The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. egyptair shutterstock 392732416

    EgyptAir Flight 804 Wreckage Found in Mediterranean

    Was it terror or a technical fault? The airline and Egypt’s military confirm that they’ve found wreckage from the Paris-to-Cairo flight that crashed yesterday with 66 people on board, and new reports say smoke alerts were detected before the crash. Some investigators believe the flight was likely the victim of a terror attack, pointing to the plane’s odd movements before it plunged into the Mediterranean Sea. By examining the wreckage and hopefully finding the flight recorders, experts hope to soon gain a sense for what really happened.

  2. Obama

    Person Shot Outside White House

    Obama’s home was on lock-down. Secret Service agents reportedly fired on a suspect who brandished a weapon near a White House checkpoint Friday afternoon. The male suspect, identified as Jesse Olivieri of Pennsylvania, was shot in the abdomen and has been transported to the hospital, where he is in critical condition. Additional details about Oliveri, said to be in his 30s, or his motive were not immediately released. The president was not in residence at the time, and VP Joe Biden is safe.

  3. san francisco police shutterstock 295048658

    San Francisco Police Chief Pushed Out After Shooting

    The force is no longer with him. Chief Gregory Suhr has stepped down at the request of Mayor Ed Lee after police shot and killed a 27-year-old Black woman Thursday. The SFPD has been under investigation since January, when officers’ racist text messages were uncovered. Suhr had sworn not to resign, but he, like many police chiefs, has faced intense pressure to change the culture of law enforcement. His replacement, Deputy Chief Toney Chaplin, will have to deal with calls for a California civil rights investigation.

  4. shutterstock hillary clinton

    Hillary Clinton Declares Nomination ‘Already Done’

    She’s looking in the general direction. In her boldest statement yet about the extended primary, Clinton said Thursday “there is no way” she won’t be the Democratic nominee, and Bernie Sanders needs to “do his part” to unify the party. Sanders continues to lob harsh attacks, and only mildly rebuked his supporters for violent threats during a Nevada convention that they claim was rigged. But Clinton-backer Sen. Cory Booker isn’t pushing Sanders to step aside, saying, “Let’s go through the process.” Booker’s New Jersey and five other states vote June 7.

  5. petrobras oil well shutterstock 384212923

    Brazil’s Scandal-Ridden Oil Company Gets New CEO

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease. State-run Petrobras has been at the heart of a huge corruption scandal that many blamed on political cronyism. So its new chief, agribusiness mogul Pedro Parente, says he’s putting an end to the practice of political appointments for management positions. Parente, who was appointed CEO yesterday by Brazil’s acting president, hopes to restore market confidence in the company, but he’s got a deep well to dig out of: Petrobras has $126 billion in debt, more than any other oil company in the world.

  6. Salah Abdeslam Silent Under Questioning, Oklahoma Attempts to Criminalize Abortion

    Salah Abdeslam stays silent at first Paris court hearing. (BBC)

    Oklahoma bill making performing abortions a felony passes legislature. (NPR)

    Taiwan inaugurates first female president. (WSJ) sub

    DNC plans to offer Bernie Sanders concessions at July convention. (Washington Post)

    Another missing Chibok girl rescued by Nigerian military. (NYT)

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  1. philippines bullets shutterstock 301279082

    The Island Paradise Where Journalists Are Murdered

    There’s a dark side to these white sand beaches. The Philippines is the third deadliest place for journalists — and unlike Iraq and Syria, which are first and second, it’s not an active war zone and has a thriving civil society. Yet 172 journalists have been murdered there since 1986, resulting in only 14 convictions. Experts say that while the U.S. could push for reforms, it’s unlikely they will: The Philippines is a strategic partner and may be a key player in challenging China’s dominance of the South China Sea.

  2. shutterstock 314177504

    Self-Driving Ubers Are Road Testing in Pittsburgh

    They’re taking it to the streets. Uber may be a lap behind Google and Tesla, but the ride-sharing giant is now testing autonomous cars in Steel City, where it has a research center. Pittsburgh’s hilly terrain and rough weather challenge the sensor-laden Ford Fusion hybrids, but there haven’t been any wrecks yet, and a local reporter’s ride-along went smoothly. Still, ordering a driverless Uber is a long way off: The technology is in its early stages, and yet-to-be-written regulations may be another roadblock.

  3. public swimming pool shutterstock 244172107

    CDC: Public Swimming Pools Are Disgusting

    It’s not going swimmingly. A new CDC report on data from 84,000 routine inspections across five U.S. states revealed that not only did 80 percent of pools have at least one violation, but one in eight had to be closed immediately as a threat to public health. Some violations, like improper pH or disinfectant levels, may seem technical, but they create a friendly environment for bacterial outbreaks, which sickened 1,700 Americans in 2009. To avoid a wave of E. coli, the CDC recommends that poolgoers perform rudimentary checks before diving in.

  4. LeBron James

    Cruising Cavaliers Could Be New NBA Title Favorite

    Golden State who? Cleveland’s Thursday night shellacking of Toronto, 108-89, means the Cavs are up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals and haven’t dropped a game yet in the playoffs. Superstar LeBron James notched a triple double, and floor general Kyrie Irving led all scorers with 26. The Warriors’ regular season dominance and the relative weakness of the East mean Stephen Curry and company still have the upper hand — assuming they escape Oklahoma City — but the Finals are certainly shaping up to be memorable.