been involved in planning terror attacks to target the Olympic Games, which get underway in two weeks. Authorities say the suspects, Brazilians arrested in the southern state of Parana, were not ISIS members but had tried to reach out to the extremists. The government has called an emergency cabinet meeting in response to the news.

  2. Roger ailes

    Roger Ailes Resigns As Fox News Head After Sexual Harassment Allegations

    He’s out for good. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has resigned following a damning string of sexual harassment allegations. In the two weeks since former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson brought a lawsuit against 76-year-old Ailes, at least 20 women have added their voices to the accusations leveled at him. Some of the reports go back decades, according to Carlson’s lawyers, and include recent allegations by Fox superstar Megyn Kelly. In the face of such serious charges, Ailes’ departure has seemed likely – but the terms of his resignation, including the possibility of a $40 million payout package, remain unclear.

  3. img 5818

    Trump Vows ‘Law and Order’ in Convention Closer

    You’re hired. Until November, at least. Donald Trump formally accepted the GOP’s nomination in an impassioned address that warned of city crime and the dangers of immigration, then promised that “safety will be restored” under his administration. “I am with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you,” he said. After attacking President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s records, Trump positioned himself as the ultimate “outsider,” with an isolationist bent that has NATO allies worried after his recent threats to abandon U.S. treaty obligations.

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    Court Orders Changes to Texas Voter ID Law

    You don’t need a license to vote. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has told Texas that its strict ID regulations violate the Voting Rights Act, finding that they disproportionately affect Black and Hispanic voters. It’s a surprising ruling from a conservative court, despite a similar recent decision in Wisconsin. Texas officials say they’re disappointed, but must now find an acceptable remedy for the regulations’ “discriminatory effect” by Election Day in November. Voting rights advocates say the decision means 600,000 registered Texans won’t be disenfranchised by the law.

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    Turkey Announces State of Emergency After Coup Attempt

    Welcome to the next three months. Since a putsch threw the country into turmoil Friday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has purged 60,000 civil servants, educators, police, judges and generals suspected of being disloyal. The U.N.’s called on Turkey to protect human rights, but Erdogan says the state of emergency is similar to those declared in France and Belgium after recent terrorist attacks. This decree gives Erdogan the power to bypass parliament and the constitutional court when making laws, and to restrict freedom of assembly and of the press.

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    Singapore Seizes Millions in Probe of Malaysian Fund

    There go the dominoes. Investment fund 1MDB is having a bad week: Yesterday the U.S. Justice Department filed a civil suit to seize about $1 billion in misappropriated assets, and now Singapore is cracking down too. The island country is seizing $178 million in assets from three major banks — and about half is associated with financier Jho Low, who set up 1MDB seven years ago. Now some in Malaysia are calling for Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down to facilitate a neutral investigation of the state-run fund.

  7. Prosecutor Says Nice Attacker Had Help, Police Shoot Unarmed Mental Health Caretaker

    Nice attacker had at least five accomplices, says prosecutor. (The Guardian)

    Florida police shoot autistic man’s unarmed caretaker. (Miami Herald)

    Trump says U.S. might not help NATO allies against Russia. (FT) sub

    Man behind world’s biggest file-sharing site arrested in Poland. (Time)

    Top tennis players intend to skip Olympics over Zika concerns. (NYT)


  1. russian olympic race shutterstock 137773337

    Olympic Ban on Russian Track and Field Athletes Upheld

    Don’t do drugs, kids. Russia’s contenders for Olympic gold have been banned from competing by the Court of Arbitration for Sport after an investigation uncovered a widespread state-sponsored doping scheme over the past several years. The nation’s Olympic committee, along with 68 athletes, mounted an appeal — but it was denied this morning, and Russia’s track stars won’t be going to Rio next month. The International Olympic Committee says it’s considering a blanket ban on Russian athletes, something the CAS decision might give it license to do.

  2. Guard dog

    Farms Around the World Are Turning to Giant Dogs for Help

    They’re not all bark. Ranches around the world are seeing a rise in guard dogs, massive canines that cut out a lot of agriculture’s harmful side effects. Farmers are no longer using poison to ward off pests, keeping fields (and the food they produce) cleaner and healthier. Dogs also chase off endangered species with a taste for livestock — from wolves to leopards — rather than killing them. Man’s best friend could be crucial to keeping farms healthy and running worldwide.

  3. shutterstock 94858912

    Elon Musk’s ‘Master Plan’ for Tesla Goes Beyond Cars

    His ambitions are in overdrive. The entrepreneur released Tesla’s new “Secret Master Plan” Wednesday, laying out a blueprint to develop pickups, SUVs, semi trucks and electric buses. Its pending acquisition of SolarCity will allow Tesla to develop a combined solar panel and battery for one-stop energy generation and storage. Musk also is pressing ahead with autonomous cars. In the coming years, Tesla owners will be able to join a “shared fleet” — so your car can earn money by ferrying others around when you’re not in it.

  4. Planets orbit

    Giant Mystery Planet Could Explain Solar Orbits

    The truth is out there. Way out there — far beyond Pluto, where Neptune-sized Planet Nine makes its slow, elliptical orbit. The unseen object could help explain an anomaly that’s baffled scientists for years: why most of our solar system’s satellites orbit at a strange angle, about six degrees off the Sun’s equator. Recent studies suggest the culprit could be the huge gravitational pull of Planet Nine, suspected to have the mass of about 10 Earths. The mysterious planet itself remains elusive, but astronomers continue to search the skies.

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    New Pokemon Movie Being Rushed to Big Screen

    Gotta catch the moment. Legendary Entertainment and The Pokemon Company are teaming up to capitalize on the sensation of augmented reality game Pokemon Go. While the animated monsters have been the subject of five previous films, this is the franchise’s first live-action movie. It builds upon a durable phenomenon that has sold 279 million video games and 21.5 billion trading cards in 74 countries around the world since 1996. The new film, which will center on Detective Pikachu, is being fast-tracked to start production next year.