The Presidential Daily Brief


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    GOP Formally Nominates Donald Trump, Ryan Calls for Unity

    It’s his party now. The reality TV star officially became the GOP’s presidential nominee at the party’s convention in Cleveland on Tuesday. His children led the New York delegation, which pushed Trump over the threshold, and Donald Jr. and Tiffany showered their father with praise. But Chris Christie’s speech packed the most punch as he staged a boisterous mock trial of Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan tried to glue his party together, asking, “So what do you say we unite this party, at this crucial moment when unity is everything?”

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    Ax-Attacker on German Train Shot by Police

    This could make it harder for refugees in Germany. A 17-year-old Afghan refugee living in Bavaria attacked four people with an ax yesterday before being killed by police. Four members of a family from Hong Kong were injured, and two are still in critical condition. Now police are trying to determine whether the ax-wielding teenager, who had a hand-drawn ISIS flag in his room, was self-radicalized or had orders from a larger terrorist network. Either way, this could stoke anti-refugee sentiment in Europe.

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    After Failed Coup, Investors Flee Turkish Markets

    Who’s worried? Turkish Finance Minister Naci Agbal says any economic aftershocks will be brief, and that there are no financial stimulus plans. But with the Istanbul Borsa 100 at a three-year low, down 7.1 percent after the weekend coup attempt, investors are shying away: It isn’t the coup spooking them, but the uncertainty as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan purges 20,000 suspected disloyalists from government ranks. Erdogan’s also sworn to bring back the death penalty “if the people demand it,” which would likely mean Turkey will never gain EU membership.

  4. White House Asks SCOTUS to Re-Try Immigration Case, Britain Will Consider Brexit Challenge

    Obama administration asks Supreme Court to re-hear immigration case. (Reuters)

    British court to hear legal challenge against Brexit. (FT) sub

    Baton Rouge gunman moved ‘tactically,’ targeted police. (NYT)

    Family barred from legal forgiveness in Pakistani social media star’s murder. (Al Jazeera)

    Racist Internet trolls target ‘Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones. (Time)


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    Neuroscience Is Taking Marketing to the Next Level

    We’re one step closer to telepathy. Gone are the days of focus groups to figure out what makes marketing campaigns tick: Scientists are now gathering data on brain activity to create cutting-edge advertising. Research has found some surprising consumer trends in the past few years, including a decreased average attention span for ad campaigns — it’s now about eight seconds — and Apple fans’ preference for solution-based ads over humor. But the ethical implications of neuromarketing have left many hesitant about the benefits of reading consumers’ minds.

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    The Mourning Practices of Whales

    It’s more than just a sinking feeling. New research shows that whales mourn for their loved ones just as humans do. Seven species of the marine giants have been spotted holding onto bodies of dead relatives in touching displays suggesting there’s more to animal emotions than previously thought. Whales aren’t the only animals who mourn their dead: Elephants hold “funerals” and chimps have been known to carry around relatives’ remains for weeks. But whales’ complex emotional lives could affect how we study them — and complicate the ethics of whale captivity.

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    Netflix Delivers Disappointing Earnings After Price Hike

    They’re swimming upstream. Netflix signed up 1.7 million subscribers in the second quarter, well short of its 2.5 million goal, and Monday’s news sent its stock plunging. More people are streaming video than ever, but a recent price increase — coupled with more competition from similar services from Google, Amazon, Apple and HBO — has taken the shine off a company with a sterling reputation. Netflix’s biggest opportunities remain global, as it expanded to 130 new countries this year, but it still hasn’t been able to crack the Chinese market.

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    Report: Fox News Execs Will Dump Roger Ailes

    He’s been outfoxed. Rupert Murdoch and his sons have reportedly agreed that Roger Ailes must leave Fox News over the sexual harassment suit by former host Gretchen Carlson, which sparked an internal investigation of Ailes’ management style. The cable network’s $1 billion-plus contribution to the bottom line of 21st Century Fox makes it an incredible cash cow, and there’s no obvious replacement for the former Richard Nixon hand, who’s been CEO since 1996. But as the Republican convention opened yesterday, Fox maintained, “This matter is not yet resolved.”

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    Doping Report Threatens Russia’s Participation in Olympics

    The results are damning. The World Anti-Doping Agency is calling for a ban on Russian athletes in next month’s Olympic Games after an investigation confirmed that Russia’s Ministry of Sport covered up 580 positive drug tests from 2011 to 2015 in a massive state-sponsored cheating scandal. Positive tests from swimmers, weightlifters and track and field athletes reportedly went missing at world championships, and samples were tampered with during 2014’s Winter Games. Vladimir Putin says he’ll suspend officials fingered by the report — but insists he wants more evidence.