The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. hillary clinton

    Hillary Clinton Crushes Bernie Sanders in South Carolina

    She’s got game. With 6-to-1 support among Black voters, who make up half the Democratic electorate, she took nearly 74 percent overall. It’s evidence that the Democratic presidential nomination will be decided in two days, when 12 states’ polls open on Super Tuesday. Republicans Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are on the offensive against seemingly unstoppable Donald Trump, releasing partial tax returns to show up the billionaire populist. Cruz must win Tuesday in his home state of Texas, notes OZY CEO and co-founder Carlos Watson, or “this thing could be effectively over.”

  2. A bombed out building in Kobani Syria.

    Against All Odds, Syrian Cease-Fire Survives First Day

    Few predicted this. A day after the Syrian government and nearly 100 rebel factions began a temporary cease-fire, only a few minor skirmishes have been reported. Some who’d fled the violence to Damascus said they were surprised by the quiet, helped by a 24-hour pause in Russian airstrikes. But fighting with ISIS — not covered under the agreement — continued as its militants reportedly tried to take a northern town, but were repulsed by Kurdish forces. Hoping the lull will last, aid groups are rushing supplies to 480,000 trapped Syrians.

  3. President looking right of frame, on right side of frame with flag to left of frame

    Reformists Make Major Advances in Iranian Election

    They’re clinging to Hope. Iran’s 33 million voters pivoted heavily toward President Hassan Rouhani’s reformist List of Hope, which captured all 30 parliamentary seats in the key battleground of Tehran, preliminary results indicate. The president and like-minded former president Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani also won seats on the Assembly of Experts, who serve eight-year terms and would appoint a successor to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni, 76, should he die in the next eight years. But provincial results appeared to favor conservatives, meaning no party will have a clear majority in the new parliament.

  4. brexit shutterstock 332492951

    Will Brits Stay or Will They Go?

    If they go there will be trouble. Prime Minister David Cameron threw the dice by offering a referendum to leave the European Union, a departure he’s campaigning hard against. But London Mayor Boris Johnson kicked off the week by saying he’ll fight for a Brexit, and ex-Conservative leader Michael Howard joined him Friday. Unknowns abound, with analysts fearing that a “go” vote in the June 23 referendum will upset markets, rile Scotland into voting for independence and leave the EU a weaker, poorer bloc while facing down an aggressive Mother Russia.

  5. euro piggy bank

    Maybe They’ll Throw Money at Us Next

    Will it rain … dollars? “Helicopter money” refers to cash that central banks might give away — which OZY’s Steve Butler says could come via tax rebates — so people can grab it and spend. With even extreme central-bank efforts to combat deflation and stoke spending foundering everywhere from Tokyo to Frankfurt, this even more radical approach seems all the more likely after Martin Wolf, an influential FT commentator, suggested it was coming soon. No one doubts consumers would spend the cash, which is precisely what much of the world economy needs.

  6. jihadi john

    How Terrorism Is Exploiting New Media

    They don’t care whether you “like” their posts. Terrorists, according to writer Jason Burke, use communication tools to both inspire recruits and strike fear in the public. While old-school extremists relied on news media to disseminate their messages, ISIS has its own production studios creating original content that it feeds to the world, unfiltered, via social media. Efforts to snuff out terrorists’ accounts may slow their progress, driving them to more highly encrypted tools on which to communicate internally, but it may just be a matter of time before they live-stream an attack.

  7. Trump Shrugs off Support From David Duke and KKK, Swiss Bill to Deport Foreigners for Minor Offenses Loses

    Donald Trump pleads ignorance when prompted to disavow KKK support. (CNN)

    Swiss voters reject measure to oust foreigners for petty offenses. (BBC)

    Man hangs self after butchering 14 members of his family in India. (AP)

    PM Edna Kenny’s party loses, but no clear winner in Irish elections. (Al Jazeera)

    Virginia Cop Fatally Shot a Day After Swearing-in Ceremony. (USA Today)


  1. rock 7162914070 d0716c4afe k

    ‘Spotlight’ Wins Best Picture, DiCaprio Best Actor

    Luckily they don’t nominate hosts. Chris Rock wasted no time addressing #OscarsSoWhite at last night’s “White People’s Choice Awards.” The event, which saw viewership drop to an 8-year low, focused heavily on causes, from investigative drama Spotlight winning best picture, to Leonardo DiCaprio’s ship finally coming in for The Revenant: His speech decried climate change. Brie Larson won best actress for sex-abuse saga Room, while Alejandro Iñárritu secured his second straight best director statue. And though Rock drew plenty of laughs, he repeatedly reminded everyone that a lack of diversity is no joke.

