The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. donald trump

    Cruz and Rubio Unload on Trump in GOP Debate

    They went hard … but they may still go home. The final Republican debate before Super Tuesday saw Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz go after Donald Trump for hiring undocumented immigrants, donating to Democrats and being “neutral” on Israel. But the billionaire pushed back, boasting that he’s the only candidate who’s ever created jobs. OZY CEO and co-founder Carlos Watson now believes Wharton’s most famous grad — the Donald — will soon sew up the GOP nomination, especially with a fresh endorsement from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

  2. kansas state trooper

    Kansas Gunman Kills Three, Dies in Police Shoot-Out

    Four are dead following a shooting spree north of Wichita that culminated in an attack at a manufacturing plant in Hesston. The dead include the gunman, who was killed in a firefight with police, and three of his fellow employees at a factory owned by Excel Industries, a maker of lawn equipment. Fourteen others were injured, including three who were shot before the plant attack, and 10 remain in critical condition. No motive has been given, but authorities believe they have an idea about what sparked the rampage.

  3. iphone

    Apple Says FBI Demand Breaches Constitutional Rights

    They’re not budging. The tech giant has filed a legal motion asking a U.S. court to vacate an earlier ruling ordering it to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone. “This is not a case about one isolated iPhone,” it reads, arguing that the request violates its First and Fifth Amendment rights. Apple says the FBI is trying to use the courts to wield power reserved for Congress and American voters, warning, “Once the floodgates open, they cannot be closed” — and clearly signaling that they’ll wage war on behalf of privacy.

  4. border 21851258303 2b387dbc5f o

    Greece Recalls Ambassador to Austria Over Migration Spat

    They’re supposed to be in this together. But at a meeting in Vienna yesterday, Austria and nine Balkan states vowed to cap daily refugee intake and only take migrants from certain countries. Meanwhile, Hungary announced a public vote on whether to accept its agreed quota of refugees. Berlin and Greece are both angry at Austria’s actions, and the latter, already dealing with an estimated 100,000 migrants so far this year, has recalled its ambassador. Now Greece is threatening to block all EU decisions on the crisis as European ministers meet today to discuss responsibilities.

  5. brian sandoval

    Latino Governor Takes His Name Out of the Running

    No thanks. That’s the message from Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, who was being vetted by Obama as a possible Supreme Court nominee. The popular GOP governor and former federal judge known for being a centrist informed the White House today that he’s bowing out of consideration to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s empty seat. Even the prospect of a Republican didn’t seem to soothe GOP senators, who vowed yesterday not to hold a hearing, even for Sandoval, because they want the next president to make the decision.

  6. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    Iran Prepares for Potentially Game-Changing Elections

    The stakes are staggering. Iranians are set to go to the polls tomorrow and choose a new parliament and a new Assembly of Experts — a leadership group of 88 Islamic scholars. Each contest has its own significance: A newly moderate parliament could shift the nation toward integration with the rest of the world, especially in the face of last year’s landmark nuclear deal. Meanwhile, the Assembly of Experts will be tasked with choosing a new Supreme Leader should the 76-year-old Ayatollah die in the next eight years.

  7. cash 6355318323 dc829c9599 o

    $2 Billion Lost to CEO Email Scam

    It has an elegant simplicity. An email appearing to come from a CEO instructs an employee to wire a large amount of money — on average $120,000, but sometimes as much as $90 million — to an offshore account. “All you need is a computer,” says the FBI’s chief of money laundering investigations, noting that the bureau is working with foreign partners and cybercrime units to stop this kind of corporate crime. But they’re still trying to determine if one global ring is responsible for the meteoric rise of the scam.

  8. ’Up to 200 Kenyan Soldiers Killed’ in Al-Shabab Attack, Australia Warns Indonesia May Be Terror Target

    Somali leader says Al-Shabab attack in January killed up to 200 Kenyan troops. (Al Jazeera)

    Australia warns about possible terrorist action in Indonesia. (Reuters)

    U.S., China agree on new sanctions for North Korea. (France24)

    Indian army to allow women in all combat roles. (Al Jazeera)

    Texas high court dismisses former Gov. Rick Perry indictment. (Texas Tribune)


  1. pilots

    Tinder Reveals Which Jobs Get Most Dates

    Time to update your resume. The popular matchmaking app shared which careers get the most right-swipes on its platform. Men who work as pilots soar to great heights, while female physical therapists are hands-down the most popular. There were crossover choices for both sexes, with teachers, models, and personal trainers making both top 15 lists. But don’t feel too much pressure: College students were also big hits on both sides, so some singles may be looking at long-term potential even on the most ephemeral of dating destinations.

  2. thumbs up 6963815105 8680c7129d k

    Facebook Rolls Out New Reactions

    Have a heart! The social network has launched five new buttons — Angry, Haha, Love, Sad and Wow — to join its iconic Like. The emotional outpouring follows a year of research into the most universal sentiments, prompted by Mark Zuckerberg’s wish for reactions that “make it easy for people to give other types of feedback” instead of a thumbs-up. There’s no word yet on whether other emotions will come later, but everyone will be able to swoon, cheer, rage, laugh or cry about the changes within a couple days.

  3. coral reef 5763292390 d05c25e4bb o

    Ocean Acidity Is Killing Reefs

    Fixing this will take a sea change. Scientists, long puzzled by coral growth rates dropping 40 percent from the mid-1970s to 2009, have found the culprit: acidification. Researchers experimented on coral atolls in the Great Barrier Reef to test the pH of sea water, finding that higher acidity killed off corals, while more alkaline water encouraged calcification, strengthening the reefs. Acidification is caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide being absorbed by the ocean, and some fear that current pollution levels are so bad that the reefs could dissolve within this century.

  4. adele

    Adele Wins Big at Brit Awards

    Her fame isn’t fleeting. The vocalist, 27, dominated the ceremony, earning British album of the year and three other honors. She also used some stage time to declare her support for fellow singer Kesha, who is embroiled in a legal battle after accusing her producer of rape and abuse. Coldplay, James Bay and One Direction also took home awards, while Annie Lennox, Gary Oldman and Lorde offered a tribute to British legend David Bowie, with the Eurythmics singer acknowledging that many feel things “will never be quite the same again.”

  5. kevin durant flag football

    These NBA Stars Could Play in the NFL

    It’s mind over matter. Only two athletes have ever played in both the NBA and the NFL — but could today’s basketball stars thrive on any given Sunday? Many have the physique for both, but wouldn’t want to: Golden State Warriors star Dreymond Green, a former high school football player, has “no desire” to switch leagues. But for aspiring ballers who don’t make it in the NBA, ex-49er Ronnie Lott says many have “all the skills” if they can mentally handle the “violence” of America’s biggest game.