The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. hiroshima shutterstock 329566478

    Obama to Be First U.S. President to Visit Hiroshima

    The commander-in-chief will tour the first city ever to be targeted by a nuclear weapon. Americans dropped an atomic bomb on the western Japanese city on August 6, 1945, killing 140,000. That and the subsequent bombing of Nagasaki prompted the Japanese to surrender on August 15 that year. Obama, who will be touring Vietnam and Japan later this month, doesn’t plan to apologize for American history. But he will use his Hiroshima visit to highlight the “tremendous and devastating human toll of war,” according to the White House.

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    Attacker Stabs, Kills Commuter Near Munich

    A 27-year-old German man attacked commuters around 5 a.m. today at a train station near Munich, killing one and injuring three others. Police initially worried that the man had “political motivations,” and some witnesses reported that he shouted “Allahu akbar” during the attack. But authorities now say that the suspect, a German national from Hessen, suffers from “psychological and drug problems.” Thus far, they’ve found nothing linking the incident to state security. Meanwhile, commuter trains are facing delays, and one of the victims is battling life-threatening injuries.

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    Markets Rebound as Brazilian Impeachment Back on Track

    It’s getting real. Brazil’s economy was thrown into turmoil last night when investors eager to see President Dilma Rousseff removed from office — hoping that it might reverse the country’s massive recession — saw a congressional leader call to annul an earlier impeachment vote. The real dropped as much as 4.6 percent at the news, but looks set to recover after Speaker Waldir Maranhão released a new statement canceling (but not explaining) his earlier attempt to annul. The impeachment vote could come as soon as tomorrow.

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    West Virginia Could Give Bernie Sanders Another Boost

    Even at low Bern, the race carries on. The Vermont senator leads in West Virginia polls ahead of today’s vote, but he needs a run of wins to climb out of a significant delegate hole. The democratic socialist maintains he can overcome Hillary Clinton in pledged delegates — even as he trails badly among superdelegates — saying, “Don’t let anybody tell you this campaign is over.” Meanwhile, the former secretary of state is mostly talking about Donald Trump and remaining cordial to Sanders, whose supporters she’ll need if she wins the nomination.

  5. Bangladesh Executes Top Islamist Leader, Duterte Clinches Philippine Presidency

    Bangladesh executes top Islamist leader Motiur Rahman Nizami. (BBC)

    Maverick Rodrigo Duterte clinches Philippine presidency. (CNN)

    State Department: Clinton aide’s email archive has been lost. (The Hill)

    Pakistani ex-prime minister’s son rescued in Afghanistan. (BBC)

    Donald Trump pivots, turns to GOP establishment for fundraising help. (NYT)

    Kenya plans to shut down the world’s largest refugee camp. (Huffington Post)


  1. cheese shutterstock 62643496

    French Fromage Is Powering the Whey Ahead

    Being environmental is cheesy. After all, fermented fromage is fueling the southeastern town of Albertville, offering hope to a country that plans to halve its nuclear energy output by 2025. The town’s innovative new Savoie Lactée plant turns whey, a byproduct of cheese manufacturing, into methane to make energy that’s then sold to France’s national power firm. The region’s Beaufort cheese farmers, together with engineers from Valbio, launched the 13-million-euro factory last summer, and it’s already on track to provide enough electricity to power 1,500 homes.

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    ‘Second Skin’ Reduces Appearance of Aging

    Iron out the wrinkles. Scientists at MIT have developed a silicon-based film that they say could also protect skin against dehydration and sun damage. The cross-linked polymer layer, dubbed XPL, is applied as a liquid, creating an invisible film that improves skin’s elasticity for a more youthful look — but only for 24 hours. While scientists are excited about the medical implications, saying it could protect against UV radiation or deliver drug treatments for conditions like eczema, it’s also expected to breathe new life into the beauty industry’s skin regimen.

  3. shutterstock 196171082

    Ex-Employees: Facebook Suppresses Conservative News

    Were they left out in the cold? Unnamed former employees of the social media behemoth said the site’s “trending” news section often ignored or downplayed stories that were popular with right-wing voters, and that instead of linking to staunchly conservative news outlets, it preferred similar stories from sources like the BBC. Facebook responded that it always ensures “consistency and neutrality” in its news — but now sites like RedState and Brietbart News, who say they were likely blacklisted, are calling for a more even playing field.

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    Media Mogul’s Daughter Wins Health Care Dispute

    It’s all in the family. Just one day into the trial, a Los Angeles judge abruptly tossed the suit by Sumner Redstone’s former girlfriend. Manuela Herzer, who was removed as the billionaire’s primary caretaker last year, claimed Redstone, 92, was not competent to control his own estate — or his shares in entertainment giants CBS and Viacom. The court heard slurred videotaped testimony from Redstone calling Herzer nasty names and saying he wanted his daughter to look after him. Herzer’s attorneys contend the testimony was coached and are expected to appeal.

  5. Stephen Curry

    Curry Drops 40 in Victorious Return

    Bombs away. Stephen Curry looked positively mortal for most of his first game back from a knee sprain, missing his first nine 3-point attempts. But late in the game — hours after the not-so-surprising news leaked that he’ll once again be the NBA’s Most Valuable Player — Curry found his stride. He scored a record 17 points in overtime alone, hitting 40 for the game, to lead Golden State to a pivotal 132-125 Game 4 win in Portland. The Warriors hope to clinch the second-round series Wednesday.