The Presidential Daily Brief


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    John Kasich Ends White House Bid

    He’s called it quits. The Ohio governor had been eliminated mathematically from clinching the GOP nomination long ago but was hoping the Great Divide over Donald Trump would help him shine at a contested convention. As Republicans hemmed and hawed over the Billionaire’s bullish bravado, Kasich vowed to keep fighting, even as late as Tuesday. But with RNC Chair Reince Priebus declaring Trump the “presumptive nominee” and Sen. Ted Cruz waving farewell, the Buckeye State’s favorite has bowed out, telling supporters that he has “renewed faith …. that the Lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life.”

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    U.S. Justice Dept.: North Carolina’s Bathroom Law Is Discriminatory

    That’s in the toilet. Legislation requiring that people in the Tar Heel state only use restrooms corresponding with their birth gender discriminates against the transgender community, federal authorities warned yesterday. An official said the law known as HB2 violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which offers protections barring workplace discrimination based on sex. The state has been warned it could lose millions in federal funding, and if it does not back down by Monday, it could face a government lawsuit.

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    Trump Becomes ‘Presumptive Nominee’ as Cruz Drops Out

    It’s his party now. The reality TV star will almost certainly be the Republican standard-bearer after Tuesday’s dominant victory in Indiana caused Ted Cruz to withdraw. John Kasich will press on, but RNC Chairman Reince Priebus declared Donald Trump the “presumptive” nominee. Indiana political scientist Andrew Downs told OZY that in his victory speech Trump was “already starting to change some of his language,” looking ahead to the fall. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ battle continues: Bernie Sanders’ Indiana victory gives him new momentum in his uphill fight against Hillary Clinton.

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    Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Canadian City, Destroys Thousands of Homes

    They’re getting out of the line of fire. All 88,000 residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta, have been forced to flee the raging wildfire that has destroyed 1,600 homes and buildings and consumed nearly 25,000 acres of land. The province has asked the Canadian military for help in battling the flames, and many of those who fled have taken shelter in work camps run by oilsands companies. Everyone has been evacuated safely, but high winds and warm temps are expected to continue making conditions worse for firefighters.


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    Philippine Terror Group Releases Hostage Video

    “We want to be freed alive,” pleads a hostage in a threatening new video from Abu Sayyaf, the group that beheaded Canadian John Ridsdel on April 25. The terrorists, loosely affiliated with ISIS, say that without a multimillion dollar ransom and a promise from the Philippine government to stop military offensives against them, the remaining three hostages — a Canadian, a Norwegian and a Filipina — will also die. No deadline was given in the video, but Canada and the Philippines have made it clear that they won’t be paying any ransom.

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    Dollar Continues to Slide, Causing Some to Look to the Fed

    All those predictions weren’t worth a dime. The dollar slid to a 15-month low yesterday, part of a seven-day slump that marked its longest losing streak in more than a year. Currency strategists say it’s only going to sink lower — and meanwhile, the euro is shining brighter, even as the European Commission predicts unusually slow growth in the eurozone. In light of the dollar’s decline, traders have lowered their expectations of a Federal Reserve rate rise next month to just 12 percent.

  7. Takata Air Bag Recall More Than Doubles, Truce Extended to Aleppo

    U.S. authorities demand recall of 40 million more Takata air bags. (WSJ) sub

    Shaky truce extended to Aleppo, Syria. (BBC)

    Brazil sues mining companies for $44 billion over dam disaster. (WSJ) sub

    Authorities arrest suspect in Navajo girl’s murder. (USA Today)

    Iwo Jima photograph’s authenticity under fire again. (NYT)

    Turkey clears one of the final legal hurdles required for EU visa deal. (Reuters)


  1. prince at coachella

    Addiction Physician Reportedly Made 911 Call for Prince

    There was a doctor in the house. Prince’s staff asked a leading opioid addiction specialist for help with a “grave medical emergency” just a day before the legendary singer died. Dr. Howard Kornfeld couldn’t make the trip to Minnesota, according to his lawyer, and sent his son and colleague, Dr. Andrew Kornfeld, instead. But when the younger physician arrived at Paisley Park, Prince was missing. Kornfeld reportedly called 911 when the body was found. Investigators are still awaiting autopsy results to learn whether the singer died from an overdose.

  2. facebook

    Finnish Kid Hacker Wins $10,000 From Facebook

    And they say crime doesn’t pay. A 10-year-old boy named Jani got a hefty payout from the social network after discovering an Instagram hack that enabled him to delete other people’s comments. It’s the latest so-called “bug bounty” — prizes totaling $4.3 million since 2011 that Facebook has awarded to whizzes who find unorthodox ways into their code. And the kid may have more up his sleeve: His dad says Jani and his twin brother are both good at hacking into supposedly secure sites.

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    Is Cacao the Next Big Party Drug?

    Well, this is a sweet deal. A new G-rated rave culture has arisen in Berlin, London, and other cities — and it’s partly fueled by chocolate. Berlin’s Lucid, a monthly dance party, spikes partygoers’ drinks with cacao, while Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone has invented a special device that allows you to snort chocolate powder, cocaine-style. The legal high won’t give you visions, but users say it’s a quick fix of euphoria — and an alternative to alcohol that doesn’t leave you achy and regretful the next day.

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    Google and Chrysler to Roll Out Self-Driving Minivans

    The future seats eight. Google announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler on Tuesday to build 100 autonomous hybrid Pacifica minivans by the end of the year. The self-driving vans will tool around Google’s test cities, which so far include Phoenix, Arizona; Austin, Texas; Mountain View, California; and Kirkland, Washington. These larger vehicles can be more useful for disabled passengers and also facilitate ride-sharing. Companies pushing the technology say it will vastly improve road safety, but still have to contend with skeptical state and federal regulators.

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    CDC: 30 Percent of US Antibiotic Prescriptions Unnecessary

    Just what the doctor ordered might not be what you need. A new study of more than 180,000 cases has found that nearly a third of prescribed antibiotics weren’t needed for the patient’s condition. Overuse of antibiotics is a leading cause of drug-resistant strains of diseases, which kill about 23,000 Americans yearly — but researchers say doctors may feel pressured to satisfy patients who don’t want to leave appointments empty-handed. The first step, according to the CDC, will be setting targets for reducing reliance on antibiotics.

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    ‘Hamilton’ Earns Record 16 Tony Nominations

    This Founding Father is still making history. The Pulitzer Prize-winning musical about the creator of America’s financial system has netted more nominations for achievement in live Broadway theater than any other show. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop masterpiece, which has earned a record-breaking $80 million in advance ticket sales, is the favorite to win Best Musical. But it’s also in the running for 15 other prizes, including seven across all four acting categories, when the curtains go up for the awards ceremony at Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre on June 12.

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    NFL Says Foreign Meat Could Cause Flunked Drug Test

    Where’s the beef? Players were warned that meat produced in Mexico and China could contain clenbuterol, a bodybuilding and weight loss stimulant banned by the NFL. The league’s independent drug tester issued a memo saying “consuming large quantities of meat” while visiting those countries could cause a positive drug test. Texans left tackle Duane Brown failed a test after a trip to Mexico last season, but his punishment was dropped on appeal. In the future, the memo said, players will be held accountable regardless of the clenbuterol’s source.