The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. airplane

    US Issues Global Travel Alert Following Terror Attacks

    The skies aren’t looking so friendly. With millions of Americans preparing to make journeys for Thanksgiving this week, the U.S. State Department has issued a rare global travel alert. Citing deadly attacks on three continents, and naming ISIS, al-Qaida and Boko Haram by name, officials have instructed Americans to be wary while traveling. Though it doesn’t mention any specific plans of attack, the alert — which expires Feb. 24 — warns that terrorists are looking to use a variety of tactics, including conventional and nonconventional weapons.

  2. brussels 4981762893 b514151e0f o

    Belgian Authorities Arrest 16, One Charged

    Prosecutors say one man’s been charged in the Paris attacks after anti-terror raids in Belgium’s capital this weekend netted 16 arrests — but suspected Paris gunman Salah Abdeslam remains on the run. Officials say the threat is beyond that of a single terrorist and are warning of possible multiple-venue attacks, keeping universities, schools and subways closed as a precaution. A French aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean began launching airstrikes on militants today, while President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron meet in Paris to discuss anti-ISIS strategy and burials begin for the victims of the Paris attacks.

  3. arg 9723378669 3da56609d6 k

    Argentina Elects Conservative Mauricio Macri as President

    What a comeback. After losing October’s election to Daniel Scioli — who didn’t get enough ballots to win — Macri has emerged victorious from Sunday’s run-off. He secured 51.4 percent of the vote, compared to Scioli’s 48.5 percent, making this the first win for Argentina’s center-right opposition in over a decade, and a real blow to the long-ruling Peronists. But Macri’s narrow margin of victory reflects deep divisions over the economy, which he’s expected to reform after campaigning against the outgoing president’s protectionist financial policies.

  4. 2015 white house astronomy night by harrison jones 06 (cropped)

    Ahmed Mohamed Seeks Millions Over Clock Debacle

    He wants compensation for damage to his reputation. After 14-year-old Mohamed was arrested at school for bringing in a homemade clock that was mistaken for a bomb, his plight became a national news story. “If Ahmed’s clock were ‘Jennifer’s clock’ … this would never have happened,” according to the letter sent by his lawyers to his school and the city of Irving, Texas. Mohamed’s family, which has since relocated to Qatar, is asking for $5 million from the school and $10 million from the city, who have 60 days to comply before any lawsuits are filed.

  5. prescription medicine

    Pfizer, Allergan Seal $160 Billion ‘Reverse Merger’

    There will be side effects. The deal between the American pharmaceutical giant and Irish Botox-maker Allergan is set to create the world’s largest drug manufacturer. Pfizer will relocate its headquarters to Dublin, effectively halving its tax rate to 12.5 percent in an inversion acquisition, with the smaller firm absorbing the bigger one while using the American label. Pfizer Chief Executive Ian Read — who has long held that U.S. tax policy puts companies at a disadvantage globally — will head the new venture, and Allergan CEO Brent Saunders will serve as deputy.

  6. new orleans 4880425260 f038f8fa54 o

    New Orleans Park Shooting Injures 16

    They apparently tried to settle their differences with a crowd in their midst. As hundreds gathered at Bunny Friend Park in the Upper Ninth Ward yesterday for an impromptu music video filming, two groups in the crowd opened fire against one another, injuring 16. Police were already en route to break up the gathering, so they were on the scene almost immediately. Ambulances quickly ferried victims to hospitals, where all are listed in stable condition. Police are now searching for suspects, with witnesses saying at least two men fired into the crowd.

  7. Trump Toughens Stance, Germany Bids Farewell to Helmut Schmidt

    Donald Trump vows to restore waterboarding for terror suspects. (FT) sub

    Germany says final farewell to former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. (DW)

    U.K. army to develop rapid-strike brigades by 2025. (BBC)

    Five girls seek entry into Boy Scouts. (NYT)

    San Diego’s northern white rhino dies, only three remain worldwide. (CNN)

    Two charged in Nov. 10 murder of pastor’s wife. (ABC)


  1. bathtub

    King of Sweden Suggests Bath Moratorium

    He wants to send us all to the showers. King Carl XVI Gustaf says we should consider banning bathtubs to save the planet. The idea came to him when he stayed somewhere that didn’t have a shower, forcing him to bathe. He says giving up baths — because they use more water than short showers — would make people consider their water and energy use. Having reduced his meat intake and switched to a hybrid car, Sweden’s king is clearly looking to make a splash at next week’s Paris climate talks.

  2. brown bear

    Brown Bears Make a Comeback in Spain

    They’re clawing their way back to a stable population, thanks to conservation efforts aimed at keeping Europe’s large carnivores from extinction. But decades with a reduced population have left residents unprepared to deal with the influx of Ursus arctos, who tend to damage beehives and orchards when there aren’t enough nuts and berries to sustain them. Conservationists hope a rising bear population will appeal to animal lovers and revitalize rural Spain’s ecotourism — but others warn that more tourists and cars wouldn’t exactly be good for the bears.

  3. strayer 16938939309 5248d316cf k

    Fiat Chrysler Extends Employees’ Free Tuition Program

    They’re treating them like family. Since spring, the automotive giant has covered college fees at Strayer University for workers in the Southeast. But now it’s expanding this program to all 118,000 part- and full-time employees nationwide, as well as their spouses and children. This perk, clearly aimed at retaining staff, is good for enrollment in associate, bachelor’s or master’s programs. Those who have worked at least 30 days at dealerships that have opted into the plan can now take free classes online or at one of Strayer’s 78 campuses.

  4. lost in space robot

    ‘Lost in Space’ to Get Netflix Reboot

    Will they colonize the cosmos? The streaming giant, known for reviving beloved movies and cult shows like Wet Hot American Summer and Gilmore Girls, has acquired the 1965 classic Lost in Space. The futuristic Irwin Allen series followed the lives of the family Robinson adrift in the void and having alien adventures. Writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless will pen the reboot. Neil Marshall, who has helmed Game of Thrones episodes and horror flick The Descent, is set to direct, but there’s no word yet on the galactic cast.

  5. Stephen Curry

    Warriors Tie NBA’s Best Start

    They’re planning a sweet 16. After thumping the Denver Nuggets 118-105, the reigning champs have matched the 1993-94 Houston Rockets and 1948-49 Washington Capitols with a 15-0 start. Despite winning the NBA Finals last summer, MVP Stephen Curry and his teammates began the season amid some doubts, especially after coach Steve Kerr was sidelined by back surgery. But with the schedule bringing the 2-11 Los Angeles Lakers to Oakland Tuesday night, it’s looking likely that Golden State will capture the 16-0 record outright.