The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Donald Trump Wins, Rivals Scramble for Support

    Voters are culling pretenders from contenders. Trump clinched South Carolina, pushing Jeb Bush out of the race and elevating second-place Marco Rubio to adversary status. The Florida senator will now duke it out with Ted Cruz for “the rival” position, which leaves Trump on Easy Street. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Nevada, and OZY’s Nick Fouriezos says that as the Dems head into the South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee primaries, the Vermont senator will need to resonate more with Black voters to stay in the race.

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    Politicians Choose Sides as Britain Braces for Potential Brexit

    Will they keep calm and carry on? Analysts say it’s impossible to know what financial effects a British exit from the EU would have — there’s no telling what trade or immigration repercussions might arise from strained relations with rejected neighbors — but the pound sterling is down to a seven-year low today as bankers batten down. London Mayor Boris Johnson wants to leave the bloc, though many other politicians are pushing to stay. If the public votes for a Brexit on June 23, Johnson could be well placed to win a national election.

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    Russia, U.S. Agree on Syrian Ceasefire Plan

    Not everyone’s optimistic. Though U.S. officials say the ceasefire in Syria will begin Saturday, a member of the Syrian parliament was skeptical of the plan, saying the Syrian government still has the right to combat terrorism. The ceasefire as it stands doesn’t end hostilities against ISIS or the local al-Qaida affiliate, but other rebel groups say they’ve tentatively signed onto the deal — which could mean a pause in controversial Russian airstrikes against rebels. But it could also give ISIS, which killed about 130 people in Syria over the weekend, time to power up.

  4. delhi canal

    Military Regains Power Over Delhi Canal Amid Protests

    They’re trying to caste themselves in a positive light. The Jat group, a historically privileged collection of farm owners, are agitating to be added to a list of backwards classes, which would make them eligible for reserved positions in schools and government jobs. At least 19 people have died after days of riots, and the Indian army has finally rested back a key canal — meaning Delhi will be receiving water, though it’ll still be in short supply over the next week while the Jat and the central government negotiate.  

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    Bolivian President ’Loses’ Bid for Fourth Term

    He has less staying power than he thought. Exit polls show Evo Morales is narrowly losing a referendum that would have enabled him to run for a fourth term and stay in power through 2025. So far, at least 51 percent appear to have voted against the constitutional amendment. Meanwhile, the opposition is encouraging Morales to “recognize the results” and use his remaining term, until 2020, wisely. But Morales’ team is holding out for a win, hoping that numbers will swing their way as more votes are counted.

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    Deadly Shootings Shock Tight-Knit Michigan Community

    What everyone wants to know is why. The 74,000-strong city of Kalamazoo is reeling today after a weekend rampage killed six and left two injured, with victims ranging in age from 14 to 74. Police have arrested married father-of-two Jason Dalton, a local Uber driver who reportedly picked up fares throughout Saturday’s shooting spree. Officials say the violence appears to have been random, and Dalton was charged today with six counts of murder, along with two of assault and eight weapons charges, as police continue to investigate.

  7. Ugandan Opposition Leader Arrested, America Mulls Moving ISIS Fight to Libya

    Ugandan opposition leader arrested after contested election. (Reuters)

    ISIS militants head for Libya, forcing U.S. to reconsider its strategy. (NYT)

    Cyclone Winston kills 20, wreaks havoc on Fiji. (DW)

    ISIS claims bomb strikes that killed 129 in Syria. (Al Jazeera)

    Former NSA chief backs Apple over ‘back doors.’ (USA Today)

    Sen. Claire McCaskill says she has breast cancer. (Washington Post)



  1. china map

    China Levies Fines Over Use of ‘Wrong’ Map

    It’s hard to navigate geopolitics without an atlas. Travelers who carry maps — physical or online — that fail to highlight China as the center of the world, or Taiwan as part of the republic, could find themselves in no-man’s-land. The country is cracking down with hefty fines and, in some cases, legal charges, against those who use or create maps that don’t align with its view of disputed territories, which some see as a sign that Chinese leaders are feeling nervous about maintaining authority.

  2. astronaut

    Record Number Apply for New Astronaut Vacancies

    There isn’t enough space. When NASA called for would-be astronauts in 1978 — the first year women were allowed — it received 8,000 applications. That record stood until now, when the latest round attracted more than 18,300 people who want to go to space on NASA’s dime. Following an 18-month review period, higher-ups will choose a handful for the 2017 class, who will then endure two years of training for a chance to blast off on one of the agency’s latest spacecraft or visit the International Space Station.

  3. checking phone

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Detects Nuisance Callers

    They’ll screen your calls. The tech giant’s smartphone is now equipped with Whitepages, a third-party service that provides U.S. caller ID and spam detection. The ever-growing database will also help users know who is dialing virtually every time their phone rings, even if the incoming call isn’t on their contacts list. Whitepages says it plans to expand to countries like Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, the U.K. and Canada, where they’re betting that folks who hate answering unknown calls will want their number.

  4. kesha

    Fans Call for Sony Boycott After Kesha Verdict

    The judge wasn’t in tune with her demands. The 28-year-old singer claims her producer at Sony Music, Dr. Luke, drugged and raped her a decade ago and has emotionally abused her since. She sought an injunction to let her record elsewhere, but a New York court ruled that Kesha can’t escape her six-album commitment, prompting 100,000-plus people to sign a petition calling for a Sony boycott. Kesha may file an amended injunction, and she’s just received $250,000 from Taylor Swift to help in her fight.

  5. Denny Hamlin

    Denny Hamlin Wins Daytona 500

    It couldn’t have been closer. The 11-year veteran pulled off the race’s tightest-ever victory to beat Martin Truex Jr. by just 0.01 seconds. It’s the 27th victory for the 35-year-old driver but his first at the historic speedway. Hamlin said he didn’t realize he’d won initially — understandable, given that it was by a margin of about 8 inches. But he’s now earned a title to match his confident nature, while a gracious Truex says he’ll be watching the final replay for the rest of his life.