  2. Shutterstock 88735852

    For Piracy, Nigeria Is the New Somalia

    The tide has turned: The biggest danger to seafarers off African coasts now lies west, not east. While international efforts have managed to drive down attacks off the eastern Somali coast, authorities are scrambling to protect ships in the western Gulf of Guinea. Last year, 49 boats were attacked there, and 37 sailors kidnapped. Unlike their East African counterparts, the West African pirates — whose booty is mainly oil — often have a paramilitary background and training, which is prompting shippers to boost defensive measures to keep buccaneers at bay.

  3. Instagram

    Human Memory Is So … Analog

    How many friends’ birthdays can you remember? For friendships forged in FE — Facebook Era — the answer’s probably not very many. The conveniences of modern tech have replaced our need to memorize important dates and phone numbers, or even remember childhood outings, because everything’s now stored in our news feeds, address books, #tbt Instagrams and emails. Studies show that subjects who know a fact will be saved after they type it are more likely to forget it. Conversely, our artificial “brains” help us recall plenty of things we’d just as soon forget.

  4. A screengrab taken from an AFP TV video on March 24, 2015 shows search and rescue personnel at the crash site of the Germanwings Airbus A320 in the French Alps above the southeastern town of Seyne.

    Germanwings 9525: A Modern Horror Story

    “We think something terrible has happened.” That was the message from a German high school principal to pupils last March 24 after Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed an Airbus A320, killing 16 of their fellow students and 128 other passengers. Lawyers for victims’ families say a range of missteps led to Lubitz’s tragic breakdown: He’d been forgiven for lying to the FAA about his mental illness, and his private psychiatrist seemingly failed to report his depression relapse to the airline. Prosecutors are still investigating whether anyone apart from Lubitz might be legally responsible.

  5. ebola treatment unit

    Survivors Are Helping Doctors Study Ebola

    It killed more than 11,000. But there’s an upside to the West African Ebola outbreak: about 17,000 survivors who constitute valuable virus-fighting data. Researchers are studying the possibility that the virus lives on in these former patients, even those now testing negative, by hiding inside an eye or an ear, or even in the nervous system — potentially reappearing months later. But to successfully conduct the research, they need to first battle the social stigma that’s led to prohibitive medical fees for survivors.

  6. Mindy in dr. coat walking towards left, but looking over her left shoulder

    How Hollywood Feels if You’re Not White and Male

    Mindy Kaling’s first “project” nearly starred a white actress; a casting director told Eva Longoria she needed darker skin and an accent; and The Wire’s Wendell Pierce was once told he couldn’t do Shakespeare because “they didn’t have Black people then.” With another whitewashed Academy Awards coming on Sunday, 27 female and minority actors have borne witness to the sort of discrimination that prompted this year’s #OscarsSoWhite backlash, and garnered the Academy’s vow to reform and better ensure Tinseltown’s gold is shared with stars of every color.

  7. A boxer punching another boxer in the face

    How a Bullet Ended a Haitian-American Boxing Rivalry

    Stan “Iron Man” Stanisclasse, Florida’s former Golden Gloves champ, liked knocking out opponents, including fellow Floridian and second-generation Haitian Darrell Telisme. The two boxers became friendly … until Telisme, during a November night out, goaded his rival into a gloveless fight and took quite a beating. He reportedly admitted to police that jealousy drove him to shoot and kill Stanisclasse later that night. Since then, Telisme has pleaded not guilty, and now he’ll face the fight of his life: standing trial for murder.