The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Dallas Police Say Shooter Planned Larger Attack

    He’d been practicing with explosives. Micah Johnson was killed when police remotely detonated a robot equipped with C4 after two hours of negotiations during which the sniper taunted them, sang songs, and scrawled letters on a wall in his own blood. Investigators combing the 25-year-old Black veteran’s apartment for clues say Johnson had enough bomb-making materials for a much more devastating attack, but they believe he decided to act quickly, incensed by recent police shootings. Meanwhile, President Obama is headed to Dallas tomorrow for a memorial service.

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    Theresa May to Become British Prime Minister on Wednesday

    She’s “honored and humbled” to have been chosen. Britain’s Home Secretary was favored to win the Tory leadership contest and follow in Margaret Thatcher’s footsteps as the second female prime minister in U.K. history. But after her last opponent dropped out yesterday, the contest became a formality — and stocks bounced up as investors saw a modicum of stability in British politics. Though May campaigned to stay in the EU, she said Brexit is now an inevitability and she’s sworn to “make a success” of the negotiations.

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    China Conducts Drills While Awaiting UN Ruling

    “Not the perpetrator but the victim.” That’s the role China’s assigned itself when it comes to the territorial dispute over the South China Sea, which the U.N.’s expected to rule on tomorrow. A lengthy column in state mouthpiece The People’s Daily disputed the legitimacy of any ruling, claiming Washington’s trying to preserve its own power. Meanwhile, China flexed its muscles by conducting live-fire drills from warships in the very waters being claimed by the Philippines. If China doesn’t like the U.N.’s decision, it’s expected to amp up tensions further.

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    Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Finally Set Joint Rally

    Better late than never. After a drawn-out primary campaign that the Vermont insurgent has not quite officially conceded, the two Democratic presidential contenders are scheduled for a Tuesday rally together in New Hampshire, where Sanders is expected to endorse Clinton. The two camps have been wrestling behind the scenes on the party platform. The result this weekend was a sharp shift to the left on issues from abortion to drugs to police reform, with progressive forces earning key wins ahead of this month’s convention in Philadelphia.

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    Britain Seeks to Turn Away From EU Post-Brexit

    Little Britain’s trying not to disappear. Chancellor George Osborne will be traveling to the U.S. this week to try to cement relationships with America’s financial officials and business community. Osborne’s hope is that by attracting new business, Great Britain can not only counteract the deeply negative economic effects of Brexit but also revitalize the already-struggling regions of the U.K. that voted to exit the EU last month. Osborne will also travel to China and Singapore this month as proof that Britain’s “not quitting the world.”

  6. Jordan Spieth Withdraws From Olympics, Police Ponder Ramifications of Open Carry Laws

    Golfer Jordan Spieth bows out of Rio Games over Zika fears. (BBC)

    Texas open-carry laws hampered police investigation in Dallas. (NYT)

    Shinzo Abe wins Japanese election, may revise constitution. (Bloomberg)

    U.S. evacuates embassy in South Sudan after violent clashes. (CNN)

    North Korea threatens “physical response” over THAAD missile system. (Reuters)

    Nintendo shares soar with popularity of Pokemon Go. (BBC)


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    Cow Smugglers Raise Tensions on India’s Border

    The steaks are getting higher. In a country where many states have recently cracked down on cow slaughter and consumption, cattle smuggling is a dangerous but lucrative game on the India-Bangladesh border. Many towns along the divide lack industry, reliable food sources, and high employment rates, making smuggling more appealing. But under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has placed new emphasis on conservative Hindu traditions, including cows’ sacred status — meaning this beef is now putting some serious political strain between India and its neighbors.

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    Pokemon GO a Runaway Hit, But With Dangers

    Keep your eyes up. Less than a week after its release, Pokemon GO, which gets players wandering their neighborhoods to complete quests, was set to surpass Twitter in the number of daily active users on Android devices. But the real world can be a scary place: One Wyoming teenager discovered a dead body while searching for a Pokemon, while robbers in Missouri used the game to lure victims into traps. Its addictive nature and movement requirements also can lead to dangers for pedestrians and motorists as its popularity grows.

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    Ancient Cemetery May Force Rethink of Biblical Group

    Who are you calling a philistine? An excavation in southern Israel has revealed bones of the Philistines, Goliath’s people, for the first time, offering archaeologists the potential to unravel clues to their funereal customs and how they lived. It’s the “crowning achievement” of three decades of digs, and some of the finds are now displayed at Jerusalem’s Rockefeller Archaeological Museum. Scientists say that despite the negative modern usage of “philistines” to mean uncultured people, the remains were buried with decorated vessels and jewelry, suggesting an “elegant and worldly” lifestyle.

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    Lin-Manuel Miranda Takes Final ‘Hamilton’ Bow

    Can the nation learn to move on? As the writer and star of the Broadway smash about America’s founding fathers finished his run Saturday night before an A-list crowd — some of whom paid thousands of dollars to get in — the orchestra broke into the theme from The West Wing, the TV drama that inspired Miranda to write his award-lavished hip-hop musical. Miranda will now manage productions of Hamilton around the country and in London, as well as working on a sequel to Disney’s Mary Poppins.