The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. paris 22994892566 c8653003ef k

    France Warns of Chemical Attacks, Raids Underway in Brussels

    Today Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned parliament, during a debate over extending the state of emergency by three months, that France could face chemical or biological terror attacks. In Paris, investigators have confirmed that alleged mastermind Abdel­hamid Abaaoud died in yesterday’s raid in Saint-Denis. Nine new raids, meanwhile, were conducted this morning in Brussels, where authorities arrested nine people, including several associates of one of the bombers. And Italy, acting on U.S. intelligence, is searching for five militants suspected of plotting another attack.

  2. jared fogle

    Jared Fogle Sentenced to 15 Years Prison Time

    The judge didn’t want to hear his excuses. Though prosecutors were seeking about 12 years for Fogle, who pleaded guilty to charges of receiving child pornography and having sex with minors, Judge Tanya Walton Pratt gave the former Subway pitchman 15 years and 8 months. Before the sentencing Fogle apologized and promised to live a crime-free life in the future. Now the Bureau of Prisons will have to decide at which prison Fogle will be serving his time.

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    Obama: I’d Veto ‘Impractical’ GOP Refugee Bill

    It won’t fly. That’s the president’s message even as the House of Representatives passed a resolution to block resettlement plans for 10,000 Syrians over the next year. The legislation requires every individual seeking asylum to be personally certified by the heads of National Intelligence, Homeland Security and the FBI. Speaker Paul Ryan calls it “common sense,” but the White House says it’s “untenable” and would hurt efforts to help some of the world’s “most vulnerable people.” The Senate will take up the bill next month — but either way, Obama has vowed to veto it.

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    Police Use Water Cannon on APEC Protesters

    They’re pouring cold water on dissent. Authorities targeted hundreds of human rights and pro-labor demonstrators at the annual APEC summit in Manila today, forcing them to disperse with blasts from water cannon. The protesters oppose what they see as a “coalition of oppressors” taking advantage of developing countries to benefit themselves. Meanwhile, security concerns following the Paris attacks and regional strife over China’s island-building in the South China Sea have eclipsed the talks. Today leaders concluded the summit with a declaration calling for greater anti-terror cooperation worldwide.

  5. janet yellen

    Fed Signals Potential December Rate Hike

    Quick, buy that house! The minutes of the Federal Reserve’s October meeting show an increase in members who believe it’s time, or nearly time, to hike up interest rates. The account of the meeting includes an explicit warning that the majority now feel “it may well become appropriate” to raise rates in December. If the economy stays robust — and a strong October jobs report indicates that it may — Fed Chair Janet Yellen could soon begin gradually lifting rates above near-zero for the first time since 2006.

  6. ISIS Claims to Kill Two Hostages, Threatens to Target NYC

    ISIS militants claim to have killed Norwegian and Chinese hostages. (BBC)

    Jihadis release video threatening to attack New York City. (USA Today)

    Startup Square scales back valuation by $3 billion for IPO. (NYT)

    Sweden follows Denmark and Norway in raising threat level. (DW)

    Antibiotic defense for serious illnesses under threat. (The Guardian)

    Donald Trump open to requiring U.S. Muslims to carry special identification. (The Hill)

    Sweden raises terror alert to ‘high’ for first time. (The Local)


  1. passport control

    What Would New Border Controls Cost Europe?

    They’re being driven up the wall. Following last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, some European leaders are proposing that they reinstate border controls in the Schengen Area, a bloc of 26 countries that have practically eliminated the need to carry a passport when traveling across the Continent. Though several nations have closed specific borders in response to the refugee crisis, talk of formally closing the rest — which may not even make anyone safer — could impose a financial burden on a region whose economy is already struggling to climb.

  2. Sean Rad

    Tinder CEO Slammed for Pre-IPO Interview

    Folks are swiping left. Sean Rad’s latest interview offered an array of baffling comments, from disclosing that he’s “only” slept with 20 women to badmouthing a female journalist who critiqued his company. He also blamed feminism for promiscuity and confused the definition of “sodomy.” It was so bad that parent company Match Group has publicly distanced itself from the 29-year-old’s views, fearing that a backlash could hurt its big IPO day today, when it plans to sell about 33 million shares for $12 to $14 each.

  3. astronaut

    Congress Approves Commercial Space Exploration

    It is the final frontier, after all. The Space Act of 2015, which Congress approved this week, would allow private companies — many of whom are already working on space tourism vehicles or contracts for national space agencies — to profit from missions to explore and collect space materials. The act also gives private-sector firms eight years to innovate without regulatory oversight. This could unearth a whole new world of asteroid mining and an entirely new industry for economic growth, provided President Obama signs the bill into law as expected.

  4. carly simon

    Carly Simon Reveals Subject of ‘You’re So Vain’

    Now everyone can think this 1972 chart-topper is about them, thanks to Simon (partially) resolving one of the longest-standing mysteries in music. While her ex-boyfriend Warren Beatty has publicly asserted that he’s the subject of the whole tune — including lyrics like “you had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte” — Simon says that only the second verse is really about the Hollywood star. The rest of the lyrics relate to two other men … and she’s not naming names anytime soon.

  5. Kevin McHale

    Rockets Fire Coach Kevin McHale

    Six months ago he was at the top of his game, taking Houston to its first Western Conference finals in 18 years. This season they were expected to contend for the championship but instead, at 5-7, they’re stuck near the bottom of a highly competitive conference. They’ve only played 12 of 82 games, but that was enough for GM Daryl Morey to dismiss the 57-year-old Celtics legend for reportedly losing his players’ trust. Assistant J.B. Bickerstaff takes over from McHale — who has already netted offers from Boston and Dallas.