The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Clinton Declares Victory in Nomination Battle

    It’s one for the history books. Hillary Clinton declared victory as America’s first female major party presidential nominee after winning Tuesday’s New Jersey primary. The former secretary of state also took New Mexico, South Dakota and hotly contested California, but rival Bernie Sanders won Montana and North Dakota and indicated he’ll fight on to try to win over superdelegates by July’s convention. Now President Obama is stepping in, congratulating Clinton on her win and setting up a White House sit-down with Sanders on Thursday.

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    Many Die, Dozens Injured in Istanbul Police Bus Blast

    They struck at rush hour. At least 11 people died and 36 were injured when a car bomb exploded in a tourist district near the Suleymaniye Mosque. Witnesses reported two explosions that mangled a police bus, believed to be the attack’s main target: Seven of the dead were police officers. No one has claimed responsibility, but both ISIS and Kurdish separatists are thought to be targeting Turkish cities as part of a campaign of terrorism meant to drive away tourism, which is down 28 percent from last year.

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    Recall Effort Launched Against Stanford Rape Case Judge

    It was a slap on the wrist. Stanford law professor Michele Dauber is launching a recall campaign against Judge Aaron Persky, who recently granted a six-month jail sentence to convicted rapist Brock Turner, 20, because a longer term would have a “severe impact” on him. Many have rallied around the case after the victim’s impassioned letter to her attacker went viral, and outrage grew when the rapist’s father described the crime as “20 minutes of action.” Over 220,000 people have signed a petition calling for Persky’s removal.

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    Yellen Says No Rate Rise, Cites Brexit Vote

    She’s watching Britain with interest. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says there won’t be a June rate increase after Friday’s disappointing jobs report compounded the monetary uncertainty gripping the EU while Britain prepares for its Brexit referendum. The pound sterling plummeted yesterday as international markets reeled from recent polls indicating the Leave campaign’s gaining momentum, while Prime Minister David Cameron warned that an exit could trigger recessions, unfavorable trade and years of uncertainty. Yellen reiterated that rates will likely rise soon — but not before Britain’s June 23 vote.

  5. Hindu Priest Killed in Bangladesh, Florida Braces for Tropical Storm

    Hindu priest killed in suspected Islamist attack in Bangladesh. (BBC)

    Tropical Storm Colin heads for Florida. (Reuters)

    Stephen Curry won’t play for the U.S. Olympic team. (Time)

    No charges in case of abandoned Japanese seven-year-old. (ABC)

    Peruvian presidential race tightens as absentee ballots are counted. (AP)

    Storm erodes 160 feet of Australian beach, threatens properties. (SMH)


  1. aegean sea diving shutterstock 132824486

    Turkey Sinks Airbus to Create Artificial Reef

    What else do you do when tourism takes a dive? After a series of terrorist attacks, Turkey is struggling to attract visitors — so it bought a jet for $100,000 and promptly sunk it in the Aegean Sea. Normally tourists don’t like thinking about wrecked planes, but this one’s different: It’s meant to attract curious divers by creating a new reef for coral and sea life. Turkey’s already sunk three small planes on similar missions, but this is the largest, and it should have a thriving underwater ecosystem within months.

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    Australia’s Next Political Debate Will Be on Facebook

    They’re making a play for more friends. Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull challenged his opponent, Bill Shorten, to debate him online — and Shorten’s Labor Party says he’ll be there. Turnbull snubbed Sky News, which hosted the first debate, in favor of the deal with Facebook Live and, who will co-host the country’s first online-only matchup next week, ahead of an expected July 2 election. Some hope this will spur Turnbull’s government to address crawling rural Internet speeds that could keep many Australians from watching.

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    Meet a Whole New Way to Get Your Caffeine

    Wake up and smell the … toothpaste. Caffeine-infused dental products, foods and vapes are on the rise, eager for a piece of the caffeination industry’s $2.48 billion-per-year pie. These novelties aim to offer a similar buzz to a cup of joe, but without the crash or delayed effects: Some claim their boost hits you faster than traditional java. Sure, there are doubts that toothpaste can replace cafés, and regulatory hiccups abound, but with coffee expected to see price hikes, it could be high time for alternatives.

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    Playboy Mansion Sells for More Than $100 Million

    Bunnies not included. Hostess mogul Daren Metropoulos, who lives next door to the mansion, reportedly shelled out well below the $200 million Hugh Hefner was asking for the infamous 5.3-acre Los Angeles estate, which hosted legendary Hollywood bashes and, more recently, a reality TV show. Metropoulos plans to join the two properties, which were originally a single ranch — but first he’ll have to wait out 90-year-old Hef, who according to the terms of the deal gets to live in the mansion until he dies.

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    Kimbo Slice, Mixed Martial Arts Star, Dead at 42

    The fight is over. Slice was hospitalized Monday night near his South Florida home and died shortly thereafter of undisclosed causes. Born in the Bahamas as Kevin Ferguson, the heavyweight became one of mixed martial arts’ most recognizable stars after gaining Internet fame in viral backyard brawling videos. He made his MMA debut in 2007. After Slice’s most recent fight, February’s Bellator 149 in Houston, he tested positive for anabolic steroids and inflated testosterone. He had been scheduled to headline a fight in London next month.