The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. bangkok getty images 484325994

    Second Blast Strikes as Bangkok Seeks Answers

    Reeling still from yesterday’s tragedy, the Thai capital suffered another explosion today. Luckily no one was injured by the device, which was dropped from a ferry pier bridge into a river. But authorities say they are looking for a man who was pictured at the scene of yesterday’s carnage carrying a backpack, and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha is vowing to find the culprits. With at least 22 dead, including nine foreigners, officials fear the attack will continue taking its toll on the victims’ families, the injured … and the nation’s vital tourism industry. 

  2. crash getty images 484384660

    ‘No Survivors’ at Indonesian Crash Site 

    They’ve found all but one body — and the black box — but no one survived Sunday’s crash of a Trigana Air turboprop into a mountainside in Indonesia’s remote Papua Province, according to the country’s Search and Rescue Agency. There were five crew members and 49 passengers, including five children, along with $500,000 to be given to the poor for the upcoming independence holiday. The bodies will now be brought to the provincial capital of Jayapura, but officials say it may be difficult to identify victims of the fiery crash.

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    Red States Take Action Against Planned Parenthood

    They’re not letting go. Officials in Republican-run states have joined the chorus of outrage against Planned Parenthood, investigating the organization and cutting its funds after a series of videos alleged it sold fetal tissue for a profit. In Florida, three of the group’s clinics are asking a court to stop the state’s health agency from stopping second-trimester abortions — as redefined by the agency. Arkansas canceled a state contract with Planned Parenthood to provide Medicaid services, following Louisiana, Alabama, Utah and New Hampshire — but the measures don’t take effect until September, allowing time for appeals.

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    China’s Stimulus Fails to Prop up Markets

    They’re fighting gravity and losing. China’s central bank shoveled more money into the national economy today than it had in nearly 19 months — 18.77 billion in loans to commercial lenders. But investors saw past that and positive housing news, and Asian stock markets tumbled, with MSCI’s broadest index of Asian stocks outside of Japan falling 0.4 percent to its lowest level in two years. The yuan may have stabilized after last week’s 2 percent devaluation, but investors seem to be betting that the country’s economy will continue to weaken, dragging China’s neighbors down with it.


  1. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Asks for a New Trial

    He’s hoping to hold on to his life. After being sentenced to death in May for his involvement in the Boston Marathon bombing, the 22-year-old is hoping to get another trial in a new location — his legal team says the media coverage in Massachusetts made it impossible for the jury to remain impartial. Judges rejected similar arguments when Tsarnaev requested a new location before the trial began. Now the convicted killer will have to wait for an answer from the Florence, Colorado supermax prison that houses America’s most dangerous prisoners. 

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    “Pink Viagra” for Women Approved by FDA

    The approval of the pill that aims to treat female sexual disfunction has been in the works for years and today finally passed the U.S. government’s stringent approval process. The Addyi drug, made by Sprout Pharmaceuticals, is the first to actually treat general problems with libido, as opposed to Viagra, which treats erection problems through blood flow. According to the drug-maker, Addyi instead changes the balance of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Supporters of the drug say its availability will help the approximate 10 percent of women who suffer from hypoactive sexual disorder. It’ll be available for prescription October 17. 

  3. us army 50970 u.s. army takes gold in chilean army competition

    First Women Finish Army Ranger School

    They had to fight their way in. On Friday, 94 men will finish Ranger School alongside the fabled force’s first two female graduates. There were 17 women in the initial class of 400 students, but these two were the first to complete their training. Both are officers, graduates of West Point — and part of the military’s mandated gender integration effort. The Army has yet to allow women into infantry or armor units — or even the Rangers’ elite special operations team — but must do so by 2016 or explain why they haven’t.

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    App Puts Treadmill Runners in a Real Race

    It can track your steps — and get you to the finish line. The New Balance Falmouth Road Race in Massachusetts allowed runners to use a dedicated smartphone app to record their performance on treadmills, show them rolling video of the course and make their results official. It was a way to include thousands who couldn’t fit into Sunday’s 12,800-strong field — and others who couldn’t make it to Cape Cod. More than 80 people completed the virtual race, offering hope for countless thousands who are too busy running around to compete.

  5. Woman reading while behind the wheel as the car is in DRIVE

    Driverless Cars Could Pull Funds From Public Transport

    Google and other autonomous car tech companies are driving the news cycle. But all that hype may be distracting from funding for public transit, which already gets about a third of the yearly government investment that American highways do, despite the environmental advantages. Experts say it may take 25 years before the roads are teeming with individual, self-driving pod cars, but all that autonomous tech — and the billions of dollars to be poured into it — could revolutionize trains and buses long before a Googlemobile appears in your driveway.

  6. Tracy Morgan Makes First Public Appearance

    Tracy Morgan to Host First Post-Injury ‘SNL’ 

    He’s back in business. The comedian and 30 Rock star, who appeared on Saturday Night Live from 1996 to 2003, hasn’t been on a stage doing comedy since a car accident last summer that left him critically injured and killed his friend James McNair. But he tweeted that he’s “Stoked to be going home,” and will host the series’ third show Oct. 17, following episodes featuring Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer and fulfilling a promise made earlier this summer to “get back to making you laugh.”

  7. bryan mitchell on august 8, 2015

    Yankees Pitcher Hit in Nose With Ball

    It’s a dangerous game. Bryan Mitchell was forced to leave a home game Monday after a line drive from Minnesota Twins shortstop Eduardo Nuñez connected with his face. The impact sent the 24-year-old prospect to the ground, and his trainer helped him from the field. Diagnosed with a broken nose, Mitchell is being monitored for signs of a concussion. He’s one of four pitchers to be hit in the head this year, raising the issue of whether they need protection — other than a padded cap only one of them wears.