The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. James Holmes

    James Holmes Gets Life in Prison

    He has nothing but time. The convicted theater shooter was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted in the deaths of 12 and injuring 70 others. Altogether, he was convicted of more than 160 counts of murder and attempted murder in the 2012 Colorado shooting spree.. Lawyers for Holmes, 27, argued their defendant was insane at the shooting but the jury unanimously convicted him on all counts. Jurors deliberated for less than one day before returning the verdict of life in prison.

  2. GOP debate

    Strong Wills Dominate First GOP Debate

    Ten men took to the stage, but Fox’s Megyn Kelly outshined them all. So says OZY co-founder Carlos Watson, who donned his political analyst hat last night for the first Republican debate. Some anointed Marco Rubio the victor, and Watson predicts bumps for John Kasich, neurosurgeon Ben Carson — props for his brain-dead Washington joke — and Rand Paul, but suspects that Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz will suffer. Scott Walker seemed tired; a noticeably thin Jeb Bush did well but faded; and outspoken real estate mogul Donald Trump remained surprisingly in check yet may have sealed his doom by refusing to pledge support for any eventual GOP nominee. But moderator Kelly, who “just generally shined,” was the night’s big winner.

  3. schumer getty images 482926872

    Top Dem Decides to Oppose Iran Deal

    It’s a blow, but will it spell defeat? The White House has sustained a heavy hit with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer coming out against a nuclear deal for the Islamic Republic. Schumer’s main concern is that Iran would be free after a decade to build a nuclear bomb. A Republican-controlled Congress is expected to reject the deal next month, with Obama vowing to veto. But by opening the door to in-party dissent, Schumer’s ‘No’ could boost Republican efforts to drum up support for overriding the president.

  4. kim jong-un

    North Korea Changes Clocks to Snub Japan

    It’s Pyongyang time. That’s what Kim Jong-un is calling North Korea’s new time zone, which sets it back half an hour — to the time zone it used before Japan colonized it in 1910. South Korea’s considered a similar move as recently as 2013, and some South Korean activists say Pyongyang’s policy will revitalize their efforts. North Korea already has its own calendar, pegged to the 1912 birth of its founder. The change will take effect on August 15, the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japan at the end of WWII. 

  5. protest getty images 483203124

    Tempers Flare Amid Mixed MH370 Messages

    Seventeen months with no answers, and now there are squabbles over the debris found on Réunion island.  French officials are hedging their bets, refusing, unlike their Malaysian counterparts, to confirm the piece they’re testing is linked to the missing plane. Frustrated families of the 239 on board have lost faith in the “truth” from officials, with many now protesting outside Malaysia Airlines’ offices in Beijing. French military planes, meanwhile, are set to begin surveying the waters around the island in a bid to find more clues, and the Australian-led underwater search continues.

  6. a line of people awaiting an interview

    The U.S. Added 215,000 Jobs Last Month

    There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that jobs numbers have been consistently rising in the U.S., with more added this month even if reality came in slightly under what experts had estimated. The bad news is that unemployment, which is calculated from separate surveys, stayed steady at 5.3 percent — but that’s still its lowest number in seven years. The rising numbers will likely encouraged the Fed to think about raising interest rates, which have been close to zero since 2008, when they meet again next month.  

  7. Abercrombie and Fitch (474861444)

    Abercrombie & Fitch Ends On-Call Scheduling

    No more waiting by the phone. The clothing giant, one of 13 retailers targeted by the N.Y. Attorney General’s Office this spring about possibly violating state law by keeping staff on short-notice shifts, has promised to hang up its controversial policy. The practice meant workers were required to be available in case they were called into work, but not paid otherwise. Victoria’s Secret stripped itself of on-call scheduling in June, with companies like Gap, Target and J. Crew remaining in the regulators’ sights.


  1. Aldon Smith

    Smith Released After Hit and Run Charges

    This could be the end for Aldon Smith. The San Francisco 49ers have announced they’re cutting the linebacker loose after he was arrested Thursday night on charges of DUI, vandalism and hit and run. Though he got out of jail Friday — his bond was set at $26,000 — the 25-year-old has now been arrested three times on suspicion of drunken driving, and while some sources indicated the team wouldn’t rush to decide his fate, the end came swiftly and decisively. Perhaps he can now focus on getting help. 

  2. Jon Stewart

    Jon Stewart’s ’Daily Show’ Era Draws to a Close

    He went out on top. Alumni and favorite guests from the funnyman’s 16 years as anchor turned out to celebrate the comedian during his final episode, drawing laughter and tears. Everyone from former host Craig Kilborn to successor Trevor Noah weighed in, and celebrities provided a nonstop avalanche of love, with tributes from Hillary Clinton, Darth Vader and Stephen Colbert. The usually stoic Stewart was eventually brought to tears by the newly minted Late Show host, who told his former boss, “You were infuriatingly good at your job.”

  3. vladimir putin and dairy products

    Moscow Destroys European Cheese in Protest

    What’s Russian for “Let them eat cake”? A year into the West’s economic sanctions against Russia and the Kremlin’s tit-for-tat ban on Western imports, Putin has decided to celebrate with a bit of barbecue and mash. He recently decreed that all smuggled foods are to be destroyed, and this week Russian authorities have burned 150 tons of illegal pork followed yesterday by the crushing of 10 tons of cheese. More food is expected to meet its match soon, but thousands are protesting such waste … while pointing to their growling bellies.

  4. writer's block getty images 536880885

    Video Games Can Help Aspiring Writers

    They used to be a distraction from work. But a new breed of video games is lending would-be authors a hand, helping them develop characters, elaborate on plots and collaborate with other writers. Titles like Storium and Elegy for a Dead World can gamify storytelling and get authors past bouts of writers block by helping them see the writing in new and different ways. Unfortunately, the collaboration encouraged by these games could also lead to legal challenges down the road as questions of copyright and intellectual property loom.

  5. bacteria getty images 169368525

    Deadly Bacteria Kills 10th Victim in Florida

    Don’t rub saltwater in the wound. A marine bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus has plagued 19 people in the Sunshine State this year, killing 10. The bacteria — which kills nearly 50 percent of the time if it invades the bloodstream  — is found in coastal, brackish waters and is especially dangerous to those with weaker immune systems. It infects victims who eat raw shellfish or swim in warm seawater. So health officials recommend shellfish be fully cooked before consumption, and that those with wounds stay out of the water. 

  6. Floyd Mayweather

    Floyd Mayweather Defends Choice for Last Fight

    He came out swinging. In a bid to tie boxing’s all-time win record, the five-division world champion yesterday promised an exciting fight against underdog Andre Berto. Should Mayweather win the September 12 fight in Las Vegas, he’d match heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record. The 38-year-old Grand Rapids native brushed off criticism about picking an unworthy opponent, brazenly noting that even his critics will tune in. He also promised to retire — again — but with him expected to net at least $60 million, bets are on the champ to make another return.