The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. hillary clinton shutterstock 155865416

    Clinton Wins Final Primary in DC, Meets With Sanders

    The voting is done, but Bernie isn’t. Hillary Clinton won 78.7 percent of the vote yesterday in the District of Columbia, a week after becoming her party’s presumptive nominee, bringing primary season to an official close. She then huddled with Democratic foe Bernie Sanders, along with a couple of close advisers. Though they issued identical statements about “unifying the party” and stopping Donald Trump, Sanders remains officially in the race. Both candidates said they would work on shaping the party platform ahead of next month’s convention in Philadelphia. 

  2. pulse club memorial shutterstock 436102597

    Authorities Attempt to Decipher Orlando Shooter’s Motive

    He’s dead, and he took 49 innocent people with him. But the FBI is now trying to discover just what caused Omar Mateen to perpetrate the deadliest mass shooting on U.S. soil. While he pledged allegiance to ISIS, Mateen also expressed support for opposing terrorist groups, and authorities say they’ve discovered no indication that he was part of any established networks. Meanwhile, his ex-wife blames the massacre on mental illness, while investigators, who say Mateen frequented gay clubs and dating apps, are reviewing his apparent history of anti-gay bigotry.

  3. hillary shutterstock 304544159

    After Orlando, Trump Bashes Muslims, Clinton Debuts Security Plan

    The differences were striking. In a rare teleprompted moment, Donald Trump was caustic, stoking fears and issuing a broadside against immigration. Critics scolded him for distorting important facts and blaming American Muslims for failing to “turn in people who they know are bad.” Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton called for “the spirit of 9/12” to prevail, unveiling a three-point anti-terror plan that includes new gun control measures. But she did use the phrase “radical Islam,” after previously rejecting the term, a sign that Trump has moved the goalposts.

  4. paris eiffel tower shutterstock 342077834

    ISIS Claims Fatal Attack on French Policeman’s Family

    The extremists are claiming responsibility for more brutality after Larossi Abballa, the suspect named by authorities, murdered a police captain and his wife, taking their 3-year-old son hostage in their suburban Paris home. French media reports say the assailant filmed his attack and broadcast it online before he was killed by police, who rescued the child. While European security forces have been focused on terror networks since November’s Paris attacks killed 130, the violence, which coincides with the Euro 2016 soccer tournament, raises the specter of more lone wolf attacks.

  5. microsoft

    Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

    Satya Nadella wants to add you on LinkedIn. Though both companies have struggled recently, Microsoft’s biggest-ever acquisition heralds its shift toward social networking and services and away from traditional models of software selling. LinkedIn’s own educational arm, known as Lynda, which uses videos to train people in new skills, may be a good fit within current Microsoft products. Some are skeptical that the two businesses can meld harmoniously, and Moody’s says it’ll be inspecting Microsoft post-acquisition to make sure it’s held its triple-A credit rating.

  6. French Labor Dispute Erupts in Violence, Berlusconi Recovering from Heart Surgery

    French labor protesters descend into violence. (France24)

    Former Italian leader Berlusconi undergoes four-hour heart surgery. (BBC)

    Reeva Steenkamp’s dad testifies, says Oscar Pistorius “must pay.” (BBC)

    Crowdfunding campaign for Orlando victims raises more than $2 million in a day. (Time)

    Russia given suspended disqualification in Euro 2016 over fan behavior. (BBC)

    Turkish police arrest man trying to sell Gadhafi’s dagger. (AFP)

    Hundreds killed in Syria in first week of Ramadan. (Al Jazeera)

    Donald Trump revokes Washington Post’s press credentials. (ABC)


  1. body shutterstock 416058340

    London’s Mayor Takes Aim at Figure-Shaming Ads

    It’s a helluva body check. Sadiq Khan is calling time on Tube ads that pressure Brits about body image, warning that they can “demean” women and encourage unrealistic expectations. Last April a “Beach Body Ready” campaign featuring bikini-clad models sparked protests and petitions, and now the newly elected mayor has taken action. Khan, who has two teenage daughters, is asking Transport for London to ban advertisements that could make people feel physically inferior, but he says the organization’s ad income — $240 million last year — won’t suffer.

  2. Tim Cook

    Apple Lets Third-Party Developers Into Messages, Siri

    It’s worth sharing. There was no huge new splash as Apple’s annual developer conference kicked off Monday, but a key trend emerged: the famously insular computing giant’s shift toward openness. On iOS 10, major applications like Messages and Siri will be accessible to third-party developers. That means other apps can be incorporated into Messages — for example, to pay a friend or order food. Other Messages improvements, such as adding short animations, are Apple’s latest salvo in the ongoing “chat wars” with Facebook, Google and other competitors.

  3. populism shutterstock 263091443

    How Political Outsiders Cook Up Populist Storms

    Ready for Mr. Right? From Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines and France’s Marine Le Pen to Donald Trump, populism is gaining steam around the globe. It takes hold in emerging and full-fledged democracies and thrives on broken electoral promises combined with increased income and a perception that elites are confiscating the fruits of growth. We’re seeing these politicians rise as a reflection of political, economic and social insecurity — complete with simplistic solutions to complex political issues like refugees — and some believe South Africa and India will be next.

  4. movie theatre shutterstock 344308436

    Summer Stays Sluggish for Hollywood

    These blockbusters are a bust. North American box office sales are down 14 percent from last summer after a disappointing opening for Warcraft underscored a trend of missed expectations for big-budget films, including Alice Through the Looking Glass and the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So far only X Men: Apocalypse and Civil War have topped $100 million, while five films had hit that threshold by mid-June 2015. Full year-to-date sales are still slightly up, and the industry has high hopes for this weekend’s debut of Finding Dory.

  5. LeBron James

    Cleveland Tops Golden State to Extend NBA Finals

    The King won’t surrender so easily. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving each poured in a stunning 41 points to lead the Cavaliers to a 112-97 victory in Oakland last night. The Warriors were without do-everything forward Draymond Green, serving a one-game suspension for committing too many flagrant fouls, and his absence showed on defense. But Golden State’s shooting also went cold late in the fourth, derailing a comeback. Cleveland trails the series 3-2 as it returns home Thursday for Game 6.