The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. turkey 22071654406 0516f3658a k

    Erdogan Targets Separatists as Turkey Mourns

    Tensions are flaring. Reeling from the country’s deadliest-ever attack, Turks are mourning the scores killed in Saturday’s massacre at an Ankara peace rally by suspected ISIS suicide bombers. The government, meanwhile, has rejected a ceasefire offer from Kurdish separatists, responding today with airstrikes against PKK targets. As families bury loved ones, anger is mounting over both the security failures that led to the attack and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s crackdown on Kurds. This could hurt his AKP party — already struggling after an electoral loss this summer — in the November 1 snap election.

  2. putin 15796072832 ba7ac8895c o

    Putin Defends Syrian Airstrikes, Helping Assad

    I’m doing the right thing. So claims the Russian leader, who says he’s trying to “stabilize the legitimate government” in Syria to boost the prospects for a political settlement. But the Kremlin’s interference has upset regional powers Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both of whom, like Obama, want Assad gone. Putin said his airstrikes are targeting ISIS — critics say mostly Syrian rebels have borne the brunt — and that because militants were “at the edge of Damascus,” Russia has joined the fray to stop “terrorists” from taking over in Syria.

  3. julian assange

    Police No Longer Guarding Assange in London

    They’re changing tactics. After three years of 24-hour guard outside Julian Assange’s refuge at London’s Ecuadorian embassy, Scotland Yard has announced that it’s going to try something different. Assange has been ordered to face sex crimes charges in Sweden — though three of the four charges expired two months ago, one remains — and British police have spent an estimated $15 million trying to nab him. Now they say they’ll use unspecified “overt and covert tactics” to bring him to justice.

  4. clinton 459273407 44913ea931 o

    Benghazi Inquiry ‘Shifts’ to Hillary Clinton’s Email

    Libya’s a long way from a U.S.-based server. Yet according to a “conservative Republican” former staffer, that hasn’t stopped those investigating the deadly 2012 attack on a government outpost in Libya from shifting their attention to the former secretary of state’s use of private email. The Benghazi committee denies accusations of a partisan attack, saying they have “no foes to punish.” But many are now wondering how their inquiry will affect the Democratic front-runner’s political future as she prepares to testify on Oct. 22.

  5. dell 2866654431 dfe673d35b o

    Dell to Buy EMC for Record $65 Billion

    They’re making history. Today Dell execs are expected to announce plans to acquire the data storage maker in the tech industry’s biggest-ever takeover. Though EMC gets 60 days to shop for a better offer, the computer giant plans to pay the equivalent of about $33 a share — roughly 27 percent higher than EMC shares’ previous value — in a cash and stock transaction. Dell would assume EMC’s substantial debt while hoping that its foray into servicing large corporate customers will broaden both its portfolio and its profits.

  6. Angus Deaton Wins Nobel in Economics, Tamir Rice Shooting ‘Justified’

    Princeton’s Angus Deaton wins Nobel in economics. (NYT)

    Experts deem shooting of Tamir Rice, 12, in Cleveland ‘reasonable.’ (CNN)

    Zimbabwe opts not to charge dentist in Cecil the Lion’s killing. (Reuters)

    Five NATO staff die in Afghanistan helicopter crash. (BBC)

    Mexico releases file on 43 missing students. (Huffington Post)

    Bihar elections set to test Narendra Modi. (The Guardian)

    ‘Washington Post’ reporter convicted in Iran. (USA Today)


  1. debt clock

    No Easy Fixes in Sight for Global Economy

    Earn more, spend less. That may be your best bet in a financial market set on gloom. Stock and bond prices are at historic highs with little chance of rising, productivity is in the gutter and aging populations are saving up and shelling out less. Debt, meanwhile, is soaring, leaving countries vulnerable to hyperinflation and default. This leaves governments eyeing austerity measures and financial advisors telling folks to save up — which further applies the brakes on an economy that’s already flailing to find a new engine of growth.

  2. diamonds

    Diamonds Could Help Detect Tumors Early

    Is licking cancer a gemstone’s throw away? Researchers working with synthetic nano-diamonds — also effective for enhancing certain chemo treatments — have found that the tiny gems could help detect early-stage cancer. After manipulating the diamonds to make them visible on MRIs and attaching them to cancer-fighting molecules, the non-toxic sparklers lit up around cancerous areas. Scientists, some of whom also work with gold particles to actually fight cancer, hope their precious new weapons can help stop the deadly disease in its tracks.

  3. Jackie Pata

    California Bans Use of ’Redskins’ by Schools

    It’s dropping names. The Golden State has become the first in the U.S. to prohibit public schools from using the controversial word — considered a racial slur by Native Americans — for team names or mascots. At least four high schools are impacted by the measure, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2017, giving cash-strapped institutions time to gradually phase out the term from uniforms and materials. National tribal organizations praised the move and said they hope it will add pressure on Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to follow suit.

  4. steven tyler

    Aerosmith Singer Threatens to Sue Donald Trump

    Face the music. That’s the message from lead singer Steven Tyler, even though he’s a close associate of the GOP front-runner — they’ve traveled together and Trump has even invited Tyler to a debate. But if the politician thinks it’s OK to skirt copyright law, he can “Dream On.” Tyler’s camp has sent him a cease and desist letter over the use of Aerosmith’s 1973 hit at campaign events — and if Trump can’t produce a performance license for the song, he’ll need to change his tune.

  5. ireland 21385662579 ecb1cf094d k

    Ireland Topple France, Eye World Cup Quarters

    It wasn’t just Irish luck that dashed French rugby dreams yesterday, as the men in green battled to a 24-9 victory. Injuries to Johnny Sexton, Peter O’Mahony and Paul O’Connell — who’s set to retire from international play after the tournament — have fans concerned about the future. But it was all about avoiding the world champion All Blacks in the next match, which Ireland managed with a strong second half. As punishment, France meets New Zealand on Saturday, while Ireland faces off with Argentina in the quarterfinals on Sunday.