The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Boehner and Obama

    White House and Congress Near Budget Deal

    They’re playing nice. The often disparate parties came together in principle on a budget agreement that lifts the debt ceiling through early 2017 and raises defense and domestic spending by $80 billion over the next two years, offset by Medicare premium increases and sales of strategic oil reserves. If both sides can seal the deal it would avoid a potential debt default on November 2nd and subsequent government shutdown on December 11. A vote is likely to come by Wednesday, the same day that Rep. Paul Ryan is expected to be ushered in as the next Republican nominee House Speaker.

  2. Debris of buildings and panicked Pakistani residents are seen in the streets following a massive earthquake in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Source: Getty

    Massive Quake Strikes South Asia, Killing Hundreds

    Death tolls are mounting today after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake killed at least 214 in Pakistan and 52 in Afghanistan. Buildings in Kabul, New Delhi and Islamabad were evacuated, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered an urgent assessment of the damage. At least 12 of the casualties were pupils from a girl’s school in Afganistan’s Takhar province. Buildings have reportedly collapsed, and communications are down in some areas, raising fears about the extent of the temblor’s devastation and the number of its victims.

  3. sausages 3401001870 7b2ff4c307 o

    WHO: Processed Meats Are Carcinogenic

    This gives a whole new meaning to the term “dead meat.” The World Health Organization is warning folks that eating just 50g of processed meat each day — bacon, ham or sausages — boosts chances of developing colon cancer by 18 percent. It also says there’s limited evidence that red meat may increase such risks but acknowledges that it can be a helpful source of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 when eaten in moderation. Experts aren’t looking to scare us away from meat, but rather to promote a healthier diet overall.

  4. oil 3437613067 19c05a3c3a o

    US Firms Warn of Slowing Economy

    Is industry in recession? Big American companies warn they’re making cutbacks to adjust for sluggish profits and revenue for the first time since the economic crisis. Low energy prices are hurting the oil drilling and supply trade, China’s economy seems to be suffering and a strong U.S. dollar is impacting exports. While there are still glimmers of hope — aerospace and technology — major manufacturers warn that production and sales are grinding down, leading to potential lay-offs and increasing pressure on the Federal Reserve to hold interest rates steady.

  5. poland 14594622245 50a47e4fb5 k

    Polish Conservatives Claim Decisive Win

    And after all that work to throw off one-party rule. If exit polls are confirmed, the right-wing Law and Justice party won Poland’s parliamentary election yesterday by enough of a margin to rule without a coalition — a feat no group has managed since democracy was restored in 1989. Drawing support mainly from rural communities with promises of pushing migrants out and easing tax burdens for the poor, the euroskeptic party chaired by Jaroslaw Kaczynski has claimed victory, with his less-bombastic deputy, Beata Szydlo, set to become prime minister.

  6. vancouver 9562388001 03b83d6c3e k

    Whale-Watching Boat Sinks Off Canadian Coast, Killing 5

    Adventurers met with disaster off the shores of Vancouver Island yesterday. A tour vessel from Tofino, British Columbia, sank, killing five Britons and leaving 18 other people hospitalized. Water taxis from nearby Ahousat First Nation were the first to see distress flares from the 66-foot Leviathan II and helped transport survivors to shore. Search teams reported seeing the boat’s bow sticking up nearly 15 feet out of the water. With one passenger still unaccounted for, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are set to resume the search today.

  7. argentina 3642974364 8728afab4a o

    Argentina’s Presidential Election Heads for Run-Off

    Don’t cry for either one yet. The election was expected to be an easy win for liberal candidate Daniel Scioli, thanks to his promises of tax cuts for the poor. But with the majority of the votes now counted, he’s ahead with just 36.7 percent, compared to conservative Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri’s 34.5 percent, and far shy of the 45 percent needed to claim victory. So the country returns for Round Two on Nov. 22 to see which man will succeed two-term leader Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.


  1. Russian Submarine

    Russian Subs Are Patrolling Near Internet Cables

    Will they try to pull the plug? Russian submarines have been spotted on patrol near remote underwater data cables in the North Sea, Northeast Asia and along the American coast that provide Internet connections to nations around the world. Cutting the cables would not only disrupt browsing, but would severely damage economies that have become increasingly reliant on Web commerce. Putin’s boats might have just been looking for submerged U.S. military cables, but analysts say the posturing shows how easily online security can become a diplomatic hot potato.

  2. Prison Cell

    Prison Sentences Shorten But Racial Disparities Persist

    They need to raise the bar. Criminals in the U.S. may be spending less time in federal cells, but racial discrepancies have actually grown. A new study shows that white offenders have been getting shorter sentences than African-Americans ever since the Supreme Court gave judges more autonomy in 2005. The differences are largest for minor crimes involving weapons: Black offenders are being sentenced to about 1.5 years more than white ones. Reform advocates say officials need clearer guidelines to ensure that race doesn’t determine who does the most time.

  3. ather electric scooter 2 copy

    Will Asians Adopt Electric Scooters?

    He’s looking to take Asia for a ride. Tarun Mehta hopes to become the two-wheeler version of Elon Musk, and he’s peddling a clean-fuel, electric vehicle. Scooters are big business in India and China, and entrepreneurs like Mehta are hoping to capture elite consumers with varieties that outperform Vespas on design. While it’s an uphill climb, 25-year-old Mehta already has $13 million in startup funding, and he’s looking to help clean up air pollution in cities like Beijing and New Delhi by appealing to the Tesla market.

  4. george clooney

    George Clooney Could Helm Coen Project

    O Clooney, where art thou? Behind the camera, if rumors are true. The 54-year-old is reportedly in talks to direct a new Coen brothers film noir. Suburbicon, which has been floated as a Clooney project for the past decade, would also be the latest in a line of films that the famous fraternal team would merely write, but not direct. If Clooney’s shot at the dark cinematic style pays off, he could score his first directorial coup since 2005’s Good Night and Good Luck.

  5. flip saunders

    Minnesota Coach Flip Saunders Dies at Age 60

    “Forever in my heart.” That was the touching tribute from center Kevin Garnett after the death of his mentor. The president and coach of the Timberwolves, who netted over 1,000 victories during a 35-year career, announced in August that he had Hodgkins lymphoma, receiving an “overwhelming” outpouring of support. While the NBA tips off a new season tomorrow, for many the mood is somber at the loss of a man who shepherded scores of players to greatness. Saunders will be remembered as one of the kindest coaches in the league.