The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Hillary Clinton

    Democrats Clash in Bid to Woo Hispanic Voters

    Following Tuesday’s loss in Michigan, Hillary Clinton came back swinging in Miami last night, where she and Bernie Sanders debated vigorously on immigration, Cuba and health care as they courted the Hispanic vote. The former secretary of state dredged up Sanders’ support of Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, while the Vermont senator accused Clinton of turning her back on Honduran children. Marco Rubio, meanwhile, held a rally in Hialeah, but OZY’s Nick Fouriezos reports that turnout was strikingly low for the Florida native, who desperately needs Hispanic support to stay afloat.

  2. refugees 15154616029 781623fccb o

    UN: EU Refugee Plan Isn’t Legal

    It’s a matter of human rights. European leaders have been negotiating an immigration deal this week, with Turkey offering to take back some migrants that manage to get to Europe from its shores. But the U.N. is calling foul: Expelling foreigners en masse to a third country is forbidden under international law. It’s not clear if this will derail the EU and Turkey in their quest to deter migrants, though. They’re set to present proposals late next week, while Slovenia and Macedonia restrict border crossings and Serbia and Croatia threaten to do the same.

  3. joe biden

    Tensions Rise in Israel as Joe Biden Visits

    He’s there to talk peace. But the U.S. vice president arrived in Israel on one of the bloodiest days in a recent wave of violence. A young Palestinian reportedly killed an American tourist and stabbed 10 other victims, and in separate incidents two police officers were shot and an Israeli was stabbed. Meanwhile, two ballistic missiles Iran test-fired today were reportedly emblazoned with “Israel must be wiped out.” Biden is visiting to assess the possibility of peace talks — and, Israel hopes, to increase U.S. military aid to the country.

  4. yellen 8655576585 d0621b62a4 k

    Fed Expected to Hold Rates Steady

    They’re looking further ahead. When the Federal Reserve holds a closed-door policy meeting early next week, many suspect that Chair Janet Yellen will play the waiting game. Though some at the Fed want to continue with gradual rate rises, others are reportedly cautious. A slowing global economy and a mixed forecast on inflation will likely keep rates where they are for the time being — but if economic data weathers the current storms, it’s entirely possible that markets could see a rate rise in April or June.

  5. North Korea Claims New Nuclear Capabilities, Shooting Suspect Arrested at White House

    North Korea says it has nuclear warheads that can be mounted on missiles. (WSJ) sub

    Idaho pastor shooting suspect arrested outside White House. (Washington Post)

    Teenage girl in India dies after being raped and set on fire by her boyfriend. (CNN)

    Buckingham Palace denies report that Queen Elizabeth II is in favor of Brexit. (Reuters)

    ISIS leader likely killed by U.S. airstrike in Syria. (BBC)


  1. abbey road

    ‘Fifth Beatle’ George Martin Dies at 90

    He gave them their ticket to ride. The legendary producer, arranger and musician was often credited with creating the Beatles’ signature sound. In 1962, he signed the Fab Four to their first record contract, recommended they replace Pete Best (they did, with session drummer Ringo Starr), and worked with them exhaustively for nearly a decade. He was responsible for lush arrangements on hits like “Yesterday” and “Eleanor Rigby” and throughout Abbey Road. “Thank you for all your love and kindness,” Ringo Starr tweeted, along with his condolences to Martin’s family.

  2. berlin 9527421306 09c48fd2be k

    Berlin Squeezes Syrians in Like Sardines

    Someone’s always working the system. Ahmed, a Syrian refugee, lives in a tiny Berlin studio with two other Syrian men. A government subsidy program pays $55 a night per resident, netting the studio’s owner almost $5,000 per month, and creating a situation in which landlords have little incentive to properly rent apartments to refugees. High demand for housing, a continuing influx of migrants, and the inadvertent cash cow of the subsidy program are fueling an underground market of exploitation, leading to overcrowding — and questions about how to meaningfully integrate Germany’s newcomers.

  3. lilly wachowski

    Second Wachowski Comes Out as Transgender

    Make way for the Wachowski sisters. “The Matrix” trilogy co-director, formerly known as Andy Wachowski, announced she is now going by Lilly and has already made her gender transition, like her sister Lana who came out as trans in 2012. In a statement, the 48-year-old said she was afraid of being outed after being approached by a journalist. GLAAD praised the news — but said the media needs to be more mindful about outing people, even if they’re famous film directors, before they’re ready to go public.

  4. home depot

    Home Depot to Pay Customers $13M Over Data Breach

    They’re playing it safe. The payouts will total $19.5 million, including $6.5 million in identity protection services, after a 2014 breach that affected 40 million cardholders and more than 52 million private email addresses. The incident reportedly cost the company $152 million. Home Depot hasn’t admitted fault, but a spokesman called the settlement the most “expeditious path” to moving forward. The company also announced plans to hire a chief information security officer to oversee its efforts to improve digital customer protections over the next two years.

  5. mosquito

    WHO: Sexual Transmission of Zika Unexpectedly Common

    Grab bug spray … and some condoms. The World Health Organization says data from several countries indicates that the mosquito-borne virus is spreading via sexual transmission more readily than previously thought. While there’s still no definitive link between Zika and a spike in birth defects, health experts are advising pregnant women not to travel to areas affected by the outbreak, and to avoid unsafe sex with anyone who’s made the trip — just in case. Meanwhile, the U.S. is still investigating more than a dozen potentially sexually transmitted Zika cases.

  6. holm and tate

    UFC President Questions Holly Holm’s Rush to Fight

    She let her guard down. Holm’s unexpected loss to Miesha Tate in UFC 196 last weekend shook the MMA world, and head honcho Dana White has now accused her longtime manager, Lenny Fresquez, of rushing his fighter into a title defense just months after her surprising win against Ronda Rousey. Fresquez denies the claim, saying Holm “wants to fight.” While UFC will probably take a short-term financial hit from the upset, many experts say the unpredictability of the sport will actually pay dividends in the long run.