The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. south china sea shutterstock 297530114

    Hague Rules Against Beijing in South China Sea Dispute

    They’re not going to like this atoll. China’s been claiming sovereignty over 90 percent of the South China Sea, or everything encompassed by the historical “nine-dash line,” and building islands and reefs to shore up its rights. But the Hague’s having none of it: The international tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines, which disputes China’s claims, and stepped up what’s already global pressure on Beijing to quit flexing its military muscle in the area. The Chinese government lashed out at the ruling, saying it’ll continue to protect its territory.

  2. italian train shutterstock 84435952

    Italian Rail Crash Kills at Least 23

    A head-on collision between two passenger trains on a single track in Puglia killed at least 23 people today, injuring several more. Rescue services are continuing to work around the twisted metal, and a field hospital has been set up nearby to help the injured. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has vowed to launch an investigation into the circumstances that led to the crash, and officials warn that the death toll is likely to rise.

  3. Obama

    Obama Gives Address at Dallas Memorial for Slain Officers

    “I believe our sorrow can make us a better country,” the president said. In paying tribute to the five police officers killed in a sniper attack in Texas, Obama told mourners that their “righteous anger can be transformed into more justice and more peace.” Micah Johnson killed officers Brent Thompson, Lorne Ahrens, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol and Michael Smith at a protest over the police shootings of African Americans in Louisiana and Minnesota. Amid mounting racial tensions nationwide, Obama encouraged Americans today to strive for unity and “reject despair.”

  4. bernie sanders

    Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton

    He’s with her. The Vermont senator and longtime presidential candidate has backed his erstwhile opponent in her bid to take on Donald Trump. “I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president,” Sanders said at a New Hampshire rally on Tuesday, where he applauded her intellect and experience. Though many of his supporters are reluctant to back Clinton — who’s extended her lead over Trump to 13 points — Sanders vowed to launch new organizations to “advance the progressive agenda” in this election and beyond.

  5. open carry gun shutterstock 232253548

    More Officers Killed; Open-Carry Gun Laws Criticized

    “We don’t know who the ‘good guy’ versus who the ‘bad guy’ is,” explained Dallas Police Chief David Brown, lamenting the challenges of responding to an active shooter when open-carry laws mean many people are running around with guns. The dangers for law enforcement were underlined Monday when a Michigan prison inmate shot and killed two court bailiffs and wounded a deputy before being killed. Meanwhile, President Obama heads to Dallas today to share a stage with former President George W. Bush at a memorial for fallen officers.

  6. shutterstock 376063027

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Trump Criticism Raises Concerns

    She’s notorious for a reason. Never shy when it comes to speaking her mind, the liberal 83-year-old Supreme Court justice — “Notorious RBG” to her fans — told The New York Times that she didn’t “even want to contemplate” a Donald Trump presidency and joked about moving to New Zealand. Even those who agree with the justice said the comments were a supreme breach of decorum that could force Ginsburg to recuse herself in cases about the election, including a possible sequel to Bush v. Gore.

  7. stock market shutterstock 316932977

    Global Stocks Rebound in Asia, US

    This week’s forecast: A load of bull. Shares rallied in Asian trading after a record high on Wall Street yesterday, buoyed by encouraging U.S. jobs data. European stocks also crept up, with the Stoxx 600 rising 1 percent as investors started to emerge from foxholes in a post-Brexit world. Sterling is still soft — British 10-year gilts fell to a record low yesterday — but smart investors are looking to the Bank of Japan, which some expect to introduce quantitative easing by the end of the month.

  8. 3 Arrested in Plot Against Baton Rouge Police, Trump Likely to Choose VP This Week

    Baton Rouge Police arrest 3, seek 4th suspect in plot to harm officers. (AP)

    Donald Trump expected to pick VP this week. (The Hill)

    Baghdad suicide bombing kills 11. (USA Today)

    Citibank closing Venezuela’s currency accounts. (FT) sub

    Israel passes controversial law making NGOs declare foreign funding. (France 24)

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  1. Pound euro

    Brexit Has Surprising Silver Linings for Some

    It’s not all doom and gloom in the Land of Hope and Glory. As the U.K. continues its political roller coaster ride into the summer, a surprising number of people are finding positive twists on Brexit. Tourism is likely to rise with the pound at a 31-year low. Savvy British investors, exporters, and manufacturers have open territory to negotiate new business relationships with Europe, and London’s housing crisis may ease. But with the economy and major parties still at sea, Brexit still leaves Britons with more questions than answers.

  2. coffee shutterstock 238209706

    Starbucks Plans to Give All US Employees a Raise

    Could this help jolt the economy? The coffee chain is boosting U.S. employee pay by at least 5 percent while providing access to more health plans and doubling annual stock contributions for workers who’ve been with the Seattle-based firm for at least two years. Schedules and dress codes will also become more flexible, enabling workers to bring their “whole self” to the job. The changes, which follow 2014’s College Achievement Plan offering free online college tuition for Starbucks staff, will take effect in October.

  3. mouse shutterstock 174794720

    Blind Mice Regain Eyesight in Lab Experiment

    Just keep them away from the farmer’s wife. Stanford scientists have managed to regrow brain cells in mice, something long thought impossible in mammals. By visually stimulating and chemically boosting damaged optic nerves, researchers coaxed about 5 percent of the cells to grow back and find the correct connections to the brain, restoring enough vision to pass some sight tests. Not only does this bode well for visually impaired humans, but the scientific community is optimistic about regrowing other brain cells to treat conditions like Alzheimer’s and spinal cord injuries.

  4. taylor 8642417420 e4470c1281 k

    Forbes: T-Swift Top Celeb Earner, Jay and Bey Top Couple

    Ready for some paycheck envy? The gross earnings of the world’s top 100 celebrities, according to Forbes, added up to $5.1 billion over the past year — more than the combined gross domestic product of Belize, Bhutan and Gambia. Pop star Taylor Swift tops the list with $170 million in concert and endorsement revenue, followed by boy band One Direction and author James Patterson. Jay Z and Beyoncé were the biggest-earning couple, with Queen B edging her husband at No. 34 to his No. 36.

  5. 3298670211 47e474ccbd z

    Tim Duncan Retires After 19 NBA Seasons

    He went quietly. With just a simple press release from the San Antonio Spurs, the publicly reticent big man announced that five championship rings in nearly two decades with the same team was plenty. But Duncan’s incredibly consistent play spoke loudly enough. Post-retirement chatter was about the Wake Forest alum’s placement among the top 10 hoopsters of all time, and his role as one of history’s greatest power forwards. He leaves behind a league that has adopted the 7-footer’s style of quiet professionalism and team play over individual stardom.