The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner pumps his fist.

    Speaker John Boehner to Resign From Congress

    He’s out of there. The Ohio congressman, 65, says he will resign from his post at the end of October. Boehner said that while he thought he could come out on top in an expected upcoming tussle over the G.O.P, leadership, he didn’t want to damage fellow Republicans in the process. This will also free him to take a firm hand in bitter fight over funding for Planned Parenthood — he’s expected to pass a spending bill that funds the women’s health organization, despite strenuous objections from other Republicans.

  2. beijing smog 6470596805 9daa47995b o

    Xi Jinping to Announce Climate Pledge

    He wants to clear the air. Rounding out his first U.S. state visit today — with a White House banquet and 21-gun salute — China’s president unveiled a national emissions reduction plan for the world’s largest polluter, including $3.1 billion in funding for developing countries that need to fight climate change. Obama applauded the new pledge, set to launch in 2017 — and announced a bilateral understanding with Xi on cybercrime, which has been a prime concern for U.S. companies worried about the theft of intellectual property.

  3. hajj 3085904466 d0dae65598 o

    Saudi King Promises Safety Review After Stampede Kills 717

    It was the deadliest pilgrimage incident in 25 years. Yesterday those taking part in the Hajj’s last major rite reportedly began tripping over one another, and then climbed atop each other in a bid to catch their breath, resulting in hundreds being killed and injured. At least 131 victims were Iranian, drawing sharp criticism from Tehran about Saudi Arabia’s handling of the annual event. King Salman, meanwhile, has demanded a safety review, vowing “to improve the level of organization” for Mecca’s pilgrims.

  4. vw 6183458502 eb7b3cc393 b

    Volkswagen Names Porsche Boss as CEO

    He’s got a lot of smoke to clear. Matthias Mueller has made his reputation at VW by setting record profits with Porsche and spending 30 years with the company — and, even more importantly, no Porsche cars have been implicated in the emissions test-dodging scandal that felled previous CEO Martin Winterkorn, implicated 11 million cars and could cost Volkswagen billions. Mueller says his first task is to “win back trust” for the brand — and he’s promised to implement new testing standards more stringent than any the industry has ever seen.


  5. Sepp Blatter Steps Down

    Blatter Being Investigated by Swiss Authorities

    They suspect he’s committed a foul. Switzerland has opened a criminal investigation into the FIFA head’s doings on suspicious of both misappropriation and criminal mismanagement. Officials hauled him in for questioning over, among other things, a suspected payout of 2 million francs to Union of European Football Associations president Michel Platini in 2011. FIFA says it’s cooperating entirely — and will continue to — though many suspect Blatter of trying to evade extradition to the U.S. during its Department of Justice investigation into FIFA corruption.

  6. putin 14880794601 366fd57095 o

    Obama, Putin to Meet Next Week in New York

    The Russian leader’s “desperate” for a chat. The White House says the Kremlin has repeatedly asked for the meeting, set for Monday in the Big Apple, where both men will be on hand for the U.N. General Assembly’s 70th session. But rather than singing “Happy Birthday” to the organization and toasting the Iran nuclear deal, the leaders are expected to bicker about the Syrian crisis. “The party’s really been spoiled,” said one U.N. expert, with Obama planning to tell Putin to hold fire in Ukraine while testing his intentions in Syria.

  7. yellen 8655576585 d0621b62a4 k

    Janet Yellen Defends Idea of Rate Rise

    She’s staying on message. The Federal Reserve chair said yesterday that U.S. interest rates are still likely to rise in the short term. She’s watching the global economic slowdown for signs of it hurting American growth but says she believes that low inflation is due to temporary drops in energy and import prices. While keeping an eye out for any surprises, Yellen says inflation should return to 2 percent annually in the next few years and that the Fed shouldn’t wait that long to make its move.


  1. kanye west

    Kanye West Really Does Want to Be President

    He wasn’t kidding. “I’ve got a lot of research to do,” the rapper said, confirming plans to run for the White House in 2020 — an idea he floated last month at the VMAs, which many chalked up to bravado. Now the Atlanta native says that while he’d “prefer not to run against someone” — he’d rather work with them in a team — he’s got a few years to prep. As for 2016? He hasn’t endorsed anyone but thinks Ben Carson is “the most brilliant guy.”

  2. Pluto Snakeskin

    NASA Releases ‘Extended Color’ Images of Pluto

    You’ve never seen it like this. The New Horizons team released its highest-resolution color photos yet from the Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera, revealing unexpected topography like “snakeskin” mountains on the dwarf planet’s surface. The images are so detailed they pick up fluctuations of color imperceptible to the human eye — an array of pale blues, yellows, oranges and deep reds comprise what’s believed to be the shoreline of a glacial lake — and other “perplexing” details that will keep scientists busy for years trying to unlock the planet’s mysteries.

  3. spin 9212657361 3eab2bc3de k

    Multitasking May Improve Fitness Regimens

    Grab your crosswords — and a towel! We’re often told that it diminishes quality, but a new study shows that multitasking while exercising actually boosts performance. Researchers at the University of Florida studied people’s workouts and found that both Parkinson’s patients and healthy subjects performed better on a stationary bike if they solved brainteasers while cycling. Distracting one’s mind during exercise, it seems, can lead to more strenuous workouts. But tougher mind games had no effect, so save the Sudoku until you get home.

  4. Meghan Trainor

    ’All About That Bass’ Songwriter Made Less Than $6,000

    That’s bass-ackward. Kevin Kadine, co-writer of the tune, which has been streamed on Spotify more than 178 million times and dominated the 2014 charts, told the House Judiciary Committee yesterday that the streaming service’s paltry compensation for writers meant that he only made $5,679 — or $32 per million streams — from the song. Now he and other songwriters are pushing for the passage of legislation that promotes transparency in the music industry and allows songwriters to negotiate over licensing.

  5. Hidekichi Miyazaki

    World’s Oldest Sprinter Sets New Record

    Move over, Usain. Japanese runner Hidekichi Miyazaki, 105, became the world’s oldest competitive sprinter this week, running the 100-meter dash in 42.22 seconds. The great-grandfather, who took up running at age 93, said he was disappointed not to beat his personal best of 34.10, set when he was only 103. Known as “Golden Bolt” for his impersonation of the Jamaican sprinter’s signature pose, Miyazaki is still a few seconds shy of the Olympian’s record: 9.58 seconds. But he’s vowing to work out more and do better next time.