The Presidential Daily Brief


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    College Shooting Leaves 10 Dead, Obama Seeks Change

    Oregon and the rest of America are mourning the loss of more young souls to another mass shooting. A 26-year-old gunman opened fire on an English class at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., yesterday morning, killing nine and injuring seven. He reportedly asked students their religion, singling out Christians in his rampage before being killed in a police shoot-out. President Obama extended his condolences and implored the public to demand changes to U.S. gun laws, noting that “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

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    Russia Plays With Fire in Syria

    Will Putin get burned? The Russian leader says his troops are targeting ISIS — while really aiming at Syrian rebels. Today he meets in Paris with the French president, who’s urging that any and all airstrikes target ISIS, “not other groups.” The Kremlin, meanwhile, is unlikely to change course and is vowing to carry out months of airstrikes, doing its utmost to push the scales back in Assad’s favor. But early Russian progress will be stymied, experts say, when faced with the destruction that has resulted from years of civil war.

  3. stock market

    Lackluster Jobs Report Sends Dow Tumbling

    The economy’s losing momentum. The U.S. only added 142,000 jobs last month, according to a new report, and the numbers for August have been revised way down as well. Though the unemployment rate held steady, hourly wages dropped — and thus so did the Dow today, more than 200 points. Some analysts are now predicting this will push back the expected Fed rate hike to spring of 2016, even though Fed chair Janet Yellen has been giving strong indications up to now that interest rates will go up before the end of the year.

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    US Transport Plane Crashes in Jalalabad, Killing 13

    Tragedy has struck again in Afghanistan. This deadly crash, following a week in which Afghan troops repelled the Taliban from Kunduz, involved an American C-130 Hercules. The aircraft went down early this morning at Jalalabad Airfield, killing 13, including six American military personnel, five contractors — there to aid the NATO-led effort to train Afghan forces — and two local civilians. No hostile activity was reported in the area at the time, so an accident is suspected, and a full investigation is underway.

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    Emerging Markets Suffer Capital Flight

    They’re no longer on the way up. In fact, economists now forecast overall negative flows for the first time since the late 1980s, when the emerging market concept first arose. Incoming foreign investment is predicted to fall below the levels of the 2008 financial crisis, and with increasing domestic outflows, net capital outflows could reach $540 billion. The news hits just weeks after IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned about a downturn for emerging markets like Brazil and China, and is likely to fuel discussion at next week’s IMF and World Bank meetings in Lima.


  1. Bill Cosby

    L.A. Prosecutor Weighs Charges Against Bill Cosby

    He may not get the last laugh. The comedian faces possible sex crime charges stemming from a 2008 incident at the Playboy Mansion involving 18-year-old model Chloe Goins, who alleges Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. Investigators presented their evidence to the Los Angeles District Attorney a day after three more women added their names to the list of those claiming sexual misconduct by the entertainer. While it’s unclear whether this falls under California’s statute of limitations, it will certainly further cloud the 78-year-old’s murky reputation.

  2. Firing Squad

    Southeast Asia Rises Against the Death Penalty

    Will the tiny tigers hang their eye-for-an-eye doctrine out to dry? Cambodia, East Timor and the Philippines have eliminated firing squads. Brunei, Myanmar and Laos have unplugged their electric chairs. Just four countries in the region still allow capital punishment: Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Even they are cutting back, and compared to the hundreds of executions in previous decades, only 119 people have been put to death in the region in the last eight years — a number activists hope will soon drop to zero.

  3. apple tv

    Amazon Pulls Apple TV, Chromecast From Shelves

    So much for healthy competition. The online retail giant has told its marketplace sellers that it’s banning sales of Google Chromecast and Apple TV — because, according to the company, it doesn’t want to sell streaming media players that are incompatible with its own Prime Video. This will remove the second- and fourth-best selling streaming boxes from its listings, and many are suspicious that it’s all in the timing: New models for both products are out this month, and Amazon’s pulling the plug as of October 29.

  4. dinosaur

    Study Says Volcanoes Helped Finish Off Dinosaurs

    Was it a combination punch? A new study puts a twist on the debate over whether dinos were wiped out by an asteroid impact, which formed Mexico’s Chicxulub crater, or by volcanoes. Research suggests that earth-shaking impacts may have triggered the massive volcanic eruptions that spewed out more than 12,000 cubic miles of lava for hundreds of thousands of years, rendering Earth a dusty, noxious-fumed mess and killing off countless species. Research continues, and while scientists aren’t yet certain of dinosaurs’ final blow, coincidental catastrophes are looking less likely.

  5. Steve Kerr

    Steve Kerr Takes Medical Leave From Warriors

    He’ll rebound eventually. Just months after leading Golden State to their first NBA championship in 40 years, the Warriors coach risks starting his second season on the bench. Kerr, who ruptured a disk in his back during Game 5 of the Finals, told the team he needs more time to recover from his two surgeries. The organization has appointed his assistant, Luke Walton, as interim coach. Kerr’s absence is formally listed as indefinite, but insiders say they still hope he’ll be back before opening night’s tipoff on October 27.