The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Hillary

    FBI Recommends No Charges Over ‘Careless’ Clinton Emails

    Mark this one “return to sender.” After a year-long investigation, the FBI has recommended that Hillary Clinton not be charged for mishandling classified information on her homebrew email server, though Director James Comey blasted the former secretary of state and her staffers for “extremely careless” correspondence and contradicted her past statements about what she did and why. Donald Trump said the lack of criminal charges proves the system is “rigged,” and later praised Saddam Hussein’s acumen for killing terrorists, stirring up yet another controversy of his own.

  2. oscar pistorius shutterstock 120093031

    Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Murder

    There’s no running from justice. Though the South African Olympian’s conviction for killing his girlfriend in 2013 comes with a minimum sentence of 15 years, a judge can reduce it for “substantial and compelling reasons” — and that’s just what Judge Thokozile Masipa did this morning. Citing his previous prison time and the fact that nothing can bring Reeva Steenkamp back, she sentenced Pistorius to just six years in prison. It’s a compromise that’ll also displease the defense, which was hoping to see Pistorius hospitalized instead.

  3. prophet shutterstock 436963909

    Three Saudi Cities Targeted in Ramadan Bombings

    Nobody knows who’s responsible — but everyone’s got a guess. Many are already pointing fingers at ISIS over yesterday’s bombing at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, the second-holiest city in Islam, where a suicide bomber killed four security officers when he was stopped outside the building. Bombers in Jeddah and Qatif also caused chaos, but no confirmed casualties. After the blasts, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan tweeted, “It’s time we work together to save our religion from these deadly criminal gangs.”

  4. obama shutterstock 6203608

    It’s Clinton/Obama vs. Trump/Corker in Battleground N.C.

    It’s a swing-state stare-down. Hillary Clinton is hitching a ride on Air Force One to her first joint campaign appearance with President Obama in Charlotte on Tuesday. She’s pouring resources into retaking North Carolina for the Democrats, stoking the backlash against a state law targeting gays and transgender people, but she has work to do in re-energizing Obama’s base. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is bringing in potential ticket-mate Sen. Bob Corker from Tennessee as a warm-up act for a Raleigh rally as he enters veepstakes crunch time.

  5. trade deals shutterstock 447401302

    Britain Looks to Private Sector, Abroad for Brexit Negotiators

    Turns out “international dealmaker” is a shortage occupation. Britain’s staring down the barrel of two years of negotiating its exit from the EU, as well as the prospect of redoing trade deals with dozens of countries. With a dearth of dealmakers in civil service, they’re turning instead to the private sector and to friendly foreign governments who might lend consultants. But firms like McKinsey are saying they’re busy sorting out Brexit for their private clients — and they say helping the government would cost British taxpayers handsomely.

  6. tiber river shutterstock 446523730

    Italian Police Arrest Homeless Man in American Student’s Death

    He was only 19 years old. Beau Solomon, a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, went missing shortly after arriving for an exchange program in Rome. His body was later discovered in the Tiber River, and police in the Eternal City announced Tuesday that they’ve taken a suspect, 40-year-old Massimo Galioto, into custody. Solomon’s family says after his disappearance they discovered thousands of dollars had been racked up on his credit card in Milan. Now Italian police will proceed with what they’ve confirmed is a murder investigation.

  7. Suicide Bomber Attacks Police HQ in Indonesia, British Tories Begin PM Vote

    Suicide bomber injures one at Indonesia police headquarters. (CNN)

    First vote to select new British prime minister expected today. (Reuters)

    Beijing commences South China Sea military drills. (The Guardian)

    Commission proposes overhaul of French intelligence service after terror attack. (BBC)

    Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami dies at 76. (Al Jazeera)


  1. shutterstock 445119373

    How to Buy Your Neighbor’s Solar Energy With E-Currency

    Here comes the sun. Neighbors in Brooklyn are test-driving a way to buy local solar-powered electricity using online credits and blockchain technology. The interface that brought you Bitcoin is facilitating the exchange of energy credits, evading laws barring peer-to-peer energy sales and allowing the New Yorkers to keep their clean energy local rather than paying far-flung companies. So-called microgrids could also be useful if a disaster — natural or otherwise — were to take out the main power grid.

  2. lebanon shutterstock 446503069

    Lebanese Expat Entrepreneurs Are Taking Billions Back Home

    They went, they conquered, they returned. Roughly 15 million people of Lebanese descent live outside their ancestral homeland, and among their ranks are some of the world’s most successful business leaders — like Lebanese-Mexican Carlos Slim, the telecom tycoon. But now a slice of that impressive community is heading back to this country of fewer than 5 million people. A little goes a long way, in terms of cash, in this land of ancient infrastructure and shaky Internet, which means Lebanon is ripe to become a startup hub.

  3. shutterstock 60896137

    Kevin Durant to Sign Two-Year, $53.4 Million Deal With Warriors

    It’s almost unfair. Golden State, which broke the NBA record with 73 regular season victories but fell one win short of the championship, just became next year’s overwhelming favorite with the announcement that they’ve snagged the gem of the free agent class. The 2014 MVP had been wooed by many other teams, but was ultimately drawn in by the evident joy of Stephen Curry and his ball-sharing cohorts. Durant had advanced deep into the playoffs with Oklahoma City but is still chasing his first title.