The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. hockey shutterstock 246580816

    NHL Legend Gordie Howe Dies at Age 88

    Mr. Hockey is gone. One of the NHL’s greatest-ever players, Howe, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2012, died early this morning at his son’s home in Ohio. He played 26 seasons for the league, and most of those with the Detroit Red Wings, winning four Stanley Cups. He was also named an All Star 23 times and inducted into the hockey Hall of Fame in 1972. Howe, once dubbed “the Babe Ruth of hockey,” is being remembered as a beloved ambassador for his sport.

  2. u.s. troops shutterstock 328196642

    US Approves Broader Military Role in Afghanistan

    They’re targeting the Taliban. President Obama has approved an expanded military presence in the war-torn country, but only in very specific instances. While U.S. soldiers won’t make daily patrols with Afghan troops, they can now be brought in to “proactively support” local security forces tackling major Taliban offensives — as can airstrikes, which were previously banned except in self-defense situations. Meanwhile, Obama has yet to issue a decision on the plan to bring home nearly half of the 9,800 U.S. troops still in Afghanistan by the start of 2017.

  3. peru flag shutterstock 264613619

    Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Wins Peruvian Election

    It was a nail-biter. The former World Bank economist appears to have won Peru’s presidency over Keiko Fujimori, daughter of Peru’s imprisoned ex-leader Alberto Fujimori. She had a healthy lead in pre-election polls, but Fujimori appears to have lost by less than 42,000 votes. Some Peruvians worry that her Fuerza Popular party, with its Congressional majority, will embark on an obstructionist campaign against Kuczynski once he’s declared the winner. Fujimori has yet to concede, and the results won’t be official until a court certifies about 50,000 disputed ballots.

  4. brexit calendar shutterstock 401477929

    As Brexit Looms, Some Fear Recession, Future Trade Trouble

    There’s a trick to the trade deals — and it may be not offending your trading partners. Experts are increasingly gloomy about the U.K.’s trading prospects if its citizens should vote to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum. While some dispute predictions of out-and-out recession if a Brexit takes place, many are weighing the potential for retaliation against Britain when it tries to forge new trade deals in Europe, and with the EU’s allies around the world, should it choose to go on June 23.

  5. Gawker Files for Bankruptcy, France Launches Euro 2016

    Man kills 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie and himself. (USA Today)

    Gawker files for bankruptcy in wake of Hulk Hogan suit. (USA Today)

    France launches Euro 2016 amid security concerns. (BBC)

    Bangladesh arrests 900 suspects in crackdown after attacks on minority citizens. (BBC)

    Kurdish group claims responsibility for Istanbul bus attack. (Al Jazeera)

    Vice President Biden pens open letter to Stanford rape survivor. (NBC)

    Kim Jong Un photographed smoking during anti-smoking campaign. (CNN)

    More potential MH370 debris found on Madagascar coast. (BBC)

    Thousands gather to see Muhammad Ali laid to rest in Louisville. (AP)

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  1. hindu goddess shutterstock 189386201

    How an Indian Ideological War Is Playing Out Through Myth

    Is a demon actually the lesser of two evils? Hindu mythology is straightforward: The goddess Durga, still celebrated in festivals across India, famously slew the evil demon Mahishasura. But some see the demon as an ancestor of India’s tribal people, or adivasis, and Durga as a genocidal Andrew Jackson-style killer. Now activists are rallying behind characters like Mahishasura, hoping for new myths that don’t alienate India’s historically oppressed lower castes — even as some scholars say their new version of history is just as simplistic.

  2. date shutterstock 372864790

    Tinder to Ban Teenagers

    They can make a date … when they turn 18. Anyone above the age of 13 has been allowed to swipe left and right since 2012 — matching teens only within their own age group. But Tinder, citing a sense of “responsibility” for its users’ experiences, has decided those who are not yet legal adults will be cut off beginning next week. The change, which comes on the heels of promises to also make the app more transgender-friendly, will affect less than 3 percent of its global user base.

  3. shutterstock 232160854

    Study: Youth Antidepressants Do More Harm Than Good

    The findings are depressing. An analysis of 34 studies involving over 5,200 patients showed that the risks — including suicide attempts — outweighed the benefits for 13 of 14 antidepressants commonly prescribed to children and teenagers, with only Prozac found to be worth it. Researchers warned in the medical journal The Lancet that the problem could be even worse, because many trials are financed by pharmaceutical companies and some unpublished studies showing ill effects may get buried. Antidepressant use among U.S. kids and teens nearly doubled between 2005 and 2012.

  4. shutterstock 348418241

    Justin Bieber Gets Into Fistfight in Cleveland

    It’s another “Sorry” moment. The pop star traded punches with a man outside his hotel in Cleveland, where Bieber was cheering on the Cavs in Wednesday night’s NBA finals game, and he appeared to get the worst of the exchange. Naturally, an onlooker sent a video of the altercation to TMZ, where it went viral. The Grammy winner had seemed to be turning a corner recently after a string of tabloid-splashed missteps, but the former teen star is still just 22 — with plenty of growing up left to do.

  5. baseball shutterstock 409242577

    Yordano Ventura, Manny Machado Suspended, Fined for Melee

    They’re due for some pine time. MLB handed Kansas City pitcher Ventura a nine-game suspension and gave Baltimore third baseman Machado four games after Tuesday’s throwdown. Ventura drilled Machado with a 99 mph fastball, and the Oriole charged the mound and punched the Royal in the face — leading to a bench-clearing fracas. The loss may hit Baltimore harder: Machado is a star slugger, while the volatile Ventura leads the league in walks. Both are appealing their punishment and will continue playing until their cases are heard.