The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. La Loche

    School Shooting in Canada Leaves Five Dead

    Two schools are on lockdown in northern Saskatchewan a province that borders the U.S. to the south. Prime Minister Justin Tradeau confirmed that five are dead and two others wounded. Police are not saying if there is an active shooter on the scene at La Loche Community School where multiple shots were reportedly fired. The school first reported the “emergency” on its Facebook page, asking people to stay until the situation is resolved and a nurse at a local health center confirmed that patients were suffering from gunshot wounds.

  2. stocks 14498362024 00f925704e k

    Global Markets Rally on Oil Price Boost, ECB Comments

    Following a rough start to the week, investors are ending it by celebrating oil’s return to $30 a barrel and the European Central Bank’s pledge to review its stimulus policies. European and American shares bounced back yesterday, and indexes worldwide reaped the benefit today, with Japan’s Nikkei index up nearly 6 percent. Investing legend and Princeton University economist Burton Malkiel tells OZY he’s not concerned by market volatility, and investors seem to agree: Shares closed sharply up in Europe, and the Dow jumped more than 200 points at the opening bell.

  3. syrian refugees

    Scores Die in Aegean Sea Shipwrecks

    They were trying to get to safety. At least 42 people drowned last night in two separate shipwrecks off Greek islands, both involving boats filled with migrants making a bid for a new life in Europe. Seventeen children were reported among the dead, joining the at least 100 people who have already drowned in the Aegean over the last three weeks. Emergency crews are still trawling for survivors — or remains — as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders meet in Berlin to discuss the ongoing crisis, which brought more than a million refugees to Europe in 2015.

  4. snow 4347283615 b0b3048932 o

    East Coast Bundles Up for ‘Historic’ Blizzard

    America is bracing for The Big Chill. Heavy snowfall is expected across more than a dozen states today, culminating in what some predict will be a “historic” dump on Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital could see a record-breaking 29 inches by the end of the weekend. Flights are already being canceled, along with some train services, and Washington’s Metro subway system has been shut for the weekend. Drivers are being warned that travel will be “impossible” tomorrow through the “absolute mess” of the mid-Atlantic region.

  5. lido 15405513769 7a2c23f69e k

    Al-Shabab Wreaks Havoc on Mogadishu Beach

    They’ve drawn a line in the sand. Islamic militants launched a murderous attack last night at a hotel and restaurant along the popular Lido beach seafront in Somalia’s capital. Car bombs detonated and gunmen stormed the area, sparking an eight-hour battle against security forces. Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke condemned the “barbaric attack,” the latest in a long string by the al-Qaida-aligned group. Twenty are believed to have died, including eight attackers, but troops are still scouring the area, and it’s feared the death toll may rise.

  6. hillary clinton

    Clinton Expands Sanders Critique in Iowa

    She doesn’t think her rival is ready. OZY’s Nick Fouriezos, reporting from Iowa, says Hillary Clinton barely cracked a smile while criticizing rival Bernie Sanders at campaign stops yesterday. “Theory isn’t enough. A president has to deliver in reality,” Clinton warned, setting a campaign tone that’s a far cry from Obama’s winning “Hope” rhetoric. Even as her advantage slips in the Hawkeye State, supporters believe Clinton’s messages of pragmatic liberalism and promises to make “a real difference in your life” might just translate into passion in Iowa’s rowdy caucuses.


  1. david blatt

    Cavaliers Fire Coach David Blatt

    He couldn’t catch a break. The second year coach had Cleveland sitting atop the Eastern Conference after leading them to a near historic upset against the Warriors in last year’s NBA finals, but it wasn’t enough. With LeBron James reportedly wanting to be coached by a former player, the team elevated assistant Tyronn Lue with a three-year deal. General Manager David Griffin brushed aside talk that James was involved in the move, declaring, “I’m not taking a poll,” but other sources said the move was expected eventually just not in the middle of an otherwise impressive run.

  2. alps

    The Demise of European Skiing?

    It’s going downhill. For the last two years, resorts on the Continent have been suffering from a lack of December snow. Scientists point to global warming and warn that this will become commonplace in decades to come. That’s bad news for low-altitude resorts, which are predicted to face regular dry spells by 2050. Some are turning to warmer-weather activities, like paragliding, to draw tourists. But research shows that seasons are also shifting later in the year, so Europeans may want to swap their Christmas ski trip for Easter on the slopes.

  3. aging 3826026924 d6ea06baab o

    Americans Are Making It to 100 Like Never Before

    They’re living to a ripe old age. The rate of Americans making it past their 100th birthday has jumped by 43 percent in a decade. Death rates for centenarian women dropped 14 percent, and 20 percent for men, between 2008 and 2014, which means that folks with the greatest longevity are also sticking around longer. But their chances of developing Alzheimer’s also increased — from 3.8 to 8.5 percent — making the brain disease the second leading cause of death, after heart disease, for those over 100.

  4. jamie dimon

    JPMorgan Gives CEO 35 Percent Raise

    He’s rolling in it. Jamie Dimon has seen his 2015 compensation jump to $27 million following a record year and fourth-quarter earnings that beat expectations. Thanks to a board endorsement, the CEO enjoyed a whopping 35 percent increase, including $5 million in cash bonuses. But only $1.5 million is guaranteed salary: The bulk of his compensation is in shares, with its value based on expected performance through 2018. This means the 59-year-old has plenty of incentive to keep his colleagues laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. cat

    ‘Cats’ Set for Broadway Revival This Summer

    Maybe they really do have nine lives. The smash hit, which has been absent from Broadway for 16 years after an initial 18-year run, has booked the Neil Simon Theatre for its comeback. Producers say the beloved musical about the lives of alley cats, based on T.S. Eliot’s poetry, will become the third Andrew Lloyd Webber musical running on Broadway — alongside the classic Phantom of the Opera and the popular new School of Rock — when previews begin on July 14 ahead of an official Aug. 2 debut.

  6. marijuana growing

    Ex-NBA Star Cliff Robinson Opens Pot Business

    He’s got a new joint. The former All-Star power forward is launching a marijuana growing operation in Portland, Oregon, where he spent eight seasons with the Trail Blazers and where the drug is now legal. The 49-year-old was suspended twice during his career for using pot, but said he wants to dispel negative notions about cannabis. Robinson’s named his venture “Uncle Spliffy” — a play on his nickname, Uncle Cliffy — and plans to begin selling to local dispensaries before the end of this year.