The Presidential Daily Brief


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    In Cleveland, Pence Embraces Low-Key Contrast to Trump

    He’s got a sense of humor. Indiana Governor Mike Pence accepted the GOP’s nomination for vice president, noting Donald Trump’s “large personality” and “colorful style” before adding, “I guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket.” His humble tact could unite movement conservatives alienated by Trump, while Newt Gingrich, Eric Trump and Scott Walker also touted the mogul Wednesday. But can Pence, virtually unknown outside his home state, make a difference? The veep hopeful was cheery about his anonymity: “For those of you who don’t know me,” he deadpanned, “that’s most of you.”

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    Ted Cruz Defends Himself for Not Endorsing Donald Trump

    He stole the show. The primary runner-up entered the Republican National Convention to wild applause, emphasizing the need to unite against Hillary Clinton. But he stopped short of endorsing the Donald, whom he name-checked just once, eliciting boos from angry delegates. VP nominee Mike Pence followed with a low-key speech that didn’t do much to defuse Cruz’s bombshell. Despite the backlash, Cruz defended himself today, noting that he’s not in the habit of supporting those who attack his family and that he won’t be “a servile puppy dog” to the Trump campaign.

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    Turkey Declares State of Emergency, Charges Nearly 100 Military Officials

    Will there be anyone left? In addition to the 35,000 public workers and nearly 9,000 police fired in the post-putsch purge of those thought to be disloyal to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 99 generals and admirals have now been charged and the government has declared a three-month state of emergency. It has also fired 1,500 university deans and banned academics from leaving the country. As the U.S. reviews Turkey’s demand for the extradition of alleged coup mastermind Fethullah Gulen, currently in exile in Pennsylvania, some worry that Erdogan may break from NATO altogether.

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    US to Seize $1 Billion in Malaysian Embezzlement Case

    Better cover your assets. American authorities are expected to begin seizing assets — including fine art and real estate — bought with money misappropriated from 1MDB, Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund. It’ll be the biggest case of this kind ever brought by the Justice Department, and the $1 billion sought is thought to be just a fraction of the money stolen from the fund. This is a huge step in Washington’s fight against global corruption, but it could lose the U.S. one of its strategic Asian allies.

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    Ailes Reportedly Out as Kelly Adds to Harassment Allegations

    Don’t forget your golden parachute. Fox News superstar Megyn Kelly, with the second-highest-rated show on the network, had been silent as her boss, Roger Ailes, saw allegations of sexual harassment from former employee Gretchen Carlson. But no more: Kelly reportedly told investigators that Ailes harassed her, too, all but sealing his departure. A leaked version of his separation agreement indicated he’ll get $40 million to leave, but Fox says nothing is final. Meanwhile, some speculate that Ailes’ faithful will depart the network when he does.

  6. Hawaii Congressman Dies of Cancer, Melania Trump Speechwriter Admits Cribbing from First Lady

    U.S. Rep. Mark Takai, D-Hawaii, dead at 49 of pancreatic cancer. (USA Today)

    Speechwriter takes blame for Melania Trump plagiarism controversy. (NYT)

    U.S.-led coalition airstrikes reportedly kill dozens of civilians in Syria. (Al Jazeera)

    Bosnia warns Pokemon Go players against straying into minefields. (BBC)

    In rare move, Myanmar investigates war crimes allegations. (South China Morning Post)

    Garry Marshall, director of Pretty Woman, dies at 81. (Hollywood Reporter)


  1. Rice

    Asian Countries Face Dilemma in Rice Health Crisis

    Nobody wants to go against the grain. But there’s just no getting around it: White rice isn’t the healthiest option on the table. This presents a big problem for Asian countries, where risks of Type 2 diabetes and rice-heavy diets both exist in abundance. Singapore recently launched a campaign calling for people to switch 20 percent of their rice consumption to brown. But while the latter’s definitely healthier, white rice is cheaper — meaning the fight may be more about making healthy food accessible than about traditional diets.

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    Cloud Revenue Helps Fuel Microsoft’s Big Earnings

    The future is up in the air. While PC sales continue their slump, the Redmond, Washington, firm is also softening its ambitions for phone sales — instead betting big on cloud computing. So far it’s working: Microsoft raked in $22.6 billion in earnings for the quarter, beating Wall Street estimates and cheering investors. The computing stalwart’s commercial cloud business had a $12.1 billion run rate, a number the company aims to push to $20 billion by 2018, even as it shifts focus toward its $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn.

  3. Black students

    Social Justice Education Has Lasting Impact on Black Students

    Education on social justice — teaching that tackles economic inequality, racism, and civics — has a radical and long-term impact, especially on black students’ lives, a recent study finds. Segregation gaps in classrooms are getting wider, but some schools have created social justice curricula to tackle silence about inequality. And it’s shaping the future, researchers say: Black students who have access to school-sponsored literature and conversations about race, capital punishment, and class are more likely to pursue careers in activism and politics.

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    Ghostbuster Leslie Jones Quits Twitter After Hate Cascade

    The trolls live on. The Saturday Night Live castmember and Ghostbusters reboot co-star started by retweeting and reporting racist and misogynist tweets directed at her, but finally decided to quit the social media platform “with tears and a very sad heart” after a deluge that she said the company would not halt. Director Paul Feig expressed his support and turned #LoveForLeslieJ into a celebrity-stocked trend. Twitter responded by banning the blogger who led the cascade of hate, but it’s unclear if Jones will return to the medium.

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    Dodgers Ace Kershaw Sidelined Indefinitely With Bad Back

    When will he be back? After proving himself the best hurler in baseball for the first half of the season with a tiny 1.79 ERA, Clayton Kershaw hasn’t pitched since June 26, and Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts said Tuesday he’s not sure when the lefty will return to the mound. Kershaw’s been on the disabled list with a herniated disk and will undergo additional tests this week. The Dodgers say he won’t be back until the pain’s gone, but his absence could cripple their chances in the NL West.