The Presidential Daily Brief


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    Thousands Arrive in Athens, Refugees Overrun Tunnel

    Europe is struggling to stem the tide. Thousands more illegal migrants arrived in the Greek capital today, and hundreds of mostly Middle Eastern refugees remain holed up in a Hungarian train station after being stopped on their journeys through the EU. Channel Tunnel passengers, meanwhile, were stranded mid-journey last night, and were reportedly told what to do if migrants climbed atop their cars. With no clear plan in place, border controls along supposed passport-free frontiers are re-emerging … and possibly installing new barriers to EU freedoms and future prosperity.

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    Obama Bolsters Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

    He’s got the votes. The U.S. president has reportedly secured the votes he needs to finalize an agreement aimed at curbing Tehran’s nuke-building capability, with today’s endorsement from Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski. Next week, the U.S. Senate will debate a Republican resolution to shoot down the deal, which has proven divisive on Capitol Hill and put America’s relationship with Israel at risk. But the president is set to veto any resolution — and with 34 Democratic senators favoring the deal, opponents are almost certain to lose an override vote.

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    Guatemala’s Congress Strips President of Immunity

    He’d prefer a farewell party. Otto Pérez Molina was stripped yesterday of his immunity from prosecution following months of protests. Prosecutors say he defrauded the customs service to the tune of millions, and while he denies the corruption allegations, more than two-thirds of legislators have their doubts. His immunity is gone just days ahead of the presidential election — Molina’s not running — and former runner-up Manuel Baldizón is leading the polls. Prosecutors are trying to secure Molina’s arrest, and if he’s taken into custody, he’ll automatically be removed from office.

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    Judge Approves Class-Action Suit Against Uber

    He’s giving them a green light. A federal district judge in the Golden State has granted class-action status to lawsuits filed by Uber drivers, who are paid as contractors but are seeking employee benefits. Judge Edward Chen opened the suit to all 160,000 of the ride-sharing app’s California-based drivers, but the company says that only a few hundred will be eligible. While this is likely to test Uber’s brakes, the legal ramifications for U.S. employment law could mean a bumpy ride for America’s “gig economy.”

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    Baltimore Officers Get Pretrial Hearing

    Six officers indicted over the death of Freddie Gray, whose suspicious spinal injury in police custody set off massive riots earlier this year, are facing charges ranging from second-degree murder to second-degree assault. Protesters gathered for the hearing, and police arrested one who was allegedly struck by a vehicle of some kind. The defense, claiming state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby “poisoned” the juror pool through statements made at the case’s outset, attempted to have her recused — but the judge denied their motion, and another to dismiss the case, so it appears the trial will go ahead. 


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    Icelanders to Government: Shelter More Syrians

    No man is an island, even if he lives on one. Some 12,000 citizens have signed an open letter urging Iceland’s government to take in more refugees. The Nordic country — recently deemed the most peaceful on Earth — had said it would help 50 Syrian refugees. But 4 percent of the 300,000 islanders are now pushing for more, with many offering food, shelter and even language lessons. The prime minister has responded to the outcry, saying that a special council will assess Iceland’s resources to determine how many refugees it can accommodate.

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    Your Ticker May Be Older Than You 

    This might make it skip a beat. A new CDC report shows that 69 million Americans aged 30-74 have older hearts than they think. Experts accounted for smoking history, blood pressure and BMI to determine one’s “heart age.” They found that nearly half of Americans have heart ages five years older than the rest of their bodies, and that ticker health is alarmingly worse among African Americans. Health officials hope better understanding of heart attack and stroke risk will help would-be victims turn back the clock.

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    Honolulu’s Startup Scene Blossoms

    It’s becoming a paradise for entrepreneurs. Hawaii recently ranked 12th among U.S. states for startup growth, just below New York and California. That’s likely boosted by new residential developments and improved public transit attracting businesses run by younger generations. Hawaii’s far from cheap, and its population is aging, with 35 percent of the state expected to be older than 85 by 2030. But doing business where the sun shines every day is attractive, and America’s 50th state is hoping to retain investors who are turning their eyes to an innovative future.

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    WWE’s Jimmy Snuka Faces Homicide Charge

    He’s going to the mat. The wrestling icon — 72 and battling stomach cancer — has been arrested on third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges in the 1983 death of mistress Nancy Argentino. Her body showed signs of possible domestic abuse, and while Snuka was a “person of interest,” he told police she fell and hit her head near a motel in Allentown, Pa., and was never charged. But Snuka was arrested yesterday on the recommendation of a Pennsylvania grand jury, convened after a 2013 newspaper investigation, and he’s reportedly seeking bail.