The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Dallas Standoff: Gunman Dead, 5 Police Officers Killed

    He said he was targeting white officers. A gunman was shot dead today after five cops were killed and another seven were injured by sniper fire during a peaceful protest against police killings of Black men. Authorities say the suspect, an 25-year-old Army veteran, claimed he was “not affiliated with any groups, and he did this alone.” Police used explosives to break up the standoff, and three others remain in custody. President Obama, meanwhile, has called the Lone Star State’s tragedy a “vicious, calculated, despicable attack” and is asking Americans to support law enforcement.

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    Minnesota Police Shooting Captured on Facebook Live

    He was reaching for his license. Philando Castile, a 32-year-old Black man, was driving with his girlfriend and her daughter in a St. Paul suburb when police pulled him over, asked for his license, and shot him several times, according to a video taken by the girlfriend and broadcast over Facebook. Police say they are investigating. Meanwhile, protests continue against another police shooting of African-American father of five Alton Sterling in Louisiana on Tuesday — an incident the Justice Department is already probing on civil rights grounds.

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    State Department Reopens Clinton Email Probe

    She can’t breathe easy just yet. After the Justice Department decided not to pursue criminal charges, the State Department announced Thursday that it has reopened its investigation into possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and her aides. Penalties could include the loss of security clearances, which might make it harder for Clinton, if she wins, to build a national security team. Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, FBI Director James Comey testified that the bureau’s investigation revealed that some of Clinton’s explanations to the House Benghazi panel were not true.

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    Germany Expected to Shift Laws on Rape

    No means no, right? Not in Germany, where only one in 10 rapes is reported and only 10 percent of those lead to convictions — partly because the law requires a victim to fight back, not just refuse sex, for the assault to qualify as rape. Many expect that to change today with a vote in the Bundestag on a bill that would count verbal cues, like saying “no,” as resisting. Though victims’ advocates widely support the bill, many worry it won’t protect those who are raped while incapacitated or intoxicated.

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    IEA: Middle East Is Dominating Oil Markets

    Nice try, Canada. Despite focus on the rise of North America as a petroleum producer, the International Energy Agency warns that the Middle East is still the most important region for energy production, accounting for 34 percent of the world’s oil — the highest market share they’ve had since 1975. Their 31 million barrels a day output has been maintained via OPEC, whose determination not to slash production in the wake of crude’s free fall has deepened the price plunge and is expected to keep demand growing.

  6. UK Conservative Leadership Race To Be All-Female, Four Die in Bangladesh Eid Attack

    Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom to go head-to-head in UK Tory leadership contest. (BBC)

    Four die in Bangladesh as extremists attack during Eid prayers. (USA Today)

    Senators antsy for Trump to make VP pick. (Politico)

    Police seek person hunting, killing San Diego’s homeless. (CNN)

    Australian government gains edge in contested election. (Washington Post)

    Tony Blair denies Chilcot report pledge to support Bush before Iraq War. (The Guardian)


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    Crowdfunding Platform Helps LGBT People Post Bail

    Sometimes it takes a village. One crowdfunding platform is taking on the fundraiser others won’t touch: bail bonds, particularly for LGBT people. Big names like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have avoided associating with potential criminal activity in the past. But activists and tech developers have teamed up to provide a crowdfunding service for LGBT people, who face disproportionately high rates of poverty, unemployment, and incarceration. The site, called, is “exactly what we need at the moment” according to Los Angeles LGBT activist leader Jennicet Gutiérrez.

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    Can Trauma Be Passed From Parent to Child?

    Call it PTSD: The Next Generation. Studies have shown that traumatic experiences don’t just affect those who live them — they also affect their offspring, through chemical tags that pass from mother to child. This epigenetic inheritance theory has been borne out in studies on Holocaust and 9/11 survivors, but for the children of indigenous Canadians who were forced into abusive residential schools, forewarned is forearmed. Canada’s now putting an emphasis on resurrecting and preserving First Nations culture — and helping heal the inherited wounds of young native populations.

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    Pharma Seeks ‘On-Off Agony’ Switch

    They’re taking pains to find a solution. Firms like Genentech and Biogen are diving deep to develop meds to relieve the hurt without risking addiction. This, they believe, can be done by tapping into genetic mutations that serve as agony switches. Gene SCN9A produces the protein Nav1.7. In people who feel no pain, the gene is broken; in those who feel too much, it churns out more than its fair share. Since prescriptions for opioids have more than quadrupled since 2009, researchers hope Nav1.7 inhibitors could replace them with healthier alternatives.

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    Former Host Sues Fox News CEO for Sexual Harassment

    The empire has been struck. Former Fox and Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, just weeks after she was fired, saying network chief Roger Ailes made repeated sexual advances at her. Carlson also accuses former co-host Steve Doocy of creating a hostile work environment, but the suit is against Ailes alone, not the network itself or its parent company. Within hours at least 10 more women reportedly contacted Carlson’s law firm about Ailes. Now Fox News says it has ordered an internal review.

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    Portugal Advances to Euro 2016 Finals, Sends Wales Home

    The clock struck midnight. Wales’ Cinderella run saw it take out Belgium and battle to a scoreless draw through halftime yesterday, but it couldn’t last against Cristiano Ronaldo’s brilliance and Portugal’s depth. Ronaldo scored with a spectacular header at 50 minutes and assisted Nani’s goal three minutes later to shut Wales down 2-0. Spirited Welsh fans still celebrated Gareth Bale and company’s magical campaign that stokes hopes for World Cup qualifying. Today France and Germany play for the chance to face Portugal on Sunday for the title.