The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. hurricane

    Hurricane Patricia Reaches Mexican Coast

    It’s here. The strongest ever recorded storm in the Western Hemisphere made landfall with winds of 165mph on coast of southwestern Mexico near Cuixmala. Shortly after reaching the coast it was downgraded to a Category 4 but remained “extremely dangerous.” Businesses in Puerto Vallarta battened down the hatches while thousands of residents and tourists evacuated in advance. Authorities fear the storm could devastate the Sierra Madres and even cross the Gulf of Mexico into the U.S. if it doesn’t lose steam. Emergency personnel are stationed along the coast helping shelter people who wren’t able to evacuate in time.

  2. Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Defends Herself for Hours on Benghazi

    The former secretary of state endured 11 hours of grilling by the House Benghazi committee yesterday. Republicans have accused Clinton of failing to answer calls for increased diplomatic security in Libya prior to the 2012 attack that led to the deaths of four Americans. But the Democratic front-runner dismissed suggestions that she didn’t do enough to protect the mission. Many Democrats, and a few Republicans, have branded the inquiry — which is expected to issue a report — a partisan effort to destabilize Clinton, and some say her composure was nothing short of presidential.

  3. lincoln chafee

    Lincoln Chafee Bows Out of Presidential Race

    He was a long shot anyway. ”I would like to take this opportunity one last time to advocate for a chance be given to peace,” the former Rhode Island governor said in a speech in Washington, formally ending his campaign even before the first caucuses. Chafee was never considered a strong contender — he failed to get much traction with voters — but his departure leaves just three candidates in the race: Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley  and Hillary Clinton, who will all make their pitches to Iowa’s influential Democrats at a formal dinner Saturday.

  4. planes flag4377862742 5cba1c0a8c o

    American Leaders Debate Best Move in Syria

    Some of Obama’s colleagues want U.S. military personnel to establish no-fly zones over Syria to protect civilians from a war that has sent millions fleeing for Europe. They’re seeking a firm American approach to both stem the flow of refugees and respond to Russia’s interference on Assad’s behalf. Obama has publicly rejected a no-fly zone, and many say the cost would be exorbitant … but the fact that the White House is debating it shows there’s mounting pressure to find a solution for Syria.

  5. ryan airpor t8068726602 61694d6103 k

    Paul Ryan Says He Will Run for Speaker

    The reluctant Wisconsin congressman has answered the GOP’s call for help, confirming that he will run for speaker of the House. Ryan, 45, previously said he’d only run as a “unity candidate” endorsed by all three major Republican House factions. Having gained the backing of the Tuesday Group and Republican Study Committee, as well as a supermajority of the hard-line Freedom Caucus, Ryan told colleagues that he’s ready to lead a “united team.” He’s expected to be nominated Oct. 28 before a full House vote the following day.

  6. microsoft 2673083238 722950a905 o

    Microsoft Beats Forecasts, Stock Hits 15-Year High

    It’s finding windows of opportunity. The software giant enjoyed an 8.3 percent climb during after-hours trading, rising to $52 on news of better-than-expected quarterly revenue and its first-ever profit in search. This, combined with growing demand for cloud products, sent shares skyward to their highest point since 2000. CEO Satya Nadella has been shifting the company’s focus to software and cloud services as Windows demand wanes amid a weak PC market, and analysts say the boost is a sign that his strategy is working.


  1. Royals

    Royals Return to the World Series 

    And now there are two. Kansas City needed all nine innings, and overcame a lengthy rain delay, to put down a revitalized Toronto squad 4-3. With victory, the Royals secured the pennant before their hometown fans at Kauffman Stadium in the penultimate sixth game of the American League Championship Series. The World Series is now set to begin, with the Royals hosting the New York Mets in their opening salvo on Tuesday. It’s the second straight appearance for Kansas City, who will try to avenge their seven game heartbreaker of a loss to the San Francisco Giants last year.


  2. pills 2689975613 23e4b90e6a o

    Price-Raising Daraprim Maker Gets a Thrifty Rival

    This is easier to swallow. Imprimis Pharmaceuticals has announced that it will sell an alternative to Daraprim for less than $1 a pill. The San Diego company’s move comes in the wake of Turing Pharmaceuticals hiking the price of the toxoplasmosis drug — relied upon by AIDS patients and others with compromised immune systems — from $13.50 to $750 per pill last month. Imprimis CEO Mark Baum says he was inspired by the controversy and that his firm will soon roll out affordable versions of 7,800 generic drugs.

  3. san francisco

    Airbnb Walks Back on Controversial Ads

    They saw the writing on the wall. The home-sharing app is pulling down bus stop posters in the Bay Area that addressed public services with passive-aggressive quips about the company’s big tax bill. Ads like “You know the $12 million in hotel taxes? Don’t spend it all in one place.” — part of a campaign against a San Francisco ballot initiative that would restrict landlords listing short-term rentals — caused an uproar on social media. Airbnb says it’s sorry for causing offense and will remove the ads “immediately.”

  4. fist

    Did Fighting Help Humans Evolve?

    They’re pulling no punches. University of Utah biologists experimenting on cadavers’ arms have found that they deliver twice as much force punching compared to slapping. The scientists believe that human fists evolved specifically to aid in hand-to-hand combat, as well as to manipulate tools. While these researchers think their findings pack a punch, most in the scientific community disagree. The majority believe our short fingers, small palms and flexible thumbs evolved by coincidence, for dexterity, and they’re coming out swinging at the suggestion that humans were born to fight.

  5. Rotimi Akinosho as 'Danny' on CBS' Battle Creek.

    Can Young Actor, Singer Hustle His Way to Stardom?

    Olurotimi Akinosho, aka Rotimi, acts alongside 50 Cent in the Starz series Power, opens for T.I. as a singer and used to perform in Jay Z’s living room. But can he chase glory as a musician while going for acting gold? As a Nigerian man, Rotimi, 26, says he’s “always thinking about five or six ways” to get ahead, while others fear he’ll drop the ball if he doesn’t specialize. But with Power’s third season, a new film and his Rotation EP out soon, Rotimi seems happy to juggle.

  6. Don Mattingly

    Don Mattingly Steps Down From Dodgers

    When the priciest team in baseball fails to win, someone has to pay. Despite taking Los Angeles to the playoffs, one of MLB’s most successful managers has walked away, citing frustration over fans’ unrealistic expectations. Both sides say it was mutual, and Dodgers exec Andrew Friedman even said that off-season talks began with the expectation that their skipper would stay at the helm. Several franchises are interested in scoring the newly freed manager, but Mattingly says he may hit the bench for a while before joining a new team.