The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. hiroshimashutterstock 244958686

    Obama Visits Hiroshima Memorial

    He showed them he cares. The U.S. president paid a historic visit to the American-bombed Japanese city this morning, noting the need “to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without [nuclear weapons].” It was the first time a sitting U.S. president has visited Hiroshima, where 140,000 people died at the hands of the world’s first atomic bomb in 1945. Obama, who hugged 79-year-old survivor Shigeaki Mori, didn’t apologize but symbolically recognized Japanese suffering, noting that Japan and America have overcome their wartime differences and must work toward a nuclear-free future.

  2. donald trump shutterstock 318051176

    Trump Clinches Delegates, Unveils Energy Plan

    He’s got the power now. It’s been functionally true for weeks, but the would-be billionaire in chief officially sealed the Republican nomination Thursday, grabbing the last of the needed 1,237 delegates. He marked the occasion in North Dakota, where he vowed to strip away environmental regulations and rip up an international climate pact. Meanwhile, the notion of a Donald-Bernie debate picked up steam, with the former pageant owner reiterating that he’d “love” to debate Sanders, who’s trailing Clinton in delegates and might relish a chance to sideline her.

  3. girl with mobile phone shutterstock 237987838

    Long-Awaited US Study Links Cell Phones, Cancer

    You might want to dial it back. The bad news is that a two-year, $25 million study for the National Toxicology Program found that mobile phone exposure caused a higher incidence of two types of tumors. The good news? The tumors only increased in male rats, and the findings may not apply to humans. Some researchers say this ends the argument that cell phones carry no risk of cancer — and if the federal government changes its recommendations in response, it could put old safety standards on hold.

  4. brexit calendar shutterstock 401477929

    G7 Worries Over Brexit’s Global Financial Impact

    This “ta-ta!” could leave the global economy tottering. So say G7 leaders, who have described Britain’s potential split from the EU as a “serious risk” to their hopes for spurring global growth, a top priority at the group’s ongoing summit in Japan. They say a Brexit could put a damper on trade and investment worldwide by weakening trust in the EU itself. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who’s attending the summit, has been campaigning to stay in the 28-country bloc when voters hit the polls June 23.

  5. Dozens Hurt in Fight at Calais ‘Jungle,’ Mass Rape Allegations Spark Fury in Brazil

    Fighting breaks out at refugee camp near Calais, France, injuring dozens. (DW)

    Brazilian police search for 30 suspects in alleged rape of teenage girl. (BBC)

    Retroactive doping tests positive for 23 London 2012 athletes. (BBC)

    First U.S. patient with totally antibiotic-resistant ‘superbug’ recorded. (NYT)

    Louisiana hate crimes legislation now specifically protects police. (CNN)

    Hundreds evacuate Korean Air plane as engine catches fire. (ABC)

    France prepares for European football championship, despite security risks. (WSJ) sub

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  1. johnny depp and amber heard shutterstock 392799337

    Johnny Depp Issued Restraining Order After Abuse Claim

    It’s a tough act that shouldn’t be followed. A Los Angeles judge has reportedly ruled that Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow must stay 100 yards from his actress wife Amber Heard — who’s filed for divorce — after she accused Depp of striking her cheek and eye last Saturday, causing bruises she provided a photo of. The order runs until a June 17 hearing, and Depp, who’s touring with his band in Portugal, issued a statement yesterday saying he wouldn’t respond to “misinformation and lies” about his 15-month marriage.

  2. rolling joint shutterstock 182841809

    World’s First Weed-Focused Gym to Open in San Francisco

    That’s one way to get smokin’ hot. Though actual joints will be restricted to outside areas, Power Plant Fitness will allow gym-based vaping and consumption of marijuana edibles, which the company is already producing. One of the founders, Heisman winner and former Ravens running back Ricky Williams, blames positive marijuana tests for ruining his football career. He says the gym is meant to not just incorporate weed into workouts, but to fight the stereotype of the lazy stoner. Power Plant will get rolling in November.

  3. shutterstock google

    Jury Finds for Google Over Oracle in Java Suit

    Score one for the developers. Google claimed a major victory in a years-long saga over whether the Internet behemoth infringed on Oracle’s copyright when it built Java-compatible Android software. The jury found Google was protected by fair use of the copyrighted Java code, and didn’t need a license, a ruling that protects the status quo — for now. But Oracle’s lawyers indicated they’ll appeal the decision, hoping to net $9 billion in damages and a win that could completely upset longstanding norms governing software compatibility.

  4. sex shutterstock 367590122

    The Secret Sex Lives of Seniors

    Granny might be getting lucky! British social networking site Gransnet says quite a few folks over 50 are finding time for the horizontal bop. A third of 1,000 seniors surveyed — average age 64 — said they had sex at least once a week, and 2 percent claim they’re makin’ whoopee every day. Sure, nearly a quarter said they no longer enjoy such thrills — another half miss it — but experts say “sex begets sex,” so the key to getting more is to simply do it … at any age.

  5. shutterstock 348418241

    Justin Bieber, Skrillex Sued for Allegedly Swiping Song

    It might be too late to say he’s sorry now. Casey Dienel, who records as White Hinterland, filed a lawsuit claiming the mega-hit “Sorry” sampled her voice for its infectious hook and never paid for the rights. In a Facebook post, Dienel said she was rebuffed by Bieber’s lawyers, who wouldn’t even acknowledge the use of her 2014 song “Ring the Bell.” Bieber’s 2015 track, which Skrillex produced, was a comeback smash for the troubled star — and Dienel said she’s prepared for “a full attack” from Bieber’s team.

  6. shutterstock 143870197

    Baylor Football Coach Fired Over Rape Complaints

    It’s a scandal the size of Texas. Baylor University booted Art Briles on Thursday after a review found he actively impeded investigations of sexual assault allegations against team members. The Baptist university also stripped President Ken Starr — Bill Clinton’s dogged special prosecutor from the 1990s — of his title, though he’ll retain the role of chancellor. Briles had built a national powerhouse from scratch at the Waco school, and many see his firing as a turning point for college football, saying loud and clear that winning doesn’t trump everything.