The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. guzman 19437624579 ff67016c54 o 2

    Mexican Authorities Recapture ’El Chapo’

    They got him. So tweeted President Enrique Pena Nieto today about the re-capture of the drug kingpin. Six months after Joaquin Guzman’s embarrassing escape through tunnels under the showers of a maximum-security prison, he’s back behind bars. The arrest in his coastal home state of Sinaloa was spearheaded by the Mexican Navy, considered less corruptible than police and taking a bigger role in Mexico’s war on drugs. Five of Guzman’s alleged accomplices died in the incident. Nieto said the arrest should reassure citizens but it’s still likely the U.S. will seek El Chapo’s extradition.

  2. Ted Cruz

    Iraqi Refugees Charged With Terror-Related Offenses

    This could fuel the anti-refugee fire. After two Iraqi-born U.S. residents were arrested for alleged connections to terrorist groups, GOP candidate Ted Cruz lit into President Obama for his “utterly indefensible” proposal to welcome Syrian refugees into the country. Though the suspects immigrated before Syria’s civil war began, Cruz wants to bar asylum-seekers from any country with a significant terrorist presence. He called on conservative leaders to back his proposals, saying all refugees already in the U.S. need to be re-vetted — for everyone’s safety.

  3. belgian flag

    Brussels Apartment Linked to Paris Attacks

    Were November’s bombings planned there? Belgian authorities revealed today that the apartment raided by police on Dec. 10 was rented under a false name, and may have been used for making explosive devices by those who planned or abetted the Paris terror attacks. Police have discovered a fingerprint there belonging to suspect Salah Abdeslam, the brother of one of the attackers. They hope the clue, along with testimony from some of the 10 people they’ve arrested in connection with the Nov. 13 massacre, could lead them to the fugitive himself.

  4. Obama townhall

    Obama Gets Defensive in Town Hall About Guns

    Everyone was taking aim. The president appeared visibly uncomfortable during CNN’s town hall on gun issues, with the first several questions coming from Second Amendment activists who challenged his recent executive orders on firearms. But he earned some cheers and even got feisty with moderator Anderson Cooper over what the president called a baseless “conspiracy” that he wants to take away people’s guns, comparing his plans to car safety seatbelt laws. A new poll says Obama’s proposals have broad support, though legal challenges are expected to his executive action.

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    Chinese Markets Bounce Back Somewhat

    It’s been a rough week. Shares plunged, markets were shuttered, and China’s instability sent exchanges in Europe and the U.S. reeling. But state-directed spending to stabilize the system appears to have worked: The Shanghai Composite climbed 1.97 percent Friday after yesterday’s 7-point drop in half an hour sent the markets into an early close. Though many worry about investor confidence, stocks around the world are expected to even out somewhat after a dismal week — the worst start to the year that Chinese and American markets have ever seen.

  6. Cologne Police Chief Relieved of Duties, U.S. Jobs Report Glows

    Cologne’s police chief suspended in wake of New Year’s assaults. (DW)

    U.S. jobs report a beacon of hope amid China’s downturn. (USA Today)

    ISIS militant kills his own mother in Raqqa. (BBC)

    U.S. urges China to rein in North Korea. (NYT)

    ISIS affiliate claims responsibility for suicide attack in Libya. (AP)

    Maine’s Republican governor criticized for racially charged language. (CNN)

    Lost U.S. missile resurfaces in Cuba. (WSJ) sub

    Bushfire destroys remote Australian town. (Time)


  1. aging 3826026924 d6ea06baab o

    Can Silicon Valley Cure Aging?

    Want to be a 1,000-year-old grandpa? Some Silicon Valley prognosticators are pondering the controversial question of whether we have a right to not get old. No, we’re not talking euthanasia — and the answer depends on how doctors, lawyers and philosophers define aging. But a few unorthodox futurists in the tech mecca think we should treat aging as a disease, like malaria or cancer. Some even think we have the right to preventative care to keep aging at bay, which could unleash a torrent of sci-fi worthy treatments.

  2. jeff bewkes

    Time Warner Extends CEO Jeff Bewkes to 2020

    They couldn’t cut the cord. The cable industry may be shifting but Time Warner couldn’t deny the bottom line: Stock prices have increased 162 percent since the 63-year-old took the reins in 2009, earning him a three-year extension on his contract. Bewkes has helped steer the media giant toward new platforms aimed at long-term security, highlighted by the launch of HBO GO, the premium network’s popular streaming service. Investors appear to like the move as well, with stocks jumping $1.63 to close at $70.25 a share.

  3. allergies

    Neanderthals May Be to Blame for Your Allergies

    This is something to sneeze at. Interspecies sex with early humans gave us genes that bolstered our immunity — but they may also boost susceptibility to allergies. Researchers have discovered genes from Neanderthals and Denisovans that they believe affect “innate immunity,” which helped early humans survive the new diseases they encountered as they migrated around the world. But those same genes also make modern immune systems go haywire in response to pollen and animal hair, and scientists are investigating whether they still help us ward off pathogens today.

  4. beyonce

    Beyoncé to Join Super Bowl Halftime Show

    They put a ring on it. The superstar songstress joins rockers Coldplay to provide the musical entertainment during the year’s biggest sporting spectacle on Feb. 7. It’s a quick return for Beyoncé, 34, who headlined the show back in 2013. She’s expected to appear in a more limited capacity this time, probably joining in on “Hymn for the Weekend,” a song she performed with the band on their new album. But even in an extended cameo role, her appearance is expected to provide a major boost for the event.

  5. Brett Favre

    Brett Favre Leads Hall of Fame Nominees

    He’s used to leading the pack. The former Green Bay quarterback is a virtual lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, leading a group of 15 finalists announced Thursday. He’s joined by fellow first-time nominee Terrell Owens, who defined the wide receiver position for a number of years, most prominently with the 49ers. They’ll compete with five returning finalists from last year — and newcomers like Alan Faneca — for the five available spots to be filled by committee voters on Feb. 6 in San Francisco.