The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. planned parenthood

    Three Killed in Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting

    Three people, including a police officer, are dead following the attack in Colorado Springs. A single gunman wearing hunting gear barricaded himself inside the clinic before being detained, according to Mayor John Suthers. Four other officers were injured and 9 people taken to hospitals with injuries. The incident began when the unidenfified individual opened fire near the clinic Friday morning. Local residents were on lockdown as at least seven police cars and several SWAT officers arrived on the scene. It’s still unclear if the Planned Parenthood center was the target of the attack.

  2. paris 8973767139 03080324e7 o

    France Holds National Memorial for Terror Victims

    The City of Light has gone quiet. A thousand people gathered in Paris this morning to honor those killed on Nov. 13 with a national memorial service that included a minute of silence. The names of the 130 victims were read out, followed by a 20-minute address by President Francois Hollande. Meanwhile, France has forged an agreement with Russia to share military and terrorism-related intelligence in Syria, with Hollande and Putin setting aside their differences over Assad in a bid to quash ISIS.

  3. kremlin 17351247668 fd122b8cf8 k

    Russia Prepares to Sever Economic Ties with Ankara

    The hatchet is far from buried. Moscow is still bristling over Turkey downing a Russian fighter this week. Not only is Putin deploying anti-aircraft missiles to Syria to strike anyone targeting Russia’s planes, he’s now considering cutting economic links between the nations, possibly including a multibillion-dollar gas pipeline deal. Putin maintains the U.S. was aware of the Russian plane’s flight path and labeled the incident an act of betrayal, and Erdogan refuses to apologize. The ongoing spat is bound to hinder plans for expanding the anti-ISIS coalition.

  4. navy 16107139350 142ac6cc95 h

    China Sets Sights on Djibouti Military Outpost

    They’re looking way beyond the South China Sea. Beijing has announced that it’s reorganizing its military to wield more international power with plans for its first military outpost overseas. Xi Jinping characterized it as building a “strong military that corresponds to our country’s international stature.” Breaking from its traditional focus on defending China’s borders, this new installation in the East African nation — which will take years to implement — will be used to resupply Chinese naval vessels involved in anti-piracy missions and could help China become a global maritime power.

  5. shopper 4151450593 8329f53498 o

    Shoppers Look to Beat Black Friday Rush

    So much for that post-turkey nap. Many American retailers opened on Thanksgiving to welcome the bargain-obsessed masses — and even couch potatoes managed to rack up $1 billion in online sales. Analysts have a keen eye on figures between Thursday and Sunday, which they hope will indicate the direction of holiday shopping. In the U.K., Black Friday sales got off to a slow start. But in the U.S., where 136 million shoppers are expected to hit stores this weekend, many decided not to snooze and lose.


  1. blackhole jet

    Scientists Observe Black Hole Swallowing Star

    Seeing is believing. For the first time ever, a team of astrophysicists has witnessed a supermassive black hole consuming a “very unlucky star” that succumbed to its gravitational pull. Over several months, they documented the destruction of the star, comparable in size to our sun, culminating in a jet of plasma erupting from the black hole at nearly the speed of light. Previously, scientists merely speculated about such bursts, but project lead Sjoert van Velzen hopes this will help improve our understanding of the universe’s darkest voids.

  2. hospital room

    Malaysia Is Becoming the New Medical Tourism Hotspot

    For some, it’s the last option on the (operating) table. Travelers are converging on this Southeast Asian nation — which has attracted English-speaking doctors with its bargain-basement property prices — to get life-saving and life-improving operations for a fraction of the price … with flights included. While international law could make malpractice suits difficult to navigate, Malaysia’s Ministry of Health is working hard to encourage medical tourists, keeping hospitals’ infrastructure up-to-date and awaiting the day when more health insurance plans cover international procedures.

  3. pi zero

    $5 Computer Pi Zero Hits the Market

    Have they broken the code for nurturing future programmers? Welsh technology company Raspberry Pi has unveiled its new Zero computer for less than the cost of a latte. This tiny piece of equipment — half the size of a credit card — offers a circuit board, processor, half a gigabyte of memory, Mini HDMI port and MicroSD slot. Google’s CEO hailed it “the very definition of inclusive technology,” and its designers hope it’ll be an affordable entry point for the innovative engineers of tomorrow to learn about coding.

  4. good time charlie

    Skye Terrier Wins National Dog Show

    He’s a very good boy. Charlie beat six favored breeds to win the 14th annual event. While his big ears and floppy hair appeared almost comical next to the 1,700 other competing canines, this hound was all business, impressing the judges and taking home his 79th career “Best in Show” victory and a $4,000 cash prize. Considered the “Golden Globes of dog shows,” an estimated 20 million watched the two-hour event on NBC yesterday, proving that it’s becoming a viable entertainment alternative to Thanksgiving Day parades, football and holiday flicks.

  5. Tony Romo

    Tony Romo Suffers Another Collarbone Injury

    What a pain in the neck. The 35-year-old Cowboys quarterback is likely done for the season after reinjuring his left collarbone. During yesterday’s 33-14 trouncing by the Carolina Panthers, Romo — in only his second game back after missing seven weeks — was sacked on a routine play. He landed on the same collarbone he’d broken twice before, instantly grimacing with pain. Romo will be evaluated today, but with Dallas struggling at 3-8, sources say it’s unlikely he’ll return for what would be a largely symbolic effort.