The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Shines in First Democratic Debate

    She’s leaning in. Frontrunner HIllary Clinton was the clear winner at last night’s debate, which garnered a record 15.3 million viewers. Though many applauded Vermont senator Bernie Sanders for his performance — particularly the moment when he said the country was tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails” — the other three candidates melted into the background and Joe Biden never materialized. Meanwhile, Hillary rose above interparty swipes and went for charm and strength, two qualities that could help her beat back Sanders in the primary.

  2. syria 8210933651 da46c18968 o

    Syria Feels Chill of US and Russian Involvement

    Move over, Saudi Arabia and Iran: We may be on the brink of a new Cold War. That’s what some are speculating as Russian airstrikes in Syria on behalf of Assad’s troops are met by increasing deliveries of American anti-tank missiles and supplies to rebels. The support is boosting morale on both sides, giving each room for hope as they make military advances. But what could become a Middle Eastern proxy war between the superpowers is also upping tensions and violence in the region, making a political settlement unlikely.

  3. MH17 memorial

    The Netherlands Publishes MH17 Report

    The Dutch Safety Board released results of a 15-month international investigation today detailing why Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 fell apart over Ukraine last year, killing 298. The crash, it said, was caused by a Russian-made 9M38 Buk missile. The West has long insisted that pro-Russian separatists targeted the aircraft, and Russia has pointed blame in Ukraine’s direction. Today’s report did not pin blame, and it reassured victims’ families that passengers would’ve lost consciousness almost immediately. Russia, meanwhile, plans to issue its own report.

  4. confederate 5346075005 3dc97fa21c o

    Confederate Flag Wavers Face Terrorism Charges

    Are they whistling Dixie now? Fifteen supporters of the “Southern Cross” banner face terror charges, accused of making threats and violating an anti-street gang ordinance near Atlanta. In a July incident, captured on cellphone video, the white men in flag-covered pickups allegedly harassed a group of African-Americans at an outdoor party. The indictments, which landed the same day that hundreds marched in favor of replacing the Confederate battle emblem on Mississippi’s flag, could see the men jailed for up to 15 years on the gang charges alone.

  5. bud 507642542 84bd995786 o

    SABMiller Agrees to $104.2 Billion Buyout by AB InBev

    They’re brewing something big. The Grolsch and Peroni maker has agreed in principle to a $104.2 billion offer by Anheuser-Busch InBev that would combine the world’s two biggest beer manufacturers. The Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona giant has proposed to pay $68 a share — after four earlier offers were rejected — which sent London-based SABMiller stocks skyward by 9 percent this morning. If completed by Oct. 28 as expected, the combined firms will control 30 percent of the world’s beer market.

  6. Violence Strikes Israeli Bus, Iran Green-Lights Nuke Deal

    Violence erupts on Israeli bus in Jerusalem, killing one. (The Guardian)

    Iranian parliament approves nuclear deal. (BBC)

    Taliban say they’ve withdrawn from Kunduz. (NYT)

    Erdogan blames ISIS, Turkey blames Erdogan. (Newsweek)

    Playboy to stop publishing nude photos. (Boston Herald)

    Okinawa revokes permit for new U.S. base. (Washington Post)

    Twitter to lay off 8 percent of its work force. (NYT)


  1. prison

    Prison Architecture Gets an Upgrade

    The bars don’t have to break your spirit. San Diego’s Las Colinas Women’s Detention and Re-entry Facility is ditching the hard cell for something kinder: Open green spaces, community and an eye on freedom. Instead of punishing inmates with subhuman conditions, this jail aims to prepare them for life outside, and that means preserving mental health with architecture that allows for a bit of roaming. With more women than ever in prison, Las Colinas is managing to thrive — and it could be on the forefront of a trend toward kinder incarceration.

  2. sea level

    New Study Maps Future US Sea Levels

    Will Brooklyn become the next Atlantis? Nonprofit Climate Central has released maps — down to the zip code in detail — explaining the best and worst case scenarios for rising sea levels in American cities, depending on what steps are taken to reduce climate change. The worst case is soggy, with 1.6 million New York City residents seeing homes submerged, including prime real estate in Manhattan and Brooklyn. But researchers also say aggressive action could halve the number of people in danger of going underwater in generations to come.

  3. FireChat Texting

    App Keeps Texts Flowing When Networks Fail

    It wants to spread like wildfire … and save lives. FireChat, a free service that allows users to create mesh networks and send texts via Bluetooth or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi when they’re close enough together to establish a connection, is already a favorite among Burning Man attendees and Hong Kong protesters. Creator Open Garden has earned praise for helping dissidents circumvent government censorship. But its next big venture is teaming with Marikina — a city of 400,000 in the Philippines — to help residents stay connected during natural disasters.

  4. george r r martin

    George R.R. Martin’s Werewolf Tale Makes Leap to TV

    Cinemax is throwing itself to the wolves. The premium network, which has seen sister channel HBO reign on high with Game of Thrones, has ordered a pilot script based on a 1989 werewolf novella by the same author. The Skin Trade is about a private detective who finds herself embroiled in the fantasy world of mythical shape-shifters while investigating a series of brutal murders. But Martin says he won’t be sinking his teeth into the screen adaptation himself — he’ll be working on the next Thrones installment instead.

  5. England victory

    England Completes Undefeated Euro Qualifier

    You can’t argue with perfection. After a disappointing 2014 World Cup put his stewardship in question, manager Roy Hodgson easily guided his experimental mix of players through 10 qualifying rounds, culminating in a 3-0 win over Lithuania yesterday that saw rival manager Igoris Pankratjevas resign immediately afterward. Doubters will point to weak competition, but England’s results speak for themselves: 31 goals scored, only 3 conceded, and they’re just the sixth team in history to finish the Euro qualifiers undefeated. Their next test comes on Nov. 13, with a friendly against Spain